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Pend time with these madcap characters This review is for the german version of this story which is into the Anthology Histprical Season 18Meine MeinungAlso habe die Geschichte in dem Sammelband von Cora Historical Season 18 gelesen Hier hei t sie Ein bet rend schamloses FrauenzimmerDie Grundhandlung ist bei 65 Seiten nat rlich nicht sehr umfangreich trotzdem schaffte die Autorin es genug Hintergrund ber Situationen und Personen zu vermitteln dass die Geschichte nicht nur einfach so dahingeschrieben wirkte Eine unge Frau kommt nach einer ungl cklichen Vorgeschichte bei einer alten Schulfreundin Sally unter Allerdings wird sie von dieser berredet sich als frisch getraute Ehefrau von James Sally s Bruder der sich in Amerika aufh lt auszugeben um die angereiste Gro mutter zu bes nftigen Das R nkespiel l uft ganz gut bis pl tzlich James auftaucht Die Geschichte wird mit einigem Witz erz hl Probably 375 stars really cute storyA bit too pat with the I ve loved you forever from the hero especially since for a staid somewhat angry guy it seemed out of placeMaybe infatuation but cute how it all worked out Also entertaining family and very close to being an entirely complete story in such a small package which is impressive. Urns home from America she assumes the game is up until James encourages her to stay and enjoy the pleasurable conseuences of their charade.

The heroine s main issue of her name being too sexy almost naughty is stupid Having the author push that down my throat while reading the story is also uite annoying Spent this evening with Ferrero Rocher chocolates my absolute favorite and The Wanton Governess It was a decadent delight Barbara s books are always great I love reading them I love romance anyway so give me a hot hero and a believable heroine and I m on my way This one was so so good I read it in one walking but had to go further than usual because I was not going to put it down Kudos Barbara Monajem Fun and well written Super amped up pace but it s impressive what Monajem manages to fit within the space constraints the back history the family issues the large cast Simon was a caricature than a character and I think it s almost a disservice to read this before reading the one where he s the hero but from the excerpt of that on her website I m convinced Monajem s skill helps mitigate that I do wish there was of an ending I mightn tve been able to stand a book length version of this tale as it would likely have to involve a great deal of needless angst and an overextension of the misunderstanding between the leads but I definitely would have liked to Ed by his rejection of her youthful advances but she's desperate for a place to stay after losing her last post When James unexpectedly ret.

Miniseries Fortney Follies Spent this evening with Ferrero Rocher chocolates my absolute favorite and The Wanton Governess It was a decadent delight This is a lovely piece I really enjoyed it There is something so charming about the heroine Pompeia Her name alone would make me love her but I loved her courage too as she seeks to find her place in a hostile world Since this is a romance she ended up with her true love Wouldn t it be wonderful if life gave us that assurance too Star 15Title accuracy No kids in the story not doing anything governess related Heroine Seems to have a sexy devil on her shoulders giving her naughty thoughts and encouragements Her name seems to be sexy or something but I don t get itHero Was in love with Heroine but gave up and ran away to America to deal with his anger issuesChemistry Lukewarm Best part in the story Her folding her clothes and packing He being confused and everyone coming in to interrupt them which makes him very annoyedWorst part in the story Hero s internal thoughts and acceptance over the fact that he loves her and that he s fine that she doesn t love him Final thoughts What Doesn t he have any pride or self respect If she doesn t love him don t force her to marry And. Sussex 1801 Governess Pompeia Grant thinks pretending to be Sir James Carling's wife as a favor to his sister will be harmless She is haunt.

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Barbara Monajem wrote her first story in third grade about apple tree gnomes After dabbling in neighborhood musicals and teen melodrama she published a middle grade fantasy when her children were young Now her kids are adults and she's writing historical and paranormal romance and mystery for grownups She lives in Georgia with an ever shifting population of relatives friends and feline stra