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Hich has a new cast of characters anyway This was a really sweet uite literally romance between Leilani the former right hand woman of Baxter Dunne celebrity pastry chef Leilani has since moved to Sugarberry to be closer to her father and away from the hustle of New York City and get over Baxter But Baxter has other plans and ecides he is into Lei and comes looking for her in the tiny town in Georgia and upsets all her plans of small town life I liked how the small town life was well fleshed out and juxtaposed against the lightsglam of Baxter s life I also really liked that Leilani was given a rich full life with friends neighbors her Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, dad the backstory of her mom and grandparents her work and her place in the town outside of the romance It really hammered in the idea of the main conflict of the novel that Leilani and Baxter were perfect for each other but their lifestyles weren t Baxter is a celebrity chef tub Leilani loves her life that she has carved out for herself in Sugarberry And i m glad that the book addressed it the whole way and also allowed Leilani to be selfish about it that she knew what she wanted for her workhome life and while she loved Baxter she was also not willing to compromise on her own achievements and need for a uieter life in a small town I enjoyed several of Kauffman s other books notably the Glass Slipper Inc series They were light but I could identify with the characters and they were fun reads This book just seemed torag on forever I actually listened to it rather than reading it which meant that I couldn t skim It was excruciating I got so tired of the main female character s angst hand wringing and indecision There was lots of wrestling going on but most of it was metaphorical and not particularly compelling or interesting And it was very repetitive I never grew to like much less identify with any of the characters And I The Bosss Baby Surprise didn t think that the baking schtick created an interesting hook at least not the way that it was portrayed By the time the main characters finally hooked up which of course was inevitable Iidn t really CARE I just wanted to be one with the book I MAY read the second book in the series but only because several other reviewers who seem to share my opinion about this one have indicated that it is a better book I apologize in advance for the large number of pictures featuring cupcakes I simply couldn t resist And be prepared for the urge to hunt own and eat a massive number of them DWhen Leilani Trusdale left New York and her rising career as a pastry chef to open a cupcake shop in a small town of Sugarberry most people Command Performance didn t understand herecision But she knew something had to give It s not that she was unhappy with her life like she wasn t happy with it All the backstabbing in the restaurant she worked at the innuendos about her sleeping her way to her current position the hustle and bustle of a big city it s simply not for her Now when a couple of months passed she s never been sure of her ecision The peace of living in a small town the community of people who care for each other living close to her beloved father it s an idyllic life and then Baxter Dunne shows up Baxter s always had a thing for Lani But since he s been her boss a image error. Ring all kinds of kitchen gossip much of which Lani wished was trueLani's friends are convinced that this time around Baxter is the missing ingredient in her recipe for happiness But convincing Lani will be a job for Baxter himself And he'll need than black velvet frosting to sweeten the eal Recipes included.


PDF or EBOOK (Sugar Rush) ↠ Donna Kauffman

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a guilty pleasure fan of girly contemporary romances I swear by anything Sophie KinsellaMadeline Wickham related and Jane Green Jennifer Weiner and Helen Fielding all have a fan in me When offered the chance to read and review the first two books in the new Cupcake Club series from Donna Kauffman I leaped at the chance So yes this is going to be a The Perfect Blend double review of SUGAR RUSH and SWEET STUFF books one and two in the series from KensingtonBook one SUGAR RUSH chronicles Lani Trusdale s life as a baker on a small island off the coast of Georgia She s left her life in New York City and her ex boss Baxter aka Chef Hot Cakes a man she completelyrooled over When Baxter shows up on the island wanting to film a new show in Lani s cupcake store is it a recipe for love or a mess The story is about cupcakes and the path for Lani and Baxter s relationship to get back off the ground I really enjoyed the story It was a sweet fluffy tale in the vein of Sophie Kinsella so of course I was a happy camper The relationship between Lani and Baxter is tense and makes you uestion what will happen next but somehow the story oes manage to keep the story as sweet as you would imagine a book about cupcakes could be Baxter s rive to woo Lani back was impressive and swoon worthy leaving me wanting of Kauffman s work so of course I wanted Cupcake Club It s a mix of romance recipes and television shows It s like blending the Food Network together with CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC leaving me uite pleased with this book I thought it was a touch long however but the story was a fun uick read for those of you who enjoy cute contemporary romancesIn book two SWEET STUFF we are introduced to some new lead characters which of course means new shenanigans Author uinn and fresh of the boat Riley meet in a rather happenstance way she sets up cupcakes in an open house the same house that uinn buys that same Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss day uinn and Riley both have a lot of things toeal with from broken careers to a return home after years away Neither were looking for a relationship but with cupcakes as a main focus their relationship slowly unfolds in an intense yet cute mannerI was uite pleased by SWEET STUFF Like SUGAR RUSH it s a cute light romance full of fun situations and of course the Cupcake Club My feelings about SWEET STUFF were much like my feelings for book one cute fluffy a little repetitive and good for a pick me up These books were both uick reads with fun characters SWEET STUFF has a great element of what it takes to build a relationship from scratch which I loved It s a good break from the usual Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] dreary books I read hot and heavy romances based on sex orepressing books about being Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, depressed The Cupcake Club books are great new additions to a market among the Kinsellas and Weiners on the shelves If you are in the market for a sweet contemporary romance with emphasis on the sweet in ways than one these books areefinitely books for you to check out for yourselfVERDICT A sweet romance series with a focus on cupcakes the first two CUPCAKE CLUB books by Donna Kauffman are a sugary treat with a touch of fun excitement and love I liked this story but it tended to Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm drag on for me It felt like SO much happened but like nothi. Devil's FoodAngel CakeRed VelvetPraline CrunchLemon ChiffonHow's a woman to chooseLuckily the members of the Cupcake Club are about to taste it allWhen baker extraordinaire Leilani Trusdale left the bustle of New York City for Georgia's sleepy Sugarberry Island sheidn't expect her past to follow Yet suddenl.

Ng was happening at all That Whispers Of The Heart doesn t even make sense but it s the only way to explain it I m glad I read the story and I thought it was sweet but Ion t see myself coming back to reread I uit 60% and I still am not invested in the characters I can t take them talking about why their lives together won t work any I haven t managed This was very much a why aren t they together romance story He s her lobster I uite enjoyed the story even though or maybe because they were both just so The Dukes Gamble damn frustrating It was written well enough that I wanted to shake Leilani over and over again and yell OmG enough already You are head over heels in love and have been for a long time what the hell are youoing Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, digging in your heels so hard Now lady Luckily Iidn t have to try to be a voice of reason as they had the perfectly placed best friend in there Let Go doing that I Love Charlotte She is by far my favorite character and I wish she been in the book a bit lolRandom Friends uote for ya Will insert book talk laterI was rather Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition disappointed with this one Though I liked all the characters it just seemed like all the conversations the hero and heroine had were the same Her I know youon t understand why I want to live in this tiny town and make cupcakesHim No I Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh don t you reestined for better thingsHer Let me explain why I love it so much for a long timeHim Ok wow I respect your Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward decision though Ion t understand itIt just felt a little same y after a while I usually really like this type of romance so I m surpised I felt this way I may read the next in the series just to see if things change in the next book Finally I m so happy to be one with this book It took me a week to read ue to the big pages and small text and the fact that the first 200 or so pages were so boring it was a book I could only take in small portionsLani is a pastry chef and a good one She uit her job at a high profile restaurant in New York to move to Sugarberry Island where her Dad is sherriff and her family came from She opens up a cupcakery and is enjoying it That is until Baxter Dunne How to Disappear decides to follow her there Baxter was her boss and she always had a huge crush on him When he left the restaurant in her hands to he could have his own cooking show sheecided it was time to leave and make a new life for herself Now he s in Sugarberry and he wants to take his show on the road and use her cupcakery to film a few episodes of his show AND he has the hots for Lani as wellThe meat of this book is Lani constantly telling herself BAxter and anyone who will listen that she Act Like You Know doesn t want him in her life because it ll never work She s in Sugarberry and she s not moving and Baxter would never settleown there The author spins this scenerio every way she can spin it to fill the pages That s what I hated about the book What i A Guide to Americas Sex Laws did like was her late night bitch and bake sessions w her friend Charlotte and the old lady on the island who she refers to as a sort of Betty White like character Those were funny especially when Alma the Betty White character calls the sessions bitchin bakes Only after 240 pageso we get any sex from this book which was good and was eserved after reading 240 pages of boring I ll cut my losses and not read the next book in the series Y her former boss Baxter Dunne aka Chef Hot Cakes the man who taught her everything pastry wants to film his hit cooking show in her tiny cupcakery The same Chef Hot Cakes whose molten chocolate brown eyes and sexy British accent made Lani's mouth water and her cheeks blush the color of raspberry filling stir.

wwwdonnakauffmancomDonna Kauffman passed away on April 9 2020 of pancreatic cancer