PDF DOWNLOAD (Christmas Wishes)

PDF DOWNLOAD (Christmas Wishes)

Not written about at all For example Joy s first homecoming and how was her meeting with Edward or the day out for Ada and Alex3 It was nlikely that a handsome 38 ish dad as Alex never got romantic with anyone during these years I was disappointedI bought a copy but will give it away Katie Flynn is another comfort read author for me I love books set around the war period in history I felt that the ending in this one was a little rushed but an enjoyable read Like all Katie s books this was a great read from first page Loved this book but I m a Katie Flynn fan anyway a lovely read This book was mildly average I knew this as soon as I star. Their beloved father's help they will be able to manage without assistanceAll goes well ntil there is a terrible accident and Joy loses her sightAt first she is bitter and resentful whilst Gillian is racked with guiltHowever as.

First Katie Flynn book I ever tried Absolutely loved it such a heart warming tale that had me hooked till the end A beautiful story with beautiful characters so far my favourite of her works I didnt finish this bookeven if i dont like a book i will persevere to the endBut this book was so mundane and repetetive i gave p on it Really enjoyable book as always I sually love KF s style slowly flowing and I like to read the non important bits as well However I had some slight problems with Christmas Kisses1 The heroines were 13 going on 17 I do not really like to read books solely about characters of this age 2 Some interesting twists were. It is the autumn of 1945 and identical twins Joy and Gillian Lawrence are on their way home to Liverpool having been evacuated to Devonshire five years earlierTheir mother has been killed in the blitz but the girls hope that with.

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Ted reading it but it had been on my shelf for years Whilst it was a very pleasant book the writing was too simplistic spelling out things that should have been intrinsic and there was no depth The characters were nice but everything was on the surface The plot was very superficial and even the ending was a bit of a let down I also read it over Christmas because of the title Very little to do with Christmas Upsides it was about twins Fluffy nonsense that reuired no effort for the season Not entirely sure why it s called Christmas wishes with the tagline their first peacetime christmas must be special whe Really enjoyed this book Recommende. Time passes Joy gains confidence hopeful that her sight will return since life is not easy when you can't see the face of the boy you think you loveThen there is a chance meeting on a train and once the girls lives are in turmoi.

Judith Saxton