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Good I just finished Indigo a few days ago and let me tell you I love that book Indigo is the name given to Hester Wyatt a former slave now a stop on the underground railroad of sorts She is a rest stop in Michigan for the weary before they head on to Canada One night she is brought a man that is known only as the Black Daniel a slave thief he steals slaves and brings them north to freedom but there is to the Black Daniel than meets the ye Right now I am reading Night Song and it is the story of a Buffalo Soldier and a school teacher Th Critterbee said it all and said it well I m forcing myself to keep this brief because otherwise I will start gushing and once I start gushing it s hard to stop Beverly Jenkins is a splendid author and Topaz was a splendid story It was amusing charming and smart Kate was spunky and Dix was swoonworthy but that is par for the course with Jenkins heroines and heroes My only complaint and the reason that I gave it 45 stars rounded down was the pacing While riveting at times it dragged at others And although I flew through those riveting parts I stalled during the plodding partsWhether you are new to historical romance or an aspiring connoisseur of historical romance or just a reader standing in front of a book wanting to love it Beverly Jenkins is a must read author Read for SBTB Best Picture uarterly Challenge A romance with a journalist or reporter character I actually tried reading Topaz a few years ago and didn t click with it but when it popped up while I was browsing through my Kindle library this week I decided to give it another go And lo and behold I The Exiles Gallery enjoyed it much this time around If you re in the mood for solid historical fiction with a hefty dose of feisty feminism Topaz is the book for you Katherine a city girl and newspaperwoman in the 1880s is forced by one of her father s criminal schemes to marry Dixon Wildhorse a Black Seminole lawman who takes her back home to Indian Territory They don txpect to get along uite so wellor be uite so attracted to Dislocating China each other Needless to say sparks will be flying in that wagon Just be aware that Beverly Jenkins is a historian with a capital H and has donextensive research and sometimes that research is incorporated less than seamlessly into the narrative This would be the perfect book for the cerebral romance reader I seriously have a problemthat I don t want solved I like being addicted to Beverly Jenkins booksI take great pleasure in reading about recalcitrant women and hunky men who love learning that they don t run a darn thing Jenkins has yet to fail to deliver me with strong women and strong female friendships Sorry got ahead of myselfTopaz no one is named that in this book as a matter of fact the stone itself plays a very small role in this book is the story of a woman used as collateral for her wiley father s debt In order to settle said debt Katherine must marry Dixon Wildhorse I know but it s super swooney in the book so stop your judgementI absolutely adored the story Childerley even though the tropes of we both loveach other but don t know it was getting kind of tiring Watching love bloom between these two was deliciously Cultural Excursions entertainingWas this book predictable Yes Is there anything that will surprise you Heck no But the book is still worth it At this point I don t know why I am such a huge fan of historic fictionI just scan right past the history and get tot he good stuff 45 helms Please follow me on my blog Review originally posted on Vellum Voyages wwwvellumvoyagescomI m veryxcited about this review as this was my first Beverly Jenkins I ve been meaning to try her for ages and finally it has happened and so glad I read Topaz About time I read about some coloured charactersit never ven crossed my mind coloured heroes and heroines are not featured as prominently within the historical romance gen. Mise of Pleasure Snatched from the altar by Dix Wildhorse a Black Seminole Marshal from Oklahoma's Indian country Kate has no choice but to flee with the daring knight her father sent to rescue and wed her Marriage had never been part of Kate's plansand she isn't about to abandon her career to become the dutiful wife of a Wild West lawman bent on wrappi.

Re and I m so proud Beverly Jenkins has rectified that Not only is this a fun historical romance but it is also a history lesson that I m sure a lot of us are unaware of Yes we have all heard about the American Civil War but what other hardships did the Black population in America face Read Beverly Jenkins and you are sure to pick up on some fascinating historical titbitsDixon Dix Wildhorse a Black Seminole Marshall finds himself offered the hand of Katherine Love by her father to settle his debts with Dix Disgusted by Bart Love s offer yet intrigued by his description of Katherine as Dix is in the market for an agreeable wife Dix agrees to meet her As they set off to meet the biddable seamstress s assistant Bart realises Katherine is missing and her home has been ransacked Panicking Bart begs Dixon to help him find his daughter Suspecting Bart is up to his usual tricks Dix makes Bart tell him the whole story where Bart fesses up that Kate really is a newspaper woman and she was planning to xpose a Mr Rupert Samuels and his business dealings Dix and Bart track Kate down to Rupert Samuel s house and watch from afar as she s forcefully taken into the dwelling by Rupert s henchmen Bart drops another bombshell Rupert and Katherine are meant to be getting married on the morrow Bart attempts to reassure Dix that the wedding was a ruse and she wasn t planning to go through with it as she was only pretending to be his fiance so that she could Cop Knowledge expose him Furious with Bart and his schemes Dix s code of honour leaves him with no choicexcept to see this plan through and rescue Kate from Rupert s handsGiving up hope of not being wedded to Rupert Samuel s Katherine Love resigns herself to an unwanted fate until a furious lawman snatches Kate from the altar rescuing her from her worst nightmare Kate is Cultural Aesthetics ecstatic about her rescue until Dix informs her that her father has sent him to rescue and wed her instead Marriage isn t something Kate has wanted as she had no plans to abandon her career to look after some man from the West Finding herself in another pickle thanks to Bart Love s deeds Kate has no choice but to marry Dix to save her father from gaol Despite her situation Kate is determined to hold fast to her independence and her career and challenges Dix atvery step As Dix and Katherine get to know one another their passion for Class and Conformity each other takes over and grows and becomes something much wonderfulI reallynjoyed Katherine and Dix s storyDix is so patient and respectful of Katherine and her needshe s a perfect hero Katherine is strong willed independent and determined to make something of herself and I loved her tenacity The history strewn within this book is just amazing For Descartes and His Contemporaries example the Black Seminoles Wowwwhad no idea there were blackscaped slaves who intermarried with some Native American tribes and had their own race This fact just totally blew my mind but it makes total sense in the course of nature for this to happen Where could High Tide at Midnight escaped slaves go Human instinct is to survive so if a kind tribe took them in asuals why the heck not I m just so stunned that these facts are not as widely knownI love being surprised with history because it really does show just how cosmopolitan the world really is Intermarriage biracial children Education and Equality etctc have all been done in the past and history really is just repeating itself now I wish the world would stop fighting over such trivial matters such as race religion Deceptive Beauties ethnicity because at thend of the day we are all the same underneath with the same wants and needsEnough heavy talk but I thoroughly Dangerous Work enjoyed how Beverly Jenkins managed to make me think surprised me with history AND delivered an awesome historical romance with just her words What a talented lady and I m so happy to have finally read something of hers Thank you Ms Jenkins for such annjoyable time. Ng her in his own protective cocoon Determined to hold on to her independence despite the dark simmering fire Dix's bronzed muscled Flavor and Soul embrace ignites she challenges him atvery turn Yet ven as their battle of wills intensifies the heat of their passion blazes with unmatched furya wildfire of love that can only be answered in the sweet cstasy of surrend.

What a Man What a Man What a Mighty Good ManI tell you just when I think Beverly Jenkins can t write a better story she does After just finishing Indigo I thought she totally out did her self but NO she just keeps coming better and better I could not put this book down I Forgery, Replica, Fiction enjoyed Dix and Kate and the supporting characters in this story so very much It was like watching a movie for me The story just came alive and leapt off the pages for me to view Dix and Katherine are such a wonderfulxciting couple How can anyone not fall in love with Dix He is verything a woman wants in a man Kate is great too She is ambitious independent and beautiful Kate s independence and sharp wit was wonderfully tempered by the magnanimous Dixon Wildhorse I laughed out loud cried at times and turned ach page with great anticipation of what would come next I learned so much about the lesser known people of the western frontier of the late 1800 s Beverly Jenkins is truly a scholar and a gifted storyteller A Definite MUST Read for any reader it combines romance a bit of western and black history and some mystery so you will not be disappointed I am slowly working my way through Beverly Jenkins s back catalog all stored snugly on my Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life ereader and I have arrived at TopazFirst let me say that there is something so wonderful about finding an author that you trustnough to completely let down your guard and just Escape enjoy reading her books without worrying about being disappointed Beverly is that author to me Her heroes are respectful and likable her heroines fiery and admirable and the historic research has been done and done right Topaz starts out in Chicago towards thend of the nineteenth century Kate is a newspaper reporter currently deep undercover working on a story about a corrupt politically connected swindler Already in a perilous situation things turn deadly when her cover is blown and she is held prisoner by the villainous Rupert Samuel Dixon is a Marshal in Indian Territory and has followed Kate s scapegrace of a father whose shady dealings have directly affected Dixon basically causing him to The Empty Chair enter into the story Dear Daddy offers Kate up as a wife to Dixon as a way to placate and compensate Dixon and also in a misguided surge of fatherly feeling to provide for Kate s future Luckily forveryone their timing is impeccable as Dixon is able to rescue Kate from Samuels They agree to wed and head on out to Indian Country present day OklahomaSo we have a steamy romance description of daily life in Chicago a short stay in a brothel a wonderfully described wagon train trip with a bevy of mail order brides mysterious lements historical detail about the despicable behavior of the US government and greedy land grabbers late nineteenth century feminism information on newspapers in that ra and a surprise appearance by Aristophanes All of that Beverly Jenkins combines all of that beautifully Topaz is my favorite so far of all of her books I Lit especially appreciated view spoilerwhen the women inspired by Lysistrata withheld affection from the men as a form of persuasion in the battle forual rights hide spoiler My all time FAVORITE book Love Dixon Wildhorse I can re read this a million times and never get tired There was a missed opportunity to have Topaz published by Topaz Publishing Just saying This is Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 easily my second favorite book by her right behind IndigoThis was funny and funMildly feministven Readers Lend Me Your Ear and Eyes I want to introduce you to one of my favorite authors on Keeper of the Doves earthMrs Beverly JenkinsShe is an African American author who writes historical and contemporary romance novels filled with love lust mystery intrigue and for the historical romances some of the most unknown historical facts that you never learned in school Ever so often I find myself re reading her books because they are that. Kate Love is an ambitious young newspaper reporter on the trail of a railroad stock swindler who has been preying onlderly Blacks Her investigation points to Rupert Samuelsone of the wealthiest and most Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, eligible black men in the East but her covertfforts to get close nough to uncover the goods on him bring her to the brink of becoming his wifeA Pro.

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Topaz Avon Historical Romance (Pdf)