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He wants to be on her own When an acuaintance offers Gen what appears to be a wonderful offer she does not jump at it but figures why not Gen s friend runs an scort service and one of her In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, escorts is not following the rules The well paid and completelynjoyable assignment is to figure out which one So let the games begin and the clothes start dropping as going under cover takes on new meaning with this jobThe discoveries that Gen comes up with have little to do with bad behavior and Bark everything to do with something mystical She appears to provide powers to a man she is drawn to invery way conceivable Her bond with him grows stronger and powerful with On Such a Full Sea eachncounter but someone lurking in the dark is trying to stop them from being together The uestion that keeps nagging Gen is am I with the right man for right now or foreverWhen creating complex paranormal worlds it takes a great writer to place the reader in a place that does not Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! exist and have them unaware of that Jenna McCormick has done a great job of writing with suchrotic passion that I am never without a moment when I wonder if I will Cannibal enjoy the next chapter absolutely No Limits by Jenna McCormickI like Sci Fi and I m always looking for new authors to read The plot drew me in but it didn t keep me up at night to finish Not anasy read from page to page Genevive Luzon was having a girls night in with her best friend Gia She has just gotten fired from her job yet again When Gia tells her about a classmate from high school and how she is a pleasure companion Gen wonders what that would be like Gia purchased her one to try out When she goes to the agency to Mastered (The Enforcers, explain to them what the companion was doing wrong she finds herself with a job of testing out the men Rhys is trapped inside a candle When it is lit he can come out Gen finds herself wanting a mystery man who turns out to be Rhys Can Gen break the curse and get her dream lover out of the candle for goodNo Limits by Jenna McCormick starts out as a very sensual androtic book The premise of her joining the agency to test out the new men was intriguing Then in the middle of the book Gen goes in a whole new direction This new direction made this book seem like two different ideas meshed together rather than a progression of Gen s life Man, Son of Man experiences I was confused as to who the hero of the story was at that point and who I should be cheering forI like both men Gen likes in the book but I was cheering for Rhys He seemed to bemotionally connected I think this book contains a lot of good ideas but that is what they are good ideas that just never cohesively come together as a fluid story Gen is a strong character she needs strong and well thought out men in her life and she didn t get it in this book I would say to skip this one the mishmash of ide. Feat for the unemployed off world vacation coordinator Needing a job Gen Alter Ego enlists as a pleasure companion at the premiumscort service Illustra never dreaming that it will turn her life upside down During Gen's first training session a man steps out of a living flame brought to scorching life by her own hidden longings.

What would sex be like if you feel what the other person was feeling or manipulate their reactions It s a scary but tantalizing thought and Gen is about to find outIn the future verything regarding sex has changed Disease is a distant memory and unfortunately true lasting love may soon be a memory too Now prostitution is legal and the fulfillment of your very desire is just a phone call away Genevieve aka Gen knows that true love is not a myth She sees it Uncommon Wisdom every day in theyes of her grandparents But love has to take a back burner in life when you are unemployed and floundering Rhys is an Unseen City empath kidnapped from his home world He is a prisoner with onlyscape and rescue on his mind He is Art enthralled by Gen She is a human who feeds his needs and makes him stronger Unfortu Genevieve Luzon is going nowhere fast She just lost her job her account is dwindling and her sister has disappeared Rhys is anmpath not of Earth and in an impossible situation When Gen s friend Gia orders her a man whore I mean pleasure companion named Franco from Illustra for the night Rhys God Is in the Crowd ends up along for the ride And what a ride it turns out to beI didn t realize when I picked this book that it was set in the future as well as being sci fi That s not a bad thing because it s sort of a futuristic sci firotica hybrid story Space traveling is as common as hopping on a plane is today Cool technologies Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard exist and prostitution has been legalized with the invention of the personal germ shield However the company Illustra is up to no good really badvil no good and it s up to Rhys and Gen to stop themI really The Matriarchs (The Family enjoyed this bookven though the constant ping ponging between Gen and Rhys wore on my nerves after awhile Gen is a bit of a wimp and whiny too and Rhys is clueless but since he s not human I cut him some slack Overall I really Notes for the Everlost enjoyed the whole setting and the story I also like how the author left an opening for a Book 2 featuring Gia and the space pirate Zan also not humanWriting is smooth characters are ok setting is cool story is good and the sex isstares off into space replaying the scenes in headwhat Oh yeah ahem The sex scenes are yummy Anntertaining read which means I ll read by Jenna McCormickThe publisher provided a copy for me to review Please see disclaimer page on my blog Super sexy with outstanding world buildingAnd there are certainly No Limits in this read OkIt was good Too much detail on certain parts of the story It gave me something to do Good though NO LIMITS by Jenna McCormick112 Kensington Publishing Corporation 256 pagesIf it sounds so good does that really mean it cannot beLosing your job is When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) everyone s worst nightmare Genevieve Luzon has to regroup since that is what she is facing now Her family is a mixed bag ofmotional support but financially A uniue man reaches through space and timeand a passionate woman responds as only she can Take Me There All Genevieve Luzon wants is to be loved by one man a seemingly impossible task in New New York City Sure she can buy sex as No Biggy! easily as she can order pizza on a Friday night but finding a forever kind of love is noasy.

As is just too confusing to follow in this story I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer a couple of months ago for my blog as a part of my series to promote science fiction romance NO LIMITS had just released and other than reading her blurb and the answers in her interview I discovered we had the same love for many SF shows Ann Aguirre s Jax series I went and bought her bookI have to admit the opening chapters of NO LIMITS made me wonder if I d like the story Without rehashing the blurb too much the heroine Gen is out of work and in a bit of a slump in her life She takes on the rather unusual job of a pleasure companion to ferret out some Crush It! employees who may or may not be performing per thescort company s policies From there she s drawn into a universe of political corruption intrigue and a mission that will change her lifeI found it hard to connect with Gen in the opening chapters due to the nature of her job having sex with others and the relationship with Rhys seemed slow to developFor me the story really picked up for me once the characters went out into space and began their journey to save the hero s people from being Attracting Birds to Your Backyard enslaved by Illustra thescort serviceI really liked Rhys the hero and the unusual Deep Listening empathic powers he possessed The author s world building and the way she threaded that and the romance storyline together was very satisfyingZan the pirate though almost stole the show towards thend His secondary role and story is one I m keen to read so it s a good thing his book comes next SMALL SPOILER ABOUT THE ENDINGIllustra s solution of kidnapping Gen s grandparents sister seemed a little too Bird-by-Bird Gardening easyconvenient a way to bring about the conclusion of thend The Works of Saint Augustine events but it wasn tnough to destroy my satisfaction and Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone enjoyment of the story There was a lot happening with Gen and Rhys towards thend that this was just a blip on the radarOverall and despite what I felt was a slow start I really liked the story and would recommend it to anyone who has read the Jax series or who like the TV series FARSCAPE there were My Teacher Is a Robot elements within it that reminded me of this show aka the living ship wormholes What I Learned is that I need to read blurbs a bit better I totally didn t realize this was a sci fifantasy when I reuested it is that Ms McCormick can write some SCORCHING sex scenes DAMN The conceptidea of what Rhys was completely intrigued me and was very creative is that I unfortunately didn t have that wow feeling when I was done reading All the parts of the story were there I just wasn t wowed by any of it is that I didn t buy Gen as a character She was VERY prudish and then suddenly she s sleeping with multiple men It just didn t ring true for me I m not saying it doesn t happy I just didn t buy it35 I liked it for all the non sense humour in it. Rhys is anmpath a man with the Supper Club extraordinary ability to understand and fulfill her most secret desires He isverything Gen has wanted xcept available Rhys is on a dangerous mission one that might claim his life But Gen is not about to let something she's wanted for so long get away now that she knows how good it feel.

Pdf No Limits

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