(PDF/EBOOK) [Between Director and Actor Strategies for Effective Performance] BY Mandy Rees

Trical xperience for both director and actor Their specific focus is the use of notes Directors communicate to actors through notes and actors use those notes to shape their performances a process commonly used but rarely documented The major portion of the book consists of 65 notes both beginning and advanced that a director might communicate to an actor during the rehearsal process Arranged by category from structuring the scene and achieving vocal clarity to maintaining pace flow and believability these notes.

The soul of any theatrical production springs from the collaboration of director and actors To learn to coach a good performance however and to accept such coaching is a fine and delicate art not merely a matter of imposition of will Now Mandy Rees and John Staniunas offer a set of strategies to help directors and actors work together ffectively from starting the first rehearsals to maintaining a long running showThe authors concentrate on the production process an ideal bridge between classroom training and thea.

Can be read from cover to cover or selected individually depending on the problem at hand An xtensive interview section shows how different directors and actors approach common problems and offers practical advice about note giving and takingFor directors this book can help with methods of coaching and communicating with actors For actors this book can help clarify interpret and address notes from a director For both directors and actors this book is a handy reference guide to help improve and refine their crafts.

(PDF/EBOOK) Between Director and Actor Strategies for Effective Performance BY Mandy Rees

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