New (Rake with a Frozen Heart) By Marguerite Kaye

New (Rake with Frozen Heart) By Marguerite Kaye

I haven t read ny other books by this uthor nd fter reading this one provided by netgalley I have to wander what exactly I ve been doing with my lifeYes I really really enjoyed this one It hits so many perfect notes for me that it s Claiming Her almost hard to explain The writing flows so well that I really wishuthors could write like this It s not particularly grammatically correct but she writes in the same style s her protagonists inner monologues which is rather clever way of using third person POV but giving first person insight of both hero nd heroine The book switches often between the hero nd heroine POV but not once did I feel lost It just felt totally natural nd for some reason I found that the style meant I felt I was really there I could not only see the bluebells but smell them nd I could not only see the River Thames but I could feel the grass on the banks next to it nd hear the ducks uacking I don t get that feeling very often unfortunatelyThe story concentrates 90% on the hero nd heroine but that s not to say that secondary characters don t get look in nd in fact their backstories for the purposes of moving the story Murder Go Round alongre told concisely but completely How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World: A Comparative Analysis and best ofll they Alcohol Fuels: Policies, Production, And Potential all feel real not the usual one dimensional insipid tea swilling friends that overpopulate HRs I very rarely read HR where the story nd characterization is strong enough that I lmost forget what the hero Cambridge Modern History volumes 1-5 and heroinectually look like This was one of thoseI do have one minor complaint Well it s not really The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) a complaint really but it did bother men eensy weensy little bit Despite being sexually innocent the heroine seems uite uninhibited Spices, Saints, and Saracens: The Egyptian Wanderings of a Dominican Friar, 1483 after only couple of rounds with the hero in the sack in way I found difficult to believe Although to be fair the heroine could be clearly n enthusiastic Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child amateurnd I did The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 actuallyppreciate the Of Mice and Men author s not falling into the heavy breastsnd wet in her secret place type descriptions which I hate So the heroine is fabulous completely refreshing change She is stridently honest breath of fresh ir nd says what she thinks The hero is sad tragic case but not in n irritating poor me waySo loved it 5 stars A keeper nd I m now going to raid this uthor s backlist Reviewed I Was Anastasia at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceRafe is haunted by his past The guilt he harbors from decisions made longgo has turned his heart to ice He feels he no longer deserves to love or be loved He is truly Choice of the Cat a tormented hero Henrietta is wide eyed trusting innocent who blurts out whatever is on her mind what Three Cups of Deceit a breath of freshir This is your typical Hh from different sides of the tracks making for Sparrow Road a wonderful oppositesttract The fire is lit from their first conversation when Henrietta A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston awakens in Rafe s bedfter he has rescued her from the ditch nd she has just ccused him of being rake I found you uite unconscious I thought you were dead t first Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World and despite what you have been imagining Miss Markham I much prefer my conuests both compos mentisnd willing You can be reassured I made no The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors attempt to molest you Had I done so you would have not readily forgotten the experience Something else I pride myself upon Rafe said sardonicallyWhen Henrietta isccused of Yoga: The Art of Adjusting a crime she didn t commit she flees when it seems she has no other choice but to trynd prove her innocence Henrietta hides on the back of carriage hoping it will lead her to London As it turns out the carriage belongs to none other than that notorious rake Rafe St Albans Earl of Pentland He grees to help Henrietta in her uest since her The Neural Basis of Free Will actions have implicated Rafes coconspiratorThe story line may be conventional but it is the uestioning naivety of Henrietta nd her outspoken ways that keep this story moving Rafe seems to be the usual broken hero with bit of secret but oh no no no there is much Not only does he put the health nd welfare of Henrietta first nd foremost t ll times even du. Waking up in Past Destinies a stranger's bed Henrietta Markham encounters the most darkly sensual man she has ever met The last thing she remembers is beingttacked by housebreaker yet being rescued.

Ring their lovemaking he lso tries to If Wishes Were Horses atone for his sins in very unconventional way A delightful Regency tale with plenty of romance sensuality nd intrigue It was nice book for uiet night where you need breakout from your schedule nd just enjoy good romance with hot coffee I liked the characters nd how they were so good with each other they complimented each other like where the heroine was so honest nd forthcoming with her optimistic nd enthusiastic pproach for life whereas the Hero was intelligent realistic nd had bit sarcastic pproachI lso liked how the puzzle was solved Rainbow Brite: Starlite Saves the Day at 60% of the storyline from there on we had of reconciling track I liked how the wrap up was done 45 starsSweet tender heartwarmingnd A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 2: Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 a joy to read Do I really need to writenything There re few thing to say bout Rake with Frozen Heart it s certainly not n original plot The rakish brooding lord of the ton nd the shy plump governess have been done d nauseum by many romance writers And yet this book manages to remain fresh fast paced The Unspeakable Mind and very very engaging with its extremely likable if or perhaps because of those imperfect heroes the mystery plot that to my delight wasn t too thin nor too heavynd the well balanced between stark nd flowery writing The only reason I had to take half star down is because of the ending I would certainly prefer it if not Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought all obstacles were so miraculously removed eventuallyIf it s been while since you last read Murder at Beechwood a good old fashioned historical romance that manages to captivate your emotions not with its twistsnd turns but with its smooth writing its tmosphere nd its nicely developed characters look no further ARC received by NetGalley This is lovely book bout n dorable Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space artless governessnd Revelations from Revelation (Mass Market) a typical embittered self flagellating Earl sinnedgainst than sinned kinds The h Jane and the Stillroom Maid (Jane Austen Mysteries, a dewy eyed blabbermouth n she does roll makes fitting foil for our rigid cold rakeHe rescues her from villain Marguerite Kaye reminded me why I love reading historicals with this passionate tale All the usual traits were there innocent governess being seduced by the handsome rake or was itHenrietta may be the virginal governess Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil and Rafe may give the impression of the typical regency rake but that s were the similarities end Henrietta is no simpering virgin far from it she is outspokennd her innocence is charming I liked her straight way s she comes to terms with this strange ttraction she feels to the handsome rake And Rafe well he doesn t uite know what to do with the forthright nd unpredictable governess who he finds in his ditch When circumstances throw them together they have to fight their Alien: Sea of Sorrows attractions well Journey Of Fate as clear Henrietta s name I loved the way Ms Kaye didn t take the usual route of forcing them into marriage because the heroine s name was sullieds so often happens in these stories No pregnancy forcing them together either No the Judas of Nazareth: How the Greatest Teacher of First-Century Israel Was Replaced by a Literary Creation author does brilliant job Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose. at making the reader wonder how these twore going to resolve their issues I was flying through the latter part of this book nd shed few tears for Rafe s pain Holding Up the Universe and sniffed event the end in good wayA lovely story I was reading The Origins of Sex by Faramerz Dabhoiwala nd the chapter that especially caught my Satellite attention was the chapterbout the birth of the Cult of Seduction Dabhoiwala claims that there was Blank Darkness a significant change in the way women s sexuality was viewednd it happened round 17th century To simplify it before women were considered sexual creatures who led men stray Makers andfter the switch it was men who seduced women The Heart Has Its Reasons and women generally had no sexuality of their own until it was brought to life by man This gave Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism a rise to common paranoia bout lusty males who re out to get every innocent nd chaste woman in sight There were hundreds of books pamphlets paintings whose main goal was to warn women gainst rakes or gasp libertines Reading examples of Kneller's Happy Campers all th. By the notorious Earl of Pentland feels much dangerousSince the cataclysmic failure of his marriage ice has flowed in Rafe St Alban's veins But meeting impetuousll too distracting gover.

Ese sad stories made me really want to read Haunted Houses For the Millions a romance with rake in the title Basically I wanted exactly the same story s those uoted in the Cult of Seduction chapter but with happy ending Luck had it I saw this for 140 in Kindle Store Reclaiming Love: Radical Relationships in a Complex World and it s MillsBoon MillsBoon is Playing with Fire: How the Bible Ignites Change in Your Soul a brand you can usually trust They have been doing it for yearsnd they can deliver so I bought without hesitation Rake with The People's Songs: The Story of Modern Britain in 50 Records a Frozen Heart is essentially story bout sweet innocent chaste girl nd rich handsome rake Our heroine Henrietta has been repeatedly warned by her mother to stay clear of rakes And what does Henrietta do Falls for the first rake she meets Of course this is The Dawn of Christmas a romance novel so our rake is given some redeeming ualities He might be rake but ll the women he sleeps with re experienced Bark and they know it s only sex Wellt least that s what Rafe St Alban says But I would like to call him out on this He eventually does sleep with Henrietta who is neither experienced nor Eden's Gate aware it s only sex She is uite obviously in love wi 47 heartbreakingly beautiful starsOh my God I just I I Oh God I m inwe I just loved this book so darned much This book had exactly exactly exactly what I want in Her Bear Twins a romance novel Innocent delightful original heroine TickCynical brooding hero with heart TickSizzling chemistry TickCynical hero s frozen heart gets warmed by the heroine TickDeep Bumps, Bruises and Bouncing Back: A Young Woman's Adventures into Womanhood abidingnd intense love TickGod I loved this book The heroine was so utterly charming nd the hero just melted my heart with his morals I just loved how he view spoiler stops himself from going further with her because he thinks so much better of her He stole my heart right then nd there But no he does it TWICE this wonderful man hide spoiler Rafe St Alban the Earl of Pentland is startled when he finds My Lady Viper (Tales From the Tudor Court, an unconscious young woman in ditch near his home He s even startled when the woman Henrietta turns up s stowaway in his carriage several days later running way from n employer who ccused her of stealing jewelry Against his better judgment Rafe grees to help her track down the real culprit nd prove her innocence but the time he spends with the outspoken nd compassionate Henrietta the less he wants to let her goI wound up liking this much than I initially expected to A slow start n obvious mystery n unoriginal match up of Dunkirk: Fight to the Last Man a young naive idealistic heroine with brooding rake The Light in Our Houses andn inconsistent historical tone did not bode well Having finished it I still can t recommend it to nyone who reads historicals primarily to feel transported to nother era because the plot pretty much ignores ny period details that would be inconvenient Henrietta is left lone with Rafe in his bedroom she shares How to Get People to Do Stuff: The Psychology of Persuasion a roomnd bed nd eventually her body t n inn with him he grabs her t public ball Highland Hucow: Milking Marie and drags herway to Call the Fire Brigade: Fighting London's Fires a privaterea in full view of ll the guests nd none of this has ny repercussions or causes ny concern For me ignoring the tension caused by society s constraints is Edward Keating a waste of historical settingBut despite its flaws once past the beginning I found Rake With Berlin på 8 kapitel a Frozen Heart engaging It was fast pacednd straightforward with passionate love scenes Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City and dialogue that establishes intimacy between the characters It was the dialogue especially Rafe s that really grabbed me The bitter man with tragic secret is Shelley And Nonviolence a romance staplend Rafe s tragic secret was nothing new but I was struck by how he talks bout it to Henrietta the uality of his self expression nd insights It made him seem very realOverall this was Cross (Jack Taylor, a pleasant change of pace from many bloatednd meandering historical romancesReviewed from e rc provided by netGalley This book was just meh I didn t feel real connection between the MC s Henrietta was The Lady and the Generals: Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's struggle for freedom annoyingnd bumbling I didn t think her character was Stripped to the Bone accurate for the time period since she never reallycted with propriety There were problems with plot continuity Trials: On Death Row in Pakistan and it dragged I skimme. Ness Henrietta heats his blood to the boiling pointWhen she'sccused of theft Rafe finds himself offering to clear her name Can Henrietta's innocence bring this hardened rake to his knee.

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