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Ve read Prior to this the only Mozart biography I d read was Mozart A Life in Letters This primary source bio filled as it is with letters by Leopold and Wolfgang is a great resource but it focuses primarily on the men While Jane Glover s bio includes the most important male relationships in Mozart s life its focus is on the women particularly Nannerl and Constanze the two women who new him best one in his early years one in his final onesThe book is divided into four sections Mozart s Family Mozart s Other Family Mozart s Women After Mozart there s also a Prelude and a Postlude The section entitled Mozart s Women focuses on the music he wrote for women particularly his operas As such it interrupts the or less chronological flow that begins with Mozart s Family which starts with his grandparents and ends in After Mozart which concludes with the death of his last direct descendant his son Carl in total the book covers the early 1700s through the mid 1800s And yet who would want to be without the transition that connects this section to the last one He was to be sure entirely at home in Sarastro s Masonic world which he respected honored and defended But for him the presence too of a woman as companion and guide was absolutely essential 308 MOZART S OWN companion and guide Constanze was only twenty nine years old when she was left a widow with a seven year old boy and a four month old baby 311 Plus Mozart s Women is rich in the reasons why Mozart was a genius at characterization through his music makes an argument for his strongest operas being the ones in which he had input on the librettos and proves that his best operas had casts which not only included great singers but singers with whom Mozart was well acuainted Consider Die Entf hrung aus dem Serail Blonde s adorable perkiness and abundant common sense are perfectly expressed in her music Her two arias are mainly syllabic indicating both a matter of fact defiance in her dealings with Osmin and a beguiling and straightforward sweetness in her relationship with Pedrillo But since Therese Teiber evidently had a marvellous agility in her upper register which Wolfgang exploited as happily as he did Fischer s low notes Blonde has in her opening aria Durch z rtlichkeit With tenderness spectacular melismatic flourishes on the word entweicht banished taking her aria above the stave as she confidently brushes aside Osmin s boorish commands m rrisches Befehlen The duet between them Ich gehe doch rate ich dir I ll go but take my advice and stay away is a brilliant piece of subtle comedy for Wolfgang s two old friends He delights in allowing Blonde to mimic Osmin s low notes taking her way below her normal tessitura before springing her back up again over two octaves In the central andante section Blonde weaves a manipulative ornamental line above Osmin s bemused and syllabic bass line And in the final allegro Nun troll dich which she constantly leads she firmly threatens to scratch his eyes out Es ist um die Augen geschehen in music which appropriately taunts and stabs 226 7 That s not to say that the biographical sections are lacking In fact each section is informative well researched and brimming with the joy that Glover finds in her subject and his music read her comments on Vorrei spiegarvi oh Dio and Le Nozze di Figaro or earlier his Piano Concerto No 9 Nor does she give short shrift in the other sections to individual arias and piano compositions he wrote with women in mind particularly Aloysia Weber for the former and Nannerl for the latterIn the final analysis if it weren t for women particularly his wife and sister Mozart s legacy wouldn t be what it is Both women helped preserve his music and his character after he died Through this book I felt I understood all of Mozart s world the world he entered into the world he lived in the world he left behind For Mozart s world was the friends and family who populated it and the music he composed for them especially the women All influenced him from his big sister who toured with him when they were young to his mother who died while accompanying him from his first crush his little cousin the B sle to his first love Aloysia to his wife Without them there is no Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Emale acuaintance restrained by the conventions and strictures of eighteenth century society Yet through his glorious writing he identified and released the emotions of his characters Constanze in Die Entführung aus dem Serail; Ilia and Elettra in Idomeneo; Susanna and the Countess in Le nozze di Figaro; Donnas Anna and Elvira in Don Giovanni; Fiordiligi Dorabella and Despina in Così fan tutte; Pamina and the ueen of the Night in Die Zauberflöte are all examined and celebrated They hold up the mirror to their audiences and offer inestimable insight together constituting yet further proof of Mozart's true genius and phenomenal understanding of human nature Rich evocative and compellingly readable Mozart's Women illuminates the music and the man but above all the women who inspired

Life through his son whom he emotionally underminesMozart s first true love is similarly undermined by his father Later Leopold invokes misogynistic ideals to retain his authority when Mozart finally marries Sadly Mozart s sister Nannerl is sidelined by the marriage since she is no longer first in her brother s attention and affections She becomes totally dependent on LeopoldWhy Leopold takes custody of his grandchild by Nannerl is not clear My speculation is that he had married Nannerl off to a person of wealth who unspoken to both of them was accepted as abusive than heA chapter called Mozart s Women covers the women critical to his performance career The chapter title is ironic These are the women for whom he writes parts The real Mozart Women appropriately consume the larger part of the text These are his mother sister wife and other members of the Weber familyMozart s father s support of his son is conditional on Mozart s success in supporting the familyhim Any generosity from Leopold is dubious His emotional support of Wolfgang is generally negative The women never let him down in life and thereafterI recommend this book for all those who love Mozart s music If like me you are unschooled in the particulars of Mozart s work skim the chapter called Mozart s Women You will find the material surrounding it interesting informative and inspirational Really enjoyed this book and found it full of detail and history Find it increases my enjoyment of the music and operas Hope she writes A surprisingly good readtimes culture music and fathers and sons I loved this book It was an enjoyable easy to read biography that placed Mozart s music in the context of what was happening in his life when it was written There was a lot of information about Mozarts mother his sister and his love interests but the title is somewhat limiting in that the author also talks extensively about the relationship Mozart had with his father and about his collaborative relationships with different musicians and librettists There is a section that talks about the characters in Mozart s operas and about how his real life relationships and his rapport with different opera singers contributed to their development There is also a really interesting chapter about what happened to Mozart s widow and to his sister after he died This is an excellent book Author Jane Glover examines Wolfgang Mozart s relations with the people in his life especially the women and particularly his mother sister and wife Glover also discusses and analyzes the women characters in his operas and shows how he created strong women The book gives a much different view of Mozart s life and personality than is popularly held The same is true of Constanze The Wolfgang and Constanze of Amadeus play and movie are two dimensional figures compared to the portraits Glover draws There is a lot of musical discussion but this is a good book for anyone wanting to now about Mozart and his music I loved this book It put Mozart in perspective and made me go back to his operas to listen and discover again The book is scholarly yet completely accessible A must read for all classical music lovers This book is a biography of Mozart as seen through the lens of the women in his life and his relationships with them Glover concentrates on Mozart s mother Maria Anna his sister Nannerl and his wife Constanze but she also includes Constanze s sisters especially Aloysia and several musicians that Mozart new and worked with over the course of his career In addition Glover discusses the women in each of Mozart s operas Mozart s Women is a very enjoyable book providing lots of information and insight in readable clear prose So often writers and musicians are tempted to think of these great composers as extremely exceptional and individualistic In contrast viewing Mozart in this fashion allows Glover to show how he was connected and integrated into the family social and musical life of 18th century Austria I found the section on Constanze and Nannerl after Mozart s death very interesting Both women became intimately involved in the preservation of Mozart s memory and legacy during their long and active lives post Mozart Mozart s Women is one of the best biographies Er entertained the drawing rooms of Europe We meet too Mozart's other family his in laws the Webers Constanze his wife much maligned by history and her sisters Aloysia Sophie and Josefa Aloysia and Josefa were highly talented singers for whom Mozart wrote some of his most remarkable music Aloysia was the first woman whom Mozart truly and passionately loved and her eventual rejection of him nearly broke his heart Constanze though a less gifted singer proved a steadfast and loving wife and after Mozart's death his extremely efficient widow consolidating his reputation and ensuring that his most enduring legacy his music never be forgottenMozart's Women is their story But it is also the story of the women in his operas all of whom were like his sister his mother his wife and his entire

A fascinating look at Mozart s story and how the women in his life shaped him and his music I imagine that I will revisit this book than once in my life This book cannot be faulted for the amount of detail about Mozart it is very densely packed with information It is divided into four parts with the third part a bizarrely positioned musical section My book group unanimously skipped part three it would have been better as an appendix The author s writing was also a little jarring various characters actually did this and that and at one point Mozart and his wife peeled off to a destination while on a journey Nevertheless a fascinating read Mozart s Women His Family His Friends His Music was written by accomplished Mozart conductor Jane Glover It was published in 2007 and is 372 pages In it Glover tells the story of the oft written about musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in relation to the women in his family the women who inspired him and the women who loved him The biography is divided into four sections Mozart s Family Mozart s Other Family Mozart s Women and After Mozart The first two sections present a complete biography of his life beginning with an account of the travels of the child prodigy Mozart his sister almost his eual in talent and his parents His father Leopold is painted as a domineering motivated and dour man but what is most interesting in the early section of the biography is Glover s assertion that Mozart s sister Nannerl might have rivaled her brother in talent if she had been given the opportunities that he had been given It appears that the siblings did have a very close and supportive relationship with one another until Mozart in his need to break from his father went out on his own The next section Mozart s Other Family deals with his relationship with the Weber family The Weber s had four immensely talented daughters and reminded him of his own family Mozart s first Weber love was the great opera singer Aloysia but some years after she rejected him he fell in love with and married her younger sister Constanze Constanze and Wolfgang s marriage would grow to one of great devotion and her love for Mozart would inspire some of his best works This section concludes with the early and untimely death of Mozart while he worked tirelessly ironically on his Reuiem Mass The third section of the biography diverges from the linear movement of the book and digresses into a fascinating detailed explanation of each of Mozart s operas and the women who inspired and performed them The final section of the book tells about the rest of Constanze s life and the lives of her sisters and Mozart s own sister I loved this book It was an independent bookstore treasure that I stumbled upon at the Hard Bean in Annapolis I was drawn to it by the title and by my own interest in the composer My father s love of classical music and specifically Mozart seeped into my subconscious as I grew and asserted itself several years ago I remember falling in love with Mozart s music when I saw the movie Amadeus over a decade ago The balance of music and story in the movie was captivating and inspiring and might be what started my true love of historical fictionThough Glover is profoundly learned the text of the book is readable and straightforward Her love for the composer is transmitted in a clean warmness of style Though her affinity for Mozart is clear she does not put him on a pedestal but creates a very human portrayal of a great master I had some difficulty with the third section that broke down his operas in such detail I would have preferred it to be woven through the linear biography for balance but that certainly did not take away from my enjoyment of the text I highly recommend this book In this focused bio Glover lovingly relates Mozart s short life and musical immortality with a focus on Mozart s relationships with women Inextricably woven in this is his relationship with his emotionally abusive father LeopoldLeopold makes his 15 year old son feel a failure for not securing what grown ups with vast accomplishments could not This same all nowing patriarch relegates his talented daughter Nannerl to a life of shadows while he piddles away his own presumed talent to better his. Throughout his life Mozart was inspired fascinated amused aroused hurt disappointed and betrayed by women and he was eually complex to them But first and last Mozart loved and respected women His mother his sister his wife her sisters and his female patrons friends lovers and fellow artists all figure prominently in his life And his experience observation and understanding of women reappear spectacularly in the characters he created As one of our finest interpreters of Mozart's work Jane Glover is perfectly placed to bring these remarkable women both real and dramatized vividly to life We meet Mozart's mother Maria Anna and his beloved and devoted sister Nannerl perhaps as talented as her brilliant brother but owing to her sex destined to languish at home while Wolfgang and their fath.

Pdf Kindle Mozart's Women His Family His Friends His Music

Jane Glover has been Music Director of the Glyndebourne Touring Opera Artistic Director of The London Mozart Players and has conducted all the major symphony and chamber orchestras in Britain