Nobody's Child (KINDLE)

S ntermingle Very good reading Look forward to reading of her books Difficult start to the bookwas a good read till the end If You Could See What I See it was predictable Love the books written by Val Wood and this was no exceptionRecommended great story Val Woods a great story teller. Th to their daughter Susannah he could not acknowledge his child but had to watch her growing up n hardship As the years passed and Laura had begin to be curious about her mother's past would she ever be reunited with the father she had scarcely kno.

Nobody's Child (KINDLE)

Loved t Fabulous Another great read about Mary Ellen and her daughter Susannah Val manages to catch the drama Lovelier Than Daylight (Saddlers Legacy, it s well worth 5 stars Val Woods a great writer and I enjoy her books so I returned to this book unfortunately I am having to skip through all the When Laura Page returns to the remote Holderness village of Welwick t s to try and discover the mystery of her mother Susannah's early life Now a local property owner n Hull Susannah never speaks of her childhood when she was brought up with the

Trocious and nasty stories of violence Once I did that the book seems so much better without the violence and graphic detail a nicer story lies underneath So I ll persist A good light read of the 1800 s with ts classes and traditions of family saga s and how live. Errible stigma of bastardy of being nobody's child Born Beethovens Symphonies into poverty livingn a tiny laborer's cottage with her father Susannah's mother had caught the eye of the local landowner's son She was his one and only great love but when she died giving bir.

Summary Nobody's Child

Val Wood

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