EBOOK or EPUB His Dark Bond

EBOOK or EPUB His Dark Bond

E I can t guarantee you will get much sleep I hadn t fallen for Bond with Me And I didn t enjoy eading His Dark BondI found it so boring I skipped chunks of it including the steamy bits As a ule of thumb I feel cheated by this fake heroines who seem always this strong and clever and smart but oll over 2 seconds after meeting the guy He is by the way a jerk to be nice I have nothing against alpha jerks if the heroine ips them a new one D Otherwise where s the funview spoilerHe destroys her career kidnaps her lies to her on a egular basis forces her to choose a mate and finally kills her She is never given a choice hide spoiler Originally posted at KensingtonPublish Date Out NowHow we got this book PurchasedHE HUNGERS FOR HER BODY Zer is no angel well not any He s explored every flavor of sin imaginable drinking in the pleasures of humanity But now he must find the woman who carries his salvation in her very blooda woman like Nessa St JamesAND HER SOULNessa has considered the bargain the Fallen offer Anything she wants in exchange for accepting Zer s bond No way Not her Not when she finds out about the mind blowing itual involved and the marks of surrender that will ink her skin But with a serial killer to stop and centuries of experience on his side this is one job Zer s going to nailThis blurb came from the author s website hereE After I finished eading Bond With Me book 1 a couple of years ago I eagerly went to Ms Marsh s website hoping I could get information on an upcoming book 2 Unfortunately at the time there wasn t much if anything out there so I kept hoping and waiting Then one of the times I checked back Ms Marsh had provided a title and a elease date As I am sure you can imagine I was pretty excited so when Has and I started chatting about upcoming books and decided we would eview His Dark Bond I couldn t waitHas I felt the same way I eally enjoyed Bond With Me which had an intense and erotic omance but in a paranormal setting which I eally liked I am not a huge fans of fallen angels and the mating trope which is beginning to feel pretty derivative but Anne s take on them was sublime and sexy so I was definitely looking forward to the followup His Dark Bond follows Zer who is the leader of the fallen Dominion angels and now they are that aware of their only hope to egain their wings which is to find their soul mates have been subverted by a faction of ebel angels and ogues who have been killing their mates over the centuries I liked the fact that we actually got the leader s story very early in the series Usually it is held off ight towards the end or starts off a series which empathizes that the leader type hero holds importance than the people who follow him I also liked that Zer was in many ways was unsure had eal doubts about the mistakes he made as being a leader and felt very esponsible for the Dominion becoming fallen angels I found that eally efreshing and it added some depth to his character So when they come across Nessa St James a soul mate who is also a geneticistsresearcher who has the keys to find potential soul mates it is imperative for the angels to protect her from their enemiesE Like Has I found it interesting to see the leader despite all of his good intentions get stuck with his soul mate In a way I think that was a eally good thing because I got the impression he was on the borderline of becoming a Rogue which would have been a eally BAD thing As long as their leader was still sane some of the Fallen would etain hope Plus now that a small group of them knows it is possible to egain their wings legitimately and that they have enemies in Heaven they eally need their leader It also made sense that Nessa with the knowledge of how to find potential soul mates would need to pair up with Zer I also ahem loved how Nael one of Zer s lieutenants andbodyguard convinced Nessa to choose Zer I am eally looking forward to his story especially since he is hinted at being umm into smexy variations then the othersHas It was pretty obvious to everyone BUT Zer and Nessa they were attracted and drawn towards each other although I did wish there was time in developing that transition from being eluctant to admitting their love for each other But I did like how they felt eluctant the bonding trope can be a lazy way to excuse omantic tension however Anne Marsh has a great way to convey this and sizzles up the heat factor by a 100 degrees with the love scenes I eally like how she incorporates emotions and sex into the world building with the Angels who need to feed off this to fend off from being a ogue Both Zer and Nessa share hot sexual tension but I did wish there was time expaning on the emotional element because so much time was spent them fighting off their feelings and trying not to get invested However when they do ealise what they mean towards each other it was sweet and passionate I have to uote this passage because it sums it up perfectly I love you too he said oughly You e part of me body and soul Nessa And I wish He hesitated then kept ight on going I wish all my brothers had found their soul mates Because what we have it s than the wings What we have it s me and you and His voice trailed off I m no poet You e the heart of it all The heart of me And that he said forcefully is why I have my wings back and we e even having this goddamn conversation E Great uote I did enjoy the elationship build up in the first book This one seemed almost like I hate you but I want you then just because you DON T want me to I will choose you then since you are bound and determined to hold back on me I will make you open up without much if any emotional caring before hand Yet if you looked at some of the subtleties Nessa did have trust that Zer would escue her on then one occasion She also could have picked something very superficial as the bonding favor and instead she went for something deep Then she had a very special conversation with another individual that I am hoping will pay off in later installments I did like the glimmer of hope that emained in the Rogue preserves but I think the Fallen are going to have their hands extremely full later on I also eally like how Ms Marsh puts holes in the stereotype that all Angels are good and all Fallen are bad This was a satisfying installment an I am looking forward to the next I give His Dark Bond a BHas I totally agree about the subtleties between Zer and Nessa I loved that she was a scientist and he was a figure of mythology which added another level to their dynamics I also LOVED how science was added into the story it was ealistic and detailed and that was an interesting dichotomy with the paranormal factors I do think that the ongoing plot line with the angelic war and ogues is eally starting to cement the series and I love the gritty nature and tone of this world His Dark Bond is an erotic and fast paced entry to this series and I am definitely in line for the next bookI give His Dark Bond a CInterested in learning then check out Anne Marsh s Guest Post with us and E s eview of The Fallen book 1 Bond With About the mind blowing itual involved and the marks of surrender that will ink her skin But with a serial killer to stop and centuries of experience on his side this is one job Zer's going to nai.

G loyalty which is what made them such great soldiers in Heaven The plot from Bond With Me finally eaches its conclusion in this installment but not perhaps in the way the eader might expect Marsh s attention to detail also crosses over into her love scenes making them hot steamy and close to explicit Zer has three thousand years of sinful experience to share with Nessa an uptight professor if you ever met one and Nessa s epressed fantasies begin to come to fruition Zer and his brothers are highly sensual characters use to sin as well as getting everything they want In G2 Brend s elite club they can find sex whenever they need it This lends a voyeuristic layer to the book Zer feeding on human emotions has an almost threesome feel to it because he can t feed without being under the watchful eye of one of his brothers If he feeds too much he could drain the soul completely and that would esult in going ogueI ead this book in a night I fell completely in love with the world Marsh created particularly Zer and Nael the two Fallen this installment eally focuses on There were a few instances where the word choice bothered me or I thought a conversation seemed a bit epetitive but nothing that pulled me out of the story Her characters had depth especially as the story evolved and the plot while not exactly new what war story is was different enough that I didn t know what to expect next I can t wait to ead the next installment I hope we get to see of Nael in the next oneNotable SceneHe needed her to listen to him Needed her to obeyFortunately for them both he was very very good at making humans do what he needed them t doDeliberately he crowded her with his large body trapping her against the expensive leather seats Immediately she tried to slide away from him but he wasn t having that Inexplicably he wanted her he needed her just as close as he could get her This close he could taste the delicious heat and scent of her skin He didn t want her to be afraid of him No what he wanted was to stroke his thumbs along the sweat slicked line of her collarbone Follow that feminine shadow with his tongue His teethThe Fallen Series1 Bond With Me2 His Dark BondFTC Advisory Kensington Publishing provided me with a copy of His Dark Bond No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were exchanged for my eview Anne Marsh has created a world of Fallen Angels in M City that I can only describe as having an euivalent to the esidents of Caldwell NY If you are looking for angelic men who only do good deeds these men are not for you These Fallen are men who fight their inner beasts on a daily basis while policing those that have given into their inner beast They conduct heated sexual encounters with any number of women or men who line up to have a favor granted in eturn for the feeding off their soul All this while holding onto hope that their true salvation is out therea soul mateIn this second installment to the Fallen series our focus is on the Fallen leader Zer He s clinging to the edge and certain he s about to turn ouge He s eady for the end as soon as he can ensure his brothers have their soul mates and salvation He doesn t think he deserve any of this even when he kidnaps genetic esearcher Nessa St James and can t take his eyes off her Zer is harsh but that harshness is generally aimed at himself Nessa St James thinks she s nothing than the esearch that she conducts With the threat of that esearch being taken away from her she fears her identity will be gone to She fights Zer tooth and nail as he insists she needs to bond with one of his brothers in order to ensure her safety Despite her constant need to fight with Zer she s also incredibly attracted to him but also positive he doesn t want her because she is a nothingWith Nessa and Zer doubting anyone could ever want them is it any surprise that they would be perfect for each otherThis series will suck you immediately Even with all the details around the methods Nessa uses when esearching DNA and it s descriptive you still devour the pages wanting to find out what happens next Anne Marsh is now an author that will be on my must buy list Zer is one of the Fallen Thrown out of heaven by Michael Cursed to live the life of a goblin Unless he can find a women who can love and edeem his soul His Soul MateDr Nessa St James is on list of potential females that are compatible for the Fallen She wants nothing to continue her esearch and make tenure But in walks a aging storm by the name of Zer with his man handling ways and her world is forever changedI loved this story Zer is a force Intense dominate and simply yummy Nessa is his opposite in many ways but they seem to fit very well together His Dark Bond is a delectable engaging ead Fast paced action and enough sexy to keep your wanting Ms Marsh s world building is excellent The Fallen has become a fast favorite If you love fallen angel stories you won t want to miss this one Impressive just as good as the first book In all honesty I didn t think I would like this series After all Marsh s hand at paranormal story telling with The Hunt and Pharon s Demon was as good It almost as natural written as her chic lit books Off to ead book 3 now Feeling like a failure for letting down the men that chose to follow a decision he made over 3000 years ago Zer feels overwhelmed with the need to correct the situation He looks to a list of women that are matches to become a soul mate for one of his fallen brothers Determined to help he find Nessa St James a sexy professor he can t help fantasizing about But there is no way she is meant to be his Not only does he not deserve a soul mate he has no soul of his own which is why he struggles not to go ogue everyday To make matters worse Nessa is being hunted by a serial killer out to get id of all the fallen s soul matesNessa ealizes uickly that the tall drink of water in her lab means business After saving her life he kidnaps her and brings her to G2 the nightclub owned by Zer where she is supposed to decided which man to bond with It sounds great except Nessa wants no part in it She just wants to go back to her old life which includes her lab and her esearch Having been forced to choose one of Zer s brothers Nael convinced her to take a chance on Zer even though he tells her he won t bond Scared about everything that is going on Nessa escapes and goes to the one place that always gave her peace And then all hell breaks looseThere are a lot of people commenting that there are a lot of books with angel themes I honestly have only heard of two series and this is definitely my favorite out of the two I was extremely excited when Ms Marsh herself contacted me to see if I would like a copy of her latest book My eyes literally bugged which was then proceeded by a sueal that made my cat jump off the couch beside me with a startled hiss That s a feat for my kitty cow too Lol I love how Anne didn t make them necessarily good but they have a darker side than you would initially think I love dark eads that have light at the end Give this book and series a chance Of cours. Er very blooda woman like Nessa St JamesAnd Her SoulNessa has considered the bargain the Fallen offer Anything she wants in exchange for accepting Zer's bond No way Not her Not when she finds out.

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His Dark Bond Fallen 2 by Anne MarshGrade B You got to feel Vkhin to have a soul mate Me I don t have anything left Nessa St James is not having a good day First the Dean of the university she works at cuts her funding and tells her to work for a professor who gets way too handsy and then she is kidnapped by the leader of the Fallen while giving a lecture The Fallen believe that the only way to win back their wings and get back into Heaven is to find their lost soul mates on Earth Nessa s name happens to be on a list of soul mates and the Fallen especially their leader Zer will do whatever it takes to get Nessa to save one of themThree centuries ago Zer lead a ebellion of the Dominion angels warrior angels against the Archangel Michael after three Dominion females were found brutally murdered The Dominions lost and were banished to earth and forced to make bargains with human women to feed off their souls to stay alive Now that soul mates are starting to be found the Dominions have hope and as their leader Zer is determined to save all of his brothers What Zer never expected was Nessa St James Nessa is not only just the key to saving one of the Fallen but she might be able to uncover the secret of soul mates and be able to identify in the future and she might be the key to saving Zer and getting him his wingsI have been eading a lot of fallen angel type books lately but this is one of my favorites so far It was action packed and fast paced from the very first pages and maintained that flow until the very end I am a sucker for all things soul mate so this book had me before I even started but the fact that it s a eally great story and so well written kept my interest and made it so easy to love There is a big mixture of science and eligious doctrine woven together and done in such a way that they eally helped the story and never got boring which sadly sometimes happensI eally eally eally eally liked Nessa St James I thought she was super smart and very feisty She efuses to let anyone use her or walk all over her even Zer who she is very attracted to I love that she doesn t let Zer hide himself or his possibilities and she makes he face up to his own eality and see the truth The scenes between Nessa and Zer are smoking hot and I actually blushed at one in the beginning This is not my first odeo so I was very surprised when this happened and it s not very often that I have to fan my face while eading a omance novelThe only problem I had with the entire book was with Zer and it s not even a very big problem just an annoyance Zer calls Nessa baby in almost every single sentence and it drove me crazy For some eason the endearment was used way to much for my liking and to me came off condescending I think that if the use of the word baby had been cut in even half I would have been okay but it was way too much and eally ubbed me the wrong wayI eally enjoyed this book and I can t wait to see which Fallen s story we get next I loved the action dialogue and the omance that Mrs Marsh gave us and I think the new world she created is wonderful Great book in a great series that everyone should be eading Zer and his brothers are Fallen Angels a thousands of years ago they fought against the very angel they protected for doing the ight thing Since the Fallen ebelled against Archangel Micheal he condemned them to near eternity of punishment He banished them to earth not to eturned to the heavens and stripped them of there wings The only way for a Fallen to egain his wings and eturn to the heavens was to find their sole mate and love but she also has to be the one to edeem his dark side Zer has been on earth for thousands of years and lost all emotions all the Fallen had and when they were thrown out of heaven they still needed to fight and protect humans because that was what they were born to do they were warriors Being without emotions causes all Fallen to seek out a woman s aura and souls The best way to do this is through sex they feed off it There is also a catch for doing so But if a Fallen just keeps taking like a addict they can turn ogue and kill the very thing they seek to survive Nessa St James is a Scientist who created a DNA testing Kit to see if humans possess a gene of paranormal heritage What Nessa didn t know was Cuthah already knew she was not a normal human and wanted to kill her Zer and the Fallen could not let that happen because sole mates were there last chance at edemption But when Nessa first meets Zer what will happen because she has no idea of this other world she is a part of Will Cuthah get to Nessa and the Fallen be condemned forever I love stories of lost soles that need edemption Zer has so much weight on his shoulders and wants to do ight by his brothers Nessa wants her life back but has to come to ealized that she is a part of it now weather she likes it or not Rated 45 Blue RibbonsReview courtesy of Romance Junkies Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty This incredibly hot omance has fabulous world building bad boy angels and is packed with paranormal action scenesOpening Sentence Three thousand years ago ebellion ipped apart the HeavensThe ReviewOnce again we e back in 2090 following the Fallen into dystopian Moscow now called M City The Fallen used to be angels the Dominions of Heaven charged with defending the Celestial Throne until they were betrayed and ebelled against the Archangel Michael Michael cast them out of the Heavens stripped of their wings and softer emotions But Michael left the Fallen a loophole If they can find their soul mates the euivalent of finding a needle in a haystack they can egain their wings So for three thousand years they ve been searching bonding with every woman they can in the hopes of finding their soul mate But Cuthah Michael s lieutenant knows about the soul mates too And his place in the Heavens is eliant on the Fallen staying Fallen The potential soul mates that Cuthah s ogues find first end up dead Until finally Zer finds Nessa St James a professor at M City s leading university before Cuthah s ogues can kill herI eally enjoyed eading Zer s story He s the alpha male the sire the leader of the Fallen Zer is also the one esponsible for getting the Dominions thrown out of Heaven He s wracked with guilt Not only for his brothers but for the women that are dying at Cuthah s hands All Zer wants is for Nessa to bond with one of his brothers to save one of them and give them back their wings But of course Nessa has plans of her own She s a geneticist and her work has upended her entire life Not only because it s exposed her as a paranormal but because she s a descendant of the thirteenth tribe of Isreal A tribe history has long forgotten about According to her esearch this thirteenth tribe is the key to finding the Fallen s soul mates She s a strong heroine and than a match for Zer s alphanessThis book is filled with action scenes I m always confused with the guns and gernades but Marsh did a great job of laying out the action for the eader without being confusing I love the Fallen and their unbendin. He Hungers For Her BodyZer is no angel well not any He's explored every flavor of sin imaginable drinking in the pleasures of humanity But now he must find the woman who carries his salvation in

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