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Ok who like the character in Julie and Julia worked her way through much of Julia Child s cookbook However hard as she tried Ephron couldn t reproduce the strudel The writer goes to great lengths and even consults friends in high places to try to find this savory delight Does she succeed You ll have to read the book to knowCabbage StrudelEphron was an intern in President John F Kennedy s White House and inspired by one of Kennedy s blabby flings tells the true story of her relationship with the handsome politician She also talks about her love affair with Bill Clinton Nothing scandalousI don t want to start any rumors LOL John F KennedyBill ClintonOther essays mention Ephron s discomfort with aging her numerous marriages her kids her career her celebrity neighbors and her sadness when her best friend became ill and died Complete honesty The book lags in places and the author s narrating style slow with odd emphases is a little distracting The essays are aimed at metropolitan women of a certain age but many people would probably enjoy the book I d recommend it to readers who want an entertaining light readYou can follow my reviews at Despite the clever and sometimes funny observations about aging I couldn t shake the feeling that this book of essays wastrivial Except for the final chapter Considering the Alternative Ephron spends a lot of time writing about superficial aspects of growing older the skin on her neck her disorganized purse her worsening eyesight that make her seem shallow and self absorbed In the essay focused on all the hours she devotes to maintaining her appearance On Maintenance she describes her reaction to passing a homeles This was such a charming book Aging is clearly very fraught and the sharp wit of the essays in this book is uite wonderful I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron is an audiobook read by the author This is my second reading and it seems that I have enjoyed it than I did the first time Co Sitting in a movie theater back in the eighties not my eighties the 1980s I am smiling laughing just having a good ol time when suddenly TERMS OF ENDEARMENT goes from funny to ominous to dark as turds that can signal upper gi bleeding I m thinking Shit no don t take this story there I m not walking out of a movie with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson in it that fact means watching a character who s about my age die of cancer She s got three oung kids I have one and one baking in the pelvic oven The film deserves praise but I AM PISSED We re way past the 1980s I look as if I could be eighty and I turn to Nora Ephron to entertain me Her work forget HEARTBURN usually does and the first chapter doesn t disappoint me Most of the middle chapters are forgettable even if Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften you have a terrific memory so I start to anticipate writing a review that is somewhere between neutral and unfavorable2 stars But I reach the essay The Story of My Life in 3500 Words or Less and I find material so closely related to remarks I made just hours ago that surprise I m liking this book again Then with only a few stops left before this train reaches the end of the line I smell a terms of endearment experience on the tracks Well not uite Besides I m notoung and pregnant so even if the author leaves me in an unlit underground station the image of Debra Winger in a hospital bed won t be with me I am actually GLAD that the final two chapters of the book offer an interesting combination of sunshine and charcoal gray clouds And despite my lousy memory I can hold on to lines such as The empty nest is underrated125 Never let them know126 and I don t know I hope that s clear136 About that last one if Nora Ephron and I knew each other I d swear she was uoting me. ?s no uick fix for thatEphron chronicles her life but mostly she speaks frankly and uproariously about life as a woman of a certain ageUtterly courageous wickedly funny and unexpectedly moving in its truth telling I Feel Bad About My Neck is an audiobook of wisdom advice and laugh out loud moments a scrumptious irresistible trea.

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Terday and found much in it I still don t have time for the handbags or makeup crap but I found a lot to like about women s friendships in particular the notion of one away read the book the section on parents and adolescents is very funny but this on heartbreak was my stand out I fly to NY to see my shrink I walk into her office and burst into tears I tell her what my husband has done to me I tell her my heart is broken I tell her I m a total mess and I will never be the same I can t stop crying She looks at me and says You have to understand something You were going to leave him eventually Sometimes it takes a friend to get The Defense (Eddie Flynn you to read a book I Feel Bad About My Neck has been on my physical bookshelves forears I d look at it and look at my neck and think Do Hai nhà you really want to read this book I ve got six friends on GR with the beautiful name of Julie but it was the clever one that wanted to be certain to stand out the Julie preceded by a flower that finally gave me the push to read this book ThankouHeartburn published in 1983 was my first encounter with Nora Ephron I remember this as a funny romantic read Though humor is subjective Ephron s sense of mirth is fine with me Never having read any of her other books I certainly am familiar with her films When Harry Met Sally Sleepless in Seattle and You ve Got Mail There are many others Though I don t feel bad about my neck any many other things have taken its place Who knew I should worry about the purse I carry varicose vein I was so sad for this book to come to an end I listened to the audiobook narrated by Nora Ephron herself which I so enjoyed because it was in such an amusing tone that no other narrator could have captured There were numerous wise and funny lines throughout that had me constantly rewindingjust so I could hear them again I hadn t heard of her books until she passed away and although I was drawn to Multi talented Nora Ephron was a journalist director and author In her heyday Ephron wrote the screenplays for some very popular movies including Julie and Julia You ve Got Mail Sleepless in Seattle When Harry Met Sally and Silkwood Nora EphronThis audiobook read by the author contains a collection of humorous essays written when Ephron was 60 ears oldand stopped having birthdays In fact Ephron notes that upon publication of this book she ll have been 60 for five ears ha ha ha As might be expected many of the essays touch on the subject of aging The book s title for instance refers to the fact that older ladies in Ephron s circle always wear turtlenecks or scarves to hide those crepey necks I think this is an exaggeration but I get the idea Ephron s semi tongue in cheek description of her maintainance regime includes regular coloring sessions at the hairdresser followed by bi weekly blowouts freuent manicures and pedicures a rigorous exercise schedule constant dieting botox injections bath oils and endless containers of expensive lotions for specific parts of the body hands face feet etc which must NEVER cross over All this is costly and time consumingbut a girl s gotta do what a girl s gotta do to keep from looking like the bag lady on the corner Ephron lovingly describes her large rent controlled apartment in Manhattan s Apthorp building which was close to every kind of store hairdresser nail salon restaurant etc that a person could want as well as a playground for the kids Ephron lived in this heavenly residence for many ears until with the end of rent control the rent was set to rise to 12000 a month Wow Apthorp Building In another entertaining story Ephron speaks about her dismay when cabbage strudel disappeared from Manhattan restaurants and bakeries Ephron was an excellent co. Ht us When Harry Met Sally discusses everything–from how much she hates her purse to how much time she spends attempting to stop the clock the hair dye the treadmill the lotions and creams that promise to slow the aging process but never do Oh and she can’t stand the way her neck looks But her dermatologist tells her there?.

I listened to the audio book on CD which is read by the author That was not the way to go with this one She has odd inflections and an unnatural reading cadence For example she might read like thisWe lived pausein a white house pauseand I didn t pauselike itPartly because of her reading style and partly because of the content I had trouble getting into it It s supposed to be funny but isn t especially She describes all the maintenance older women do to keep up their appearances at great length and talks about these things as if they are mandatory when in fact they are not She is not a person that a poor blue collar woman like me who shops at Target can well relate to At least not at first For instance she talks about the agony of sitting at the beauty parlor all day to get her hair colored and how she spends money on it each ear than her first car cost And I compose an imaginary email to her in my head where I turn her on to the beauty aisle at Long s Drug Store where The Art of Acquiring you can buy a box of color that takes less than half an hour to use for less than 10 Later in the book however she rather wins me over She describes the raptures of getting engrossed in a great novel in a way that I orou I bet could totally relate to The real world is tedious and seems unreal when ou re dying to get back to our book When she s not talking about shopping she and I do seem to inhabit the same planet and I can see that she has some wisdom to impart And I admire her honesty She mentions all the upbeat chicken soup for the soul type of books that are out there for older women and says they re full of crap Being old isn t that great In this day and age where everyone pretends that whatever age they re at is the new 25 it s refreshing This might appeal to a woman who is looking for some light nonfiction to read Do NOT get the audio version though I really think it would have been a totally different experience to read it and I probably would have taken to it much uickly It s been a rough couple A Menagerie of Heroes yearsI mean days I grabbed this book off the shelf in the library and sat behind my son as he played some cartoony anatomy game wherein he places organs in the correct spot on a very happy looking skeleton even though I have noted several key organs are simply not therebut I digress Anyway I really had to leave the library because I was cracking up This collection of essays includes some that are very funny and some that are less so but I had several laugh out loud moments in the few hours it took to read this book There were some seriously funny comments and that is about all I was looking for My favorite feeling is when my stomach hurts from laughing Mission accomplished A light fun read 35 starsUpdate I have thought of this book so often over the past few monthsmainly because I seem to have tech neck which is the deep groove from always looking down at phones iPads I insist mine is from reading books but nonetheless lately I can truly relate The thing is this Nora and I are not sisters In On Maintenance When and how did it happen thatou absolutely had to have a manicure er never I also don t care that much about make up or matching handbags or wrinkles I JUST REALLY DON T CARE What I care about is women being raped beaten up paid lessnot let in talked down to and generally fucked over because they are womenI Feel Bad About My Neck adopts a universal voice but talks only about a sliver of privileged society It is feminism lite faux solidarity Don t mistake it for anything seriousHowever I did read it so it beats Hemingway and gets 2 stars shootin atstarsrevised rating another starI think I must have been in an exceedingly bad mood when I read this first time I read it again es. 3 hours 50 minutesWith her disarming intimate completely accessible voice and dry sense of humor Nora Ephron shares with us her ups and downs in I Feel Bad About My Neck a candid hilarious look at women who are getting older and dealing with the tribulations of maintenance menopause empty nests and life itselfThe woman who broug.

EBOOK READ I Feel Bad About My Neck And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman Author Nora Ephron

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