[PDF/EPUB] The Search for a Meaningful Past Philosophies Theories and Interpretations of Human History Part I Part II by Darren M. Staloff

PDF/EPUB The Search or a Meaningful Past Philosophies Theories and Interpretations of Human History Part I Part II by Darren M. Staloff

Evelopment of law and institutions Hegel says natural laws don t apply to history We create our own laws and govern ourselves as opposed to being driven by the external The Sheep Book forces of Newtonian physics Germanic cultures are the embodiment of this autonomy of reasonThen Staloff moves into the 20th Century positivist and analytic approaches to history that either put historical narrative into the category of non knowledge or regards it as a rudimentary explantory exercise like almost myth Staloff ends his lectures with Arthur Danto who was critical of the positivist worship of science including its exclusive claim over what constitutes knowledge Danto say. High Enlightenment's Cult of Progress Kant's Ideaor a Universal History rom a Cosmopolitan Point of View; Nietzche's Critiue of Historical Consciousness On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History or Life; Weber's Historical Sociology; Taking the Long View Arnold Toynbee and World Historical Speculation; Twentieth Century Neo Idealism RG Collingwood's The

2 Too theoritical A Great Courses tape series on several philosophies of history This I was only able to listen to Part I is an excellent set of lectures on the different types of interpretive lenses through which philosophers and other thinkers view history For example Eliade writes about the denial of history For those who see life as death death is denied through regeneration History never begins or ends It is always there as an endless repetition of the same cycles and patterns Expressing the The Gangs Birthday Surprise faith of the englightenment Kant saw the end of history as theull development of rationality that snuffs out our base selfish instincts through the The Search or a Meaningful PastPhilosophies Theories and Interpretations of Human HistoryPart I Part IIGreat Courses on TapeTotal 8 cassettes Estimated Running Time 8 HoursLCCN 00527022Topics of Lectures include Mircea Eliade's Cosmos and History and Cyclical Time; The Early Enlightenment and the Search or the Laws of History; Vico's New Science of History; The.

S there are different ways of knowing besides science and that both historians and scientists are infected with ideological agendas This is all good stuff Danto then puts Hegel in his place by dimissing the dialectical approach as Get Up fluffy historical story telling with a beginning middle and end If that s an accurate description of Danto s position it significantly misses the power and richness of Hegel s philosophy whether one agrees with it or not Staloff s presentation makes it clear that history can be than story telling This presentation of history at leastor these thinkers comes with a strong point of view about what humanity and life is abou. Dea of History; Arthur Danto's Narration and Knowledge; social history structuralism and the long duree Fernand Braudel's On History; Post structuralism and the linguistic turn Hayden White's Introduction to Metahistory; Naturalism Revisited William McNeil's Plagues and Peoples; The Heterogeneity of Historical UnderstandingContents 8 sound cassettes 2 course guid.

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