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Lass Follows a brother and sister Nick and Katherine Langdon through ueen Elizabeth s court in the year 1570 They both spy for the ueen and get caught by the person they are spying on Katherine is captured and is taken to France and Spain with the suspected spy for the ueen s cousin Mary ueen of Scots She ends of falling in love with the spy Lyle Harwood He ends up not being a spy against Elizabeth but working behind the scenes to save herNick falls and loses his memory during the episode in which Katherine is caught so is no help in rescuing Kat during her ordeal He finally regains his memory and all return to London in good favor Interesting history not a particularly good story Just my thinking. Lizabethan England in a series of breathtaking adventures that takes the heroine from the action and spectacle of the Catholic Huguenot Civil Wars to the horror of the Spanish Inuisitio.

S pidgeon actually mean and by having one of our characters live amongst that class rather than the typical historical narratives of the upper crust class I got to appreciate the differences in lifestyle between the classes Just getting by could be uite challenging in Elizabethan England whether you are poor or of noble birth Somewhat fascile in plot but entertaining in context it s worth a read I enjoy historical novels this one included travel to France and Spain A lot of characters to remember pleasant pastime during home isolation One of the best books I ve read It eeps you reading with constant twists and turn and a lovable heroine who can t seem to stay out of trouble a bodice ripper with Entangles herself in a treacherous web of intrigue with ueen Elizabeth's spiesColorfully written and rich in details of period costume speech food customs and this novel sweeps across

In college I read this every finals week for escapism Another novel about Elizabethan England This time the author tells her story of the place and time from the point of view of a brother and sister of gentle birth who get involved as spies for her majesty It gets better as it goes along getting and involved in circumstances difficult to get out of and emotions they barely understand The author uses language of the time to better immerse us in their world including an excellent few chapters utilizing peddlar s french an argot language of the time I d never heard of before and found uite colorful and entertaining She makes the choice to let us figure our by context what the words of this lower clas. She didn't intend to defy the conventions of Elizabethan England But willful impulsive and strikingly beautiful gentlewoman Kat Langdon disguises herself as a boy masters the sword and.

Court of Shadows Kindle ´ Cynthia Morgan

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