Home to Stay (E–pub READ) ↠ Annie Jones

Home to Stay (E–pub READ) ↠ Annie Jones

CHARACTERS é eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Annie Jones

I don t usually read romance but I got these books for free so why not I actually liked the story Hank Corsaut is a large animal veterinarian and it seemed that he spent a lot of his time helping the Newberry sisters Had almost married Emma Newberry but she ran away Now she has come back with a mentally and physically challenged daughter Ruth This was so much fun to read Between Ruthie and Hank and Sammie Jo it was so much fun to read Loved it Excellent Normally I don t read books of this genre but Country veterinarian Hank Corsaut isn't surprised to learn that the newest folks in town are Newberry women of the boisterous Louisiana family A uiet orderly guy like Hank us.

Neighbor had lent it to me saying how much she enjoyed it I couldn t help but enjoy it as well A uick read I managed to read it within a day but I d say it was memorable Emma Newberry and her special needs daughter Ruth return to Emma s childhood home and unbeknownst to her to her former fiance as well In the last ten ears Hank Corsaut has become a prominent part of Gull Rive and Emma is uick to realize that the Old Yukon years have treated him well As she tries to sort out her life Emma and Hank are forced to Ually tries to avoid energetic females though the adorable fiveear old and her pretty single mother are hard to resist As he gets to know kind caring Emma Newberry he reali.

Evisit the past and make plans for the future A fun sweet and easy read Reccommended for all Sweet feel good romance A nice roA nice romantic story Two haiku reviewDoctor has proposedShe has special needs daughterTakes her home to thinkDifferent type romanceOld fashioned Southern feelingNice Christian story Enjoyed the book very much I just couldn t get into this story There was no what s going to happen next feeling while I read It was still a cute story but there could have been Full review later. Zes she needs a strong shoulder to lean on Problem is Emma's returned to her roots only for the time being Unless a changed man can convince her she's exactly where she belon.

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