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Ing about sex for longer than thirty seconds A hilarious and incredibly raunchy play from one of Britain s pre eminent playwrights Caryl Churchill Packed to the brim with taboo breaking moments and played out by a cast of gender bending and race transcending characters Cloud Nine is a play that will make you think and gag and look away and laugh and feel awkward You definitely won t forget it easily Brilliant I love this play Maybe I m the right age for it Maybe it s ust different enough to be interesting maybe because I don t read a lot of plays I think it s clever maybe Caryl Churchill is ust an amazing writer It has two acts one set in Victorian times in a British colony in Africa Act Two is in London in 1979 a hundred years have passed but for the characters it is twenty five years later In first act Betty who is Clive s wife is played by a man to symbolize her trying to be everything men want her to be and not appreciate herself as a woman Joshua their black servant is played by a white to represent him not respecting himself as a black man and modeling himself after what Clive wants him to be Their son Edward is played by a woman because he is effeminate and gay despite his father trying to straighten him out In Act Two the only character played by someone not of their gender is a child Cathy who is played by a manIt sounds complex and it is but it makes for a great reading I really really wish I could see this in performance though because there are so many intricacies created by doubling the actors and switching genders with actor character that could only come out properly in performance I will definitely go to see this as soon as it s put on anywhere near meChurchill discusses sexual politics in an interesting way looking at women who are willing to be subordinate vs those who are not she plays with the sexuality of the characters and almost has homosexuality become a lifestyle rather than something one is born with as all the main characters experiment with what they want their sexual life to encompass She ends the play with some resolution but no clear sexual resolution and thus I deduce that she is aware that for some sexuality has no clear frontiers Cloud 9 wrestles with a lot of important social issues by rendering the familiar unfamiliar women are played by men men are played by women and a black man is played by a white man In this sense it s satirical and a little bit nonsensical the first act takes place in colonial Africa and the second act in the somewhat present day although the characters only age 25 years in the time that passes between acts I appreciated the relationality at the heart of many of the conflicts between characters how they occupy and don t occupy the gender roles society has prescribed for them how they can and can t fulfill these obligations toward each other and even how subverting traditional expectations can often prove unsatisfying Ultimately though I can t say it was something I loved because it s a piece of theater whose delivery truly depends on its performance and I haven t gotten to watch a production of it Because of the unusual casting decisions I think it s something best experienced live and in person. Ixed up so all the audience's preconceptions about gender romance and lifestyle are scrambled neutralized and possibly even rebuilt The title refers to the state of orgasmic and emotional bliss that everyone in this play seems to be striving for so desperatel.

UreHow successfully this works is another uestion Cloud 9 is broken into two acts The first act tells the story of a British family in Africa during the Victorian era They are part of an oppressive regime and the oppression of the Africans by the British is reflected in the family by the oppression of the family by the father The second act is set in the late 1970s and many of the same characters appear though they have only aged 25 years In this act the characters satisfy some of their sexual longings and we see a vastly different family dynamic The characters have moved home changed and grown into their own personalitiesAs a didactic text Cloud 9 certainly succeeds It argues that masculinity is oppressive and that femininity and sexual freedom are the source of energy Clive the patriarch in the family and the British loyalist reprimands and represses everyone else while performing his own acts of moral ambiguity on the side Gay and lesbian characters suppressed in the first act are the source of all things good in the second act Oppressive government is bad sexual freedom is cathartic and little else seems to be important You can t help but see the point But because it is so programmatic the play in my mind fails on a human level The characters as they are written show little depth and the moments in the second act when they are meant to confront their weaknesses are overwrought They are made in black and white Little is left to mystery Only Betty Clive s wife who appears in both acts seems to show shades of gray in her feeling and in her development Only she seems caught in the middle ground that most of us live our lives inLastly shortly after reading this I had a conversation with someone about August Wilson s Fences in which each character searches for fulfillment in his or her on way maintaining a house holding together a family seeking a football scholarship etc In Cloud 9 fulfillment for every character comes from sex or subservience Do I recommend it Not particularly It s a fun and provocative read though Would I teach it Doubt it Lasting impressions Cloud 9 works as an exploration into sexual politics and fulfillment And there are some interesting structural decisions in it But that s about it Boy o boy This play caused uite the uproar in my 2009 North Campus Washington State Penitentiary Representative Plays class 6 students got to page six and slammed the book shut and refused to keep reading as their response paper told me Yikes I had never thought of this as a very controversial play I did the dramaturgy in a team effort in 1999 and I was watching the gender switchingtime switchinggenre switchingplace switching right in front of my little eyes and I hadn t really thought about the fact that if you re reading it the little boy who is raped by the Uncle is in fact raped However when you re watching it it s played by a grown womansosome of it is mitigated I guess The style of the first act is also so silly and fun that much of the oppression and abuse is mitigated that way Well they didn t get full points for giving up and giving in to their biases but I sure learned a lotWhew Caryl Churchill is actually a very good writer if she d ust uit writ. Ters make an impossible leap in time from colonial Africa in the Victorian age to contemporary Britain Lastly she asks you to imagine some of the male characters played by women and some female characters played by men Churchill likes to get things good and

Very peculiar This was a reuired reading for my philosophy class I didn t appreciate the random element of this play There is probably lots to analyze in there but I Falling For Him just got bored with the crudeness and the confusing plot There I was really impressed with this until the ending what a non ending Everything s very on the nose in this both with the blunt dialogue between the characters and the social commentary stuff but that s what makes it so funny I really want to see it performed now because I bet its even funnier when you can see the gender bender roles instead ofust imagine it because it s uite hard to rememver which characters are being cross played so as to speak Well this play was absolutely off the wall After really hating Top Girls I was so pleased at how enjoyable this was It s uite dizzying with it s race and gender swaps time Undercover at City Hospital jumps from colonial Africa to 1970s London and everyone seeming to be sleeping with everyone else A lot of the themes in the play are uite dark and troubling and immediate but that doesn t stop it from being really fun When I read this in my head it almost seemed like a musical as most scenes do have a song involved Then there s the dialogue where every character seems to say exactly what they are thinking with no subtext involved at all At least for me that made it really funny Particularly with Clive and Martin in the first and then second acts of the play so seem to be the straight males of the ensemble Clive s horror at his friend Harry s advances as being a betrayal of the ueen and then Martin s description of his novel about women from the women s point of view areust a few examples of the play s cutting humour I found it a lot digestible than Top Girls especially with the play s dialogue At times characters do seem to talk at each other rather than with each other but this is kept to a minimum and there s thankfully no instances of the brain hurting overlapping dialogue I suppose only a few issues I d have with Cloud Nine are its themes and I suppose I m thinking about what it s actually saying or trying to say Sure it s incredibly radical for 1978 and it explores the very complicated relationships of its ueer characters very seriously There still seems to be an element of fear in its tone however and I don t know if that s something reflecting its audiences attitudes or something Churchill herself is trying to warn As if in wake of the sexual revolution same sex relationships have become much less taboo but then at the same time the floodgates are open to incest and pedophilia It s uite a dangerous line to walk especially when all these different sexualities are all mingling together in the same play Really I don t know if the play is a liberal one or secretly conservative Maybe I m trying too hard to untangle all of it Churchill The Story of Our Lives just puts it all in there for us to marvel at Maybe weust need to see itread it to find out what makes us uncomfortable and to ask ourselves why Cloud 9 is a dive into the deep end of sexual politicsFrom the cast list which indicates that some women and girls should be played by men a black character played by a white and a boy by a woman it s clear that readers are in for an advent. Reading the script for Caryl Churchill's 1979 play about sex and love is a special workout for the imagination First she asks you to imagine characters whose sexual identities and alliances shift constantly Then she asks you to imagine that most of the charac.

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Cloud 9 AUTHOR Caryl Churchill E–pub Download

Caryl Churchill born 3 September 1938 is an English dramatist known for her use of non naturalistic techniues and feminist themes dramatisation of the abuses of power and exploration of sexual politics1 She is acknowledged as a major playwright in the English language and one of world theatre's most influential writersHer early work developed Bertolt Brecht's modernist dramatic and theatr

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