Granta 118 Exit Strategies [Pdf/E–pub]

Granta 118 Exit Strategies Pdf/E–pub

Like another eviewer I turned first to the Alice Munro short story In Sight of the Lake and of course it was wonderful She has 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life returned to Munro country in southwestern Ontario She said several years ago that she wasetiring from writing but there have since been a few short stories published here and there including at least a couple in the New Yorker I m glad she has changed her mind Thirty Girls by Susan Minot was a powerful short about a nun who is a headmistress of a girls school in Uganda and she sets out to Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reclaim her students who were abductedconfiscatedsto Arrived yesterday Of course I had to crack straight into the sublime Alice Munro Iead this issue from cover to cover while I was travelling last week The standouts in the volume for me wereThirty Girls by Susan Minot a haunting story based on an actual incident in which Catholic school girls were kidnapped in Uganda Summer by Jacob Newberry about coming out in post Katrina Mississippi America by Chinelo Okparenta about difficult choices faced by a woman in love in a highly epressive society The Island a photo essay by Stacy Kranitz The Beginner s Goodbye by Anne Tyler about a widower Bonfire by David Long about youthful lust viewed through the lens of time In Sight of the Lake by Alice Munro about what we e prepared to admit to ourselves and what our loved ones are prepared to admit to themselves about how aging changes us The End Someday I will grow up and get wise and insightful and learn how to use a semi colon and become 100 times better at writing and then I ll send a story to Granta and they ll send me back a form ejection letter and at the bottom of it someone will have scribbled Close Keep trying and i will die happy A super collection This is one of the best Grantas I ve ead in uite some time It s worth buying just for the moving and tender sketch by Claire Messud of the death of her father and his ties to Beirut and the disturbing and moving story by Judy Chircurel Add to the mix an odd and effective Anne Tyler story and a John Barth brief essay Be it a wrong turn a bad elationship a debilitating illness or a war every action creates a eaction every move is followed by another move How do we get out of what we’ve gotten ourselves into How do we deal with what’s been thrust upon us Granta 118 zooms in close on the phenomenon of

Nd it all amounts to an extraordinarily good eads A particularly good literary chocolate box Among the best in this issue is the story by Jacob Newberry about the limited choices for living an authentic life perceived by the group of gay friends in small town deep south and their esignation uite understandable about that fate It s a eminder to straights who decry the special ights they perceive the LGBT community demanding and to gays who might be a little too comfortable that the struggle is over that for far too many being openly gay in this society even in 2012 extracts a cruelly significant price Nice contrast with the story by Chinelo Okparanta about the Nigerian woman who sees although not without some eservation moving to America as a way to facilitate being open about her elationship love for another women which in her own country is both illegal and dangerous I also liked the story by Aleksandar Hemon about his family s pet an Irish setter and the effect of the war in Bosnia on his family friends displacement along with their pet as well as Judy Chicurel s ecounting of what happens when a volunteer casually learns of the fate of an orphan she gradually abandoned the search for when he is displaced from his group home and swallowed by the system While these stories might seen to have little in common these stories exemplify the theme of this issue Exit Strategies Some times the exit is chosen deliberately others times passively accepted This was overall a fairly good issue of Granta despite its inclusion of a ather cliched story by Susan Minot about a nun facing a choice about which of her students to abandon to their fate at the hands of their guerrilla kidnappers excellent issue with moving and outstanding pieces by C Messud this starts with the startling I went to Beirut in June of 2010 because my father was dying and unpacks the sentence and a lot of history thorugh the prism of her parents and grandparents lives J Chicurel about the dilemma is is a good idea to close an orphan children care place because a vo. He exit strategyWith award winning eportage memoir and fiction Granta has illuminated the most complex issues of modern life through the efractory light of literature This issue features new stories by Alice Munro Susan Minot Ann Beattie David Long and Daniel Alarcon; an excerpt from an upco.

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Lunteer abused one of the girls there well it happened but the esult was that the kids were placed in foster care with tragic esults a few years later V Manko a piece of the comic absurd in the form of an interrogation in the US of the 1920 s C Okparanta about a Nigerian woman uest to ejoin her loved one in America though it just happened said loved one is another woman A Beattie a man struggles to deal with the accidental death of his wife A Munro this I won t give away the twist but it is great writing and a brutal story and A Hemon War dogs in Sarajevo enough said with the est of pieces eadable to good also great thematic and great execution for one of the best issues of the literary magazine Really liked the variety in this edition of Granta poetry photographs fiction and non fiction the usual mix but powerfulAdrienne Rich John Barth Alice Munro Anne Tyler Claire Messud Susan Minot Daniel Alarcon and others sport their wares Especially liked Messud s emembering of her father and John Barth s short piece on maybe unning out of stuff to write about Or not All included deal with various sorts of coping of exits from all sorts of situations Some exits work some don t Lots to ponder about the efficacy of all the strategiesAgain the power of the word prevails So many great stories Thirty Girls Provincisls and Bonfire will stay The title as with all of Grantas publications is with such hidden meaning A good edition of Granta with some powerful stories and for once I didn t find the non fiction dry or overly pretentious Claire Messaud s musings on the death of her father and the Beirut he knew might have been a little self indulgent but had things to say about losses before the final one that were worth pondering Another piece of personal eportage of escaping the Balkan conflict was less clich d because it focussed on the family pets In this issue it was something I usually look forward to the poetry that said nothing to me I m afraid the offerings this time mamaged to be both ambling and impenetrable at the same time Sorry. Ming novel by Anne Tyler; new memoir writing by John Barth and Aleksandar Hemon; and many other pieces that examine how we get ourselves out and the epercussions that follow Hindsight is twentytwenty but it’s what we do moving forward that defines us and in the best of all worlds edeems us.

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