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3 starsAll I can say is that I wouldn t want to be Annja s cameraman I wasn t very sure what I was in for with this book I d seen the series before and knew it was published by Harleuin I knew it was different from their series romances which I don t really enjoy but wasn t sure that I d like this one either I was surprised and pleased by this book though The main character throughout the series is a TV reporterhost for an unexplained mysteries program She s a sort of cross between Lara Croft and Indiana Jones This book took place in southern India It had a lot of action a nice feel of setting and was a very fast re There is really nothing to these books but they are a lot of fun and intelligent than Laura Croft Ugh I d rather they take longer between books and really work out the story My allegiance to Annja is starting to wane For the first time in a while we actually see Annja doing the job that lets her afford to jet around the world and have a big loft in New York City working on an episode of her television show Chasing History s MonstersSomething is killing people in a new subdivision of Hyderabad India Is it a rogue tiger Or something worse Annja along with a oung libido driven cameraman are off to see if it s a monster What they find are thuggees followers of Kali goddess of destruction under the orders of the richest man in the area But even that is not uite what it seems Plus there s the handsome cop who may or may not be working for the villainOn the whole the story was enjoyable but in the middle I ran straight into a major annoyance right out of a James Bond movie I m sorry but Duranj hasn t read the Evil Overlord rules since he ties Annja up puts her on a slow conveyer belt to a rock grinder and then he walks out of sight so that she can get away Any villain that stupid does not deserve to win I mean seriously it was a bad case of having a character do something incredibly stupid in order to advance the plotBut besides that one large boulder of a plot hole it was a fun read Certainly there s been worse in series This one was ok Little predictable I do get tired of her the main character being such a needy little thing One would think that as much martial arts training as she s had and the length of time owning the sword she d not fall down or get hurt so much But she s always on deaths door and someone comes along to rescue her I want to see her be capable It s Joan of Arc s sword for goodness sake In this one her hands were tied behind her and she had to find outside resources to free them Zero (The Orbit Series yet in another book she could summon the sword and have it hang there in the air and then saw her hands free So little disappointed in this adventure Genre Science Fiction FantasyRating 30First thoughtsMy first thoughts were thisCanou fracken believe I ve read 35 books in one series I mean I complain about other series going on and on and on and here I am on book 35 head desk In this installment our heroine extraordinaire Annja Creed flies to Hyderabad India to do a story about. A dark goddess An ancient cult And a dangerous zealotOn the outskirts of the recently developed and prosperous city of Hyderabad India a new and luxurious housing complex has arisen But several residents have been found brutally murdered Some believe the killer is a rogue tiger Others whispe.

PDF READ Fury's Goddess ✓ Alex Archer

Giant Tigers eating people For once Annja is actually excited about doing a story for her TV show Chasing History s Monsters After all Annja holder of Joan of Arc s Broadsword has become the defender of good vs evil and she has enemies than ou can shake a stick at She also has untrustworthy allies in Garen and Roux who want what she holds and are willing to betray her in order to get it back Right after she disembarks from her plane in India with her wise ass new cameraman Frank a local police officer named Ajay Pradesh asks her to help them with their investigation Surprising for this series the villain of the book is uncovered in all his glory from the moment he buys her an elegant gown and starts to fawn over her Yes I realize that I am jadedFury s Goddess has everything from James Bond moments where Annja is tied to a conveyor belt heading for her doom only to escape with some help to the Goddess Kali to terrorists who are supposedly working for the bad guy Annja is once again beat up poisoned imprisoned and nearly shot to death but somehow finds a way to survive to fight another battleOverall not the best novel in the series but not the worse eitherublished March 6th 2012 by Gold Eagle Book 35 in the Rogue Angel series Thirty fifth in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series revolving around Annja Creed archeologist and TV show hostMy TakeRight off the bat this just doesn t sound right A cop who meets Annja at the airport and asks for her help with this investigation I don t think so Sure if he had any idea who Annja really was and how very capable she is he might want to pick her brain or god forbid ask for her help under the table But to come right out with it NoWhat s with Pradesh s comment about one of them Frank or Annja being less than culturally perceptive I have to assume he s referring to Frank because Annja is a complete one eighty from that remark Then there s Pradesh s comments about attending these sort of lavish parties and his comfort level with them An inspector A lowly inspector I don t think so Why isn t any of these raising warning signs for Annja Why would Dunraj want Annja to take time out to explore the tourist attractions of the city when there s a man eating tiger on the loose Oh please no one suspects him when he gets into the ambulance Annja just allows him to change her IV bag What drugs is this girl onThis just reads as though someone else is writing this While I enjoyed the repartee between Annja and Dunraj the way she keeps getting caught and her mounting inabilities to grasp the sword just don t feel right Doesn t feel like an Annja storyThis was a mish mash of clever back and forth and half assed concepts It s definitely a Saturday afternoon at the movies kind of series but this one just doesn t work for me with its convoluted plans within plansTow the line SeriouslyThe StoryA man eating tiger is on the loose on the outskirts of Hyderabad India and Doug thinks the mysterious reports about it are right up the show s alley When Annja and Frank show up at th. R that it is the work of the servants of Kali the Hindu goddess of deathHer feet are barely on Indian soil when archaeologist Annja Creed finds herself swept up in Hyderabad's modern prosperity But something about the recent spate of killings seems unusual and Annja begins to dig deep for an.

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E airport things start getting funky Starting with a policeman picking them up he ll be babysitting followed by a lavish party thrown for Annja by the most eligible bachelor in HyderabadIt s Frank who really gets the ball moving No sooner are they back at the hotel than Frank is pushing for the two of them to get out there and explore Without the restraining hand of Hyderabad s finest Sure the lack of cop opens up a source but it also opens up a trap that creates so many problems think of an onion with all its layers waiting to be peeled away Only Annja is peeling with her mind as well as her swordThe CharactersAnnja Creed is an archeologist with a reverence for the past She s also the wielder of Joan of Arc s re assembled sword with a mandate to protect The oung and horny Frank Desalvo is her current cameraman for the television show she co hosts Chasing History s Monsters Doug Morrell is the producer for the show and acts like a hyped up twenty Captive year oldInspector Ajay Pradesh is with the Hyderabad City Police Special Investigations Unit and in charge of the case from his particular end A very particular one Dunraj is a billionaire very eligible and a mover and shaker in Hyderabad He s also fascinated by AnnjaKormi is one of the Thuggees albeit one who seems upset with the current direction of their worship Anup is the leader of the Tamil Tigers The CoverThe cover is the Rogue Angelellows and browns with Annja wearing black cargo pants and a toasty brown tank top her hair blowing as she steps forward in a battle stance her sword gripped in both hands and raised over one shoulder Kali rises up behind her with the stone wall of the mountain behind herThe title is all about Annja In her role as Fury s Goddess striking down the unrighteous It s been stated that Harleuin has a staff of writers who contribute to the series and it is very evident with each book By far Fury s Goddess is the worst book in the series to date and I just couldn t wait to finish to be done with it It lacked any real story line along with some sense of back story that I ve come to love with this series Maybe instead of pushing the bi monthly releases they may want to slow it down and actually give us something worth reading that is thought out and shows a bit depth But alas when stories are mass produced and released on a regular basis they eventually wither and die this one by jon mertz i didnt care much for this one it barely touched on the cult and goddess and went straight into regular idiot bad guys but hey not everyone besides annja was dead in the end like so many of the booksi think i m in love again frank had been working hard to seduce anyone with breasts the entire flight having declared at the start of their journey his intention to join the mile high club the first chance he got so far his membership application had been soundly deniedi m not the monster ou think i am tell me something why does every bad person i ve ever known feel they have to go out of their way to prove that it gets really tiresome. Swers Instead she finds herself taken prisoner and held in a maze of ancient caves She's being held captive by a cult of thieves who are under the thrall of a charismatic leaderIn only a few short hours Annja is to be sacrificed unless she can channel the vengeance of the goddess Kali hersel.

Mel Odom New writers joining the series starting with book nine include Jon Merz and Joseph Nassise