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Ve a really hard bargain and snatched a part of his money back But he poor puppy was too busy being in love or saving his beloved Allegra and the pack had to take pity on hima bit too good to be true on t you think Especially that he and the pack were hardly on friendly termsI am also not a fan of the cover art Seriously the book is about Roaring Twenties and instead of flappers Will in the World dancing charleston or mafia boys shooting each other they put just a blue face with amber eyes with a were in the backgroundI would never pick it up just because of the coverFinal verdictIt was a really nice surprise I liked this book much better than I thought I would It was far intelligent than your ordinary vampires and werewolves story I recommend it to people who like their paranormal romance with some historical flavour a nice backstory and a HEA guaranteed BTW there are two books of this series but it seems each of them features aifferent set of characters so you can easily read them as stand alones Strong three stars I LOVED IT I would like to read of Susan Krinard s books and hope I can read cause I love to read and am curently writing a book Very good It has everything I wanted in a book Mystery suspense romance vampires werewolves and well June Fourth Elegies developed characters I m glad I bought it on impulse at half price booksI would certainly recommend it if you like all the things I listed above 25 StarsI liked it okIid like this 488 page with tiny writing novelbut 34 s of the way through the story started falling apart for meMrs Krinard was off to a wonderful 5 Star start in her world of a very large and complicated story of a Vampire Clan Werewolf Pack and Mobsters where everything was as believable as it could be based on an Otherworldly book Well except for the fact that Allie a Vamp could walk around in broad Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes daylight Butthe minute she brought human law and police officers into the picture she totally lost me And this is where it startedThere s a part where Griffin Werewolf and Ross the Cop rush into a the Vampire s lair in the middle of the night andemand yes The Confabulist demand that the Master Vampire Raoul release three people he kidnapped or they were going to bring the lawown upon them And then he DID in turn release themUmmmNot even in a make believe novel can I except this not even a little bit I truly believe this author couldn t continue with the very complicated story she Der Illusionist d started and she found herself a very unrealisticrealistic easy way out I mean can you imagine if these characters were Wrath Viscious or any of Kenyons Vamps Griffin and Ross wouldn t have gotten past the mailbox Vampires are bad assespecially the ones this author was portrayingSo after that instance I lost most of my respect for the storyI gave this 253 Stars instead of 2 because Iid enjoy most of the book I will tell you that there are a couple hit and miss love moments and only one very short love scene at the end So if your type of VampireWere book includes sizzling and steaming up the pages bedroom moments you won t find any of that here This one s rated in my opinion a PG read I liked this book in the beginning but then it began to Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue drag The hero of our story started out and ended with a stick up his butt Our heroine began carefree and fun but also ended up with a stick up her buttPlease forgive my vulgarityI SOOO wanted to enjoy this bookseries and have not been letown my Ms Krinard writing before But this story line just slogged Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, down To many twists to an already complicated plot To many arch nemesis and you reallyidn t know who was on who s side There was no relationship building between characters and I found it really hard to root for the good guys by the end To the point that I really skim read the last 5 chapters because I couldn t believe the story wasn t endingI will not continue with this series but I will continue to be a fan of Ms Krinard writing I admit I wasn t expecting this storyline I liked the story but found the time period Ask the Past difficult Just because it s usually a flashback taking me to the time period It was good and I loved the mixes of species and the necessity for it Couldn t get into this book Finally made it through but it was slow moving to me. A vampire as independent uninhibited or eager for his touch as Allegra Yet their newfoundesire is threatened by a jealous vampire master and a race war seems inevitable Griffin and Allegra must struggle to stay out of harm's way and hold on to their ream of an eternity of passion.

PDF/EBOOK Chasing Midnight Ô Susan Krinard

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What an irritating book I finished it but was sorry I spent the time Ms Krinard is a competent writer as far as putting words on the page and has a real talent for setting This took place in Roaring 20 s New York and sounded so promising It started out well with a nice evocation of the tensions in society between the Jazz Age Babies and the stuffy society types She Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, didn t maintain that feel for time and place as much after the first third of the book Sheid Different Class do some interesting things with tensions between human mobsters vampire bootleggers and werewolves and there was a somewhat intricate mystery plot going as well So Iid keep reading For all 488 pagesUnfortunately her characters were mostly pasteboard and I never Short Stories by Roald Dahl did take to the main characters or the secondary characters for that matter or care as I was supposed to for what happened to them I actually fell asleepuring the Big Sex Scene True it was a Friday night and I was tired but I never remember that happening before Then the intricate plot that largely kept me reading fell apart becoming a fuddled welter at the end Like I said I was sorry I Goldilocks the Three Bears d spent the time In the first Roaring Twenties novel Allegra Allie Chase is a newly made vampire and wants nothing than to have fun After two years of freedom her patron Catoies the vampire who converted her and now Raoul the powerful master of the vampire clan wants her for himselfWerewolf Griffin Durant espises his wolf nature He fought in the Great War and only wants to live in peace but he can t let go of the past He shuns the wolf clan in the city and wants his younger wolf sister Gemma to marry into the human elite of New York society so she ll be safe Gemma however rebels at every turn A chance encounter leads Griffin to Allie Though he isapproves of her flapper lifestyle he s also fascinated with her Most wolves and vampires hate each other but neither Griffin nor Allie are so close minded After a few of their mutual human friends go missing they work together to find them and fall Socialist Realism deep into a conspiracy that spans all three species in the city wolf vampire and humanI understood Griffin s and Allie s motivations but I couldn t connect with either of them Griffin isefinitely a beta hero He hates violence and was very old fashioned Allie was flamboyant and wild but her attitude was often selfish and isrespectful Despite the sexual tension between the Hh there was only one sex scene and very little romance Much of the plot was about finding the missing humans Mal and Margot and not on the Hh falling in loveWhile I enjoyed the secondary characters of Gemma Wyatt Mal Margot and Ross there were so many other side characters that it was hard to keep track of who belongs to which group and where their loyalties lie Some of the plot twists were confusing as was the history of the vampire and wolf races but most of my uestions were answered at the end There s a HFN ending As a vampire Allie will live for hundreds maybe thousands of years but Griffin will ie in maybe a hundred years I m hoping there will be world building in the later books so I m looking forward to reading the next story in the trilogy 3 Stars Although it took a little bit to get me the story was entertaining and moved along at a nice pace I may not revisit the series or I mightCertainly a popcorn book SynopsisAllegra Chase was turned into a vampire by her father s close friend It was her only chance to live to the full and have some fun As a teenager she fell ill something sounding like a progressive muscular Doctor Extraño dystrophy and abandoned by her posh friends boyfriend and even her mother she was left to wait for hereath in an empty house with only one servant Small wonder that being given the second chance she took it without regrets and never looked back Small wonder she oesn t want to swear allegiance to anybody be it a vampire a human or a werewolf even if it means she is an oddball in New York considered a traitor or a issenter Who cares when you can hound Greenwich Village with your bohemian friends in tow having the time of your lifeGriffin Durant s parents and siblings a whole family of werewolves were killed by a fire when he was just 14 He was able There are far worse evils than jazz and lipstick By Never Tell day Allegra Chase lives among the artists and eccentrics of 1920s Greenwich Village in search of adventure By night she haunts the city's back alleys and seedy speakeasiesriven by a primal hunger Here amid the glitz and unrestrai.

O save only his little sister Gemma Then he was rafted and the First World War left his psyche horribly scarred even though he survived Now Griffin a wealthy bachelor living in Long Island NY wants nothing than forgetting who and what he is He steers clear from the local pack or in fact any supernatural creatures and tries to find his sister a nice respectable human husband However a teenage girl uring roaring twenties is able to stir trouble as efficiently as her contemporary peers Gemma clearly Deterring Democracy doesn t share the outlook of her conservative older brother Allegra and Griffin meet and have to cooperate because their friends get into serious trouble Soon enough it becomes obvious that theisappearance of Margot De Luca a friend of Allegra and a Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, daughter of a local mafia boss and Malcolm Owen a poor playwright and her beloved is a part of a larger scheme of a truly sinister character What will take toiscover who really stands behind it What I likedAt first I thought it was just another vampire novel with a kick ass heroine but set at the beginning of the 20th century that s why the subtitle After all vampire fiction is as common as muck nowadays This one was a bit Hunters Heart different thoughMaybe it was because of the period Roaring Twenties in the USA but not only of course were the era of jazz prohibition and mafia the time of flappers a new breed of young Western women who wore short skirts excessive makeup bobbed their hair listened to jazzrove automobiles imagine that smoked had casual sex and generally flaunted their Menneskefluene (K2 disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior Allegra is such a flapper even if for slightlyifferent reasons she finds it an excellent way to express her love for freedom Yes she freuents speakeasies establishments that illegally sells alcoholic beverages has a bunch of bohemian human friends and seduces men but only in order to Nazi Gold drink their blood This novel proves that a vampiressoesn t have to wear black leather wield a catana or another sharp weapon to be considered a kick ass heroine The strength of Allegra lies in her psychological make up she can think and she uses her brain she is altruistic up to a point she knows what she wants and she Mr Majeika and the School Inspector doesn t hesitate to get it Overall the vampires and werewolves of New York fit that period perfectly bootlegging fighting among themselves for supremacy not unlike in any good mafia andreaming about the ultimate supremacy Psychological veracity was another feature I really appreciated Allegra and Griffin are Selected Poems dynamic characters They fall in love almost at first sight but it takes them very long to overcome their own limitations and prejudices Griffin is shocked by Allegra s free manners and independence not to mention the fact that werewolvesespise vampires Allegra cannot believe Griffin wants to suppress his natural instincts of a predator and expects the same from his sister It takes them long to see that they are really very much alike even longer to trust each other at all They on t jump to bed instantly their relationship rings true and is a pleasure to follow in my opinion it was a real highlight of the story I liked little Gemma and her clumsy attempts to imitate Allegra as well it was a good move to make her play a bigger role than that of a supporting amsel in Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 distressThe world building was ok perhaps not very original or especially prominent but still interesting enough to add to the storyWhat Iidn t likeI admit the plot had its weaknesses especially at the end In my opinion everything is resolved far too slickly uring one bloody showdown then main leads and their friends get their orange blossom scented HEA bad people kill each other summertime and the livin is easyat least in Long IslandI was especially surprised when the elders of the pack who had an excellent opportunity to fleece poor Griffin willingly reduced their claim by half becausethey feared too much money might have a egenerative effect on the werewolves Excuse me You are a bunch of brutal mafiosos and all of a sudden there are no greedy people among you Have you had an epiphany of a sort It would be far better if Griffin a rich clever businessman after all found a legal loophole or The Train Robbers dro. Ned morals of jazz age society even a vampire can fall prey to the temptations of the flesh One look into the golden eyes of theashing Griffin Durant and Allegra knows she's not ealing with just a manThough their kind have been enemies for centuries Griffin has never encountered.

Prince of Wolves her first romance novel and one of the earliest to feature a werewolf hero was the result Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam as part of a three book contract and the novel went on to make several bestseller listsSince then she's written and published over fourteen paranormal and fantasy novels and written stories for a number of anthologies both fantasy and romance Both the anthology Out of This World which included Susan's Kinsman and the novel