(Pdf) Rosie's Curl And Weave

Y shop in Harlem It was refreshing to meet characters of color that weren t ratchet or ghetto fabulous set in the positive Harlem that is very seldom iscussed in greater society Likewise the stories were well written and tastefully Flyboy describe the feelings of those newly in love expertly without being explicit If you re in the mood for a lite entertaining and easy read that is a break from real life then you might enjoy this book. Fine looking contractor whose hypnotic honey brown eyes could be her undoingFelicia Mason helps the owner of Rosie'siscover that you A Dark Sicilian Secret don't have to be young just young at heart to fall in loveFrancis Ray turns a timidowdy uckling into a confident sexy swan and sends her into the arms of a handsome artist with the help of Rosie's Curl and Weave.

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(Pdf) Rosie's Curl And Weave

My all time favorite book Great stories I enjoyed Great stories Four stories about 4 ifferent people from a beauty shop The authors id a great job LOVED it The stories were good but I felt like they were all unfinished Each of the stories could have been a full length in its own right This anthology of short stories brought to mind my early years of reading Harleuin as a impressionable pre teen Each of the stories foll. ROSIE'S CURL AND WEAVE Four NovellasSTEP INSIDE FOR A DAY OF BEAUTY LAUGHTERAND LOVEWhether you want a cut weave or braid; a facial manicure or massage; there's always a helping hand and a sympathetic ear at Rosie's Curl and Weave on 125th Street in Harlem And sometimes when you least expect it love walks in the oor So sit back relax put your fee.

Ows the typical romance storyline meet become inexplicably attracted to one another have a isagreement get back together and live happily ever after Of course as reuired in the traditional romance stories the main characters are wealthy and not only beautiful but head turning gorgeous However there was one thing that was ifferent all of the characters were Americans of Color and all the stories passed through a specific beaut. T up and enjoy as four talented writers render four magical stories about the love of beauty and the beauty of loveRochelle Alers gets the sparks flying as a high maintenance banker finds herself falling against her better judgement for a handsome elivery man who walks into Rosie'sDonna Hill puts the assistant manager of Rosie's in the path of

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