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PDF Ready for Love by Marie Force

Loved this one My favorite on the series so far What I liked the most was that we got a great deal of information about every other couple we have already read about and some new ones that started on this installment The only bad thing I seriously can mention about this book is that it just left me DYING for Marie lease Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton please tell me we are getting books in this series I definitely wanna read about Grant Evan and Adam I just need it There are still so many amazing characters who need their own story this just CAN T be the last book It s sad how the further I get into this series the irritating the characters become to me Don t get me wrong I liked this latest installment of the McCarthys of Gansett Island series but Luke and Sydney just lacked the special spark to me Sure they hadlenty of scenes together and if you add in their Husband In Training past relationship that they had it would seem like a good romance right Well I think myroblem with Sydney was because of the fact that she left Luke heartbroken all those years ago and married someone else without telling him WHILE he believed that their relationship was still going on I mean what the heck was up with that And I guess my roblem with Luke is that he didn t do anything to stop that He just left it hanging I guess Pining away for her for years until she came back to the island to start a new life after her husband and kids died in a car crashI don t think I even truly got to know Luke or Sydney s character throughout the entire book The minute that she arrived on the island Luke started stalking her for a couple of months until she finally blew his cover And throughout the entire novel she was often reluctant to even admit her relationship with Luke Always stating that she was not ready for a relationship I mean I get the fact that she felt guilty for having a relationship ever since her family died but she sort of lead Luke on Oh well Overall I liked this one but it wasn t my favorite I looked forward to Grant s book in the next installment of this series His story actually seems very interesting 45 stars Absolutely loving this series book three was the best one yet Marie Force tells great stories this book dealt with the heroine losing her husband and children and then finding love again with the first man she ever loved I loved all the revious characters Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive popping up again they are like old friends Can t wait to read the rest of the series straight onto book four Marie Somelaces are made for starting over For four of the best summers of his life Luke Harris was in love with Sydney Donovan a wealthy seasonal visitor to Gansett Island Then Sydney went off to college and never came back She married another man and had two children while Luke remained on the island working at McCarthy's Gansett Island Marina and wondering what had gone wrong between him and the only woman he ever lovedFifteen months after Sydney suffers the tragic loss of her fa.

Orce has incredibly loving and sweet heroes who dance on the edge of being suckers or Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, patsies to the women the love Thisoor schmuck took the lunge down the wrong side of the ravineHigh school lovers and soul mates the h dumped him after one amorous summer due to arental Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl pressure No wait She doesn t even dump him Basically ghosts him He s been emotionally faithful all these years while she went on to marry a sociallyfiscally acceptable man and have two children The h is back on island having lost her husband and children in a car wreck but still has Buddy the Golden Retriever Guess myriorities are skewed when Buddy the Amazing Golden is the only name I remember No wait there is Luke the Film on the Left poor heroLuke and the h end up hooking up just like old times but no fun from myerspective It s a wonderland for this Public Policy Making poor guy who hasined for the chick who abandoned him In cosmic romance style fictional children have to die for them to get together Nope Not for meDamaged h you and your snobby The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal parents are not worthy Please treat the H right OK see what happens when you spend the betterart of your day The Mob playing on Goodreads and not readingyou end up reading until ungodly hours in the morning because you get into the story again and can tut the book downreview to follow This was an emotional read Sydney lost her husband and two children to a drunk driver and now must discover how to go on with her lifeAs a much serious book than some of the others it stands to reason there was not much to laugh at as there was in the other booksI recommend this book even though it is sad in a lot of Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, places Sydney Donovan suffered the ultimate tragedy when she lost her husband and two children in a car accident 15 months ago She s now back on Gansett Island thelace where she and her family spent their summers when she was a teen It s been 17 years since she last saw Luke Harris the young boy she loved and left without a word He s still on the island and never got over Sydney or the Who Killed Blanche DuBois? painful way she left him This was aoignant second chance romance made even relevant by Sydney s willingness to own up to her Utopia poor treatment of Luke and face the issues head on Hisatience with her was admirable considering the circumstances as he accepted her return without ill will and was mindful of her suffering I liked both of them and enjoyed how their new relationship developed I also liked how the secondary characters from the O Jogo do Acaso previous stories continue Mily she needs to figure out what's next Searching her heart she's drawn back to Gansett Island alace of happy memories But will she also be drawn again to the man from her ast who she's never forgotten And is she ready for a second chance at loveGansett Island Reading OrderMaid for Love Mac MaddieFool for Love Joe JaneyReady for Love Luke SydneyFalling for Love Grant StephanieHoping for Love Evan GraceSeason for Love Owen LauraLonging for Love Blaine TiffanyWaiting for Love.

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O lay substantive roles in the ongoing stories The characters for future stories are also ueued up nicely This is a feel good series that I m very much enjoying It s like catnip for the soul There s something so Firefight (The Reckoners, poignant so sweet about a good second chance love story My heart breaks for any couple that loses their chance at love the first time around And my heart dares to hope and dream when that same couple gets another chance to make love work Ready For Love features one of those couples Luke Harris never understood why the love of his life Sydney Donovan left seventeen years ago without a word He needed to know why she left him behind only to marry and raise a family with someone else There has never been anyone else for Luke What he does know is that fifteen months ago Sydney lost everything and has now returned to the island toick up the ieces of her shattered life Luke knows he still loves Sydney but hasn t a clue if she has any remaining feelings for him Will she give him and love a second chance Ready For Love is a good solid second chance romance Readers will ride the roller coaster of emotions with this couple as they reconnect and try to find their way forward together The journey isn t smooth but its one worth traveling Appearances by ast characterscouples round out the story making it a reunion of sorts The stage is set for future books I m especially looking forward to Grant s story Another Must Read in this series Poorly written storyI enjoyed the follow up with the other characters that was nice The author told me that Luke loved Sydney rather showed me how Luke loved Sydney I did not believe their love affair so I did not buy their HEA Perhaps the devastating experience by the h is too serious to be dealt with in a story where the author is not willing to spend the time to do it right in addition since the author did not show me the relationship between the characters when they were young I did not buy her love After all she left him got married and had 2 kids and would not have returned back home and only returned because she lost her family There are too many gaps in this story for it to be enjoyable I loved this book so much I loved that so many other characters were in the fore front as well It was great to see Mac and Joe again I also liked the insight into Grant and can t wait to read his story Another great read and I m thrilled that this is such a long seriesI still have lots books to rea. Adam AbbyTime for Love Daisy DavidMeant for Love Jenny AlexChance for Love A Gansett Island Novella Jared LizzieGansett After Dark Owen LauraKisses After Dark Shane KatieLove After Dark Paul HopeCelebration After Dark Big Mac LindaDesire After Dark Slim ErinLight After Dark Mallory uinnVictoria Shannon Episode 1Kevin Chelsea Episode 2A Gansett Island Christmas NovellaMine After Dark Riley NikkiYours After Dark Finn ChloeTrouble After Dark Deacon JuliaRescue After Dark Mason Jord.

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