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Touring Poverty addresses a highly controversial practice the transformation of impoverished neighbourhoods into valued attractions for international tourists In the megacities of the Global South selected and idealized aspects of poverty are being turned into a tourist commodity for consumptionThe book takes the reader on a journey through Rocinha a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro which is advertised as the largest favela in Latin America Bianca.

Bianca Freire-Medeiros ¸ 7 review

EBOOK or PDF Touring Poverty

Bates surrounding the 'sale of emotions' elicited by the first hand contemplation of poverty Touring Poverty is an innovative book that provokes the reader to think about the role played by tourism and our role as tourists within a context of rowing poverty It will be of interest to students of sociology anthropology ethnography and methodology urban studies tourism studies mobility studies development studies politics and international relations.

Freire Medeiros presents interviews with tour operators Vidas mexicanas / Mexican Lifes: Diez biografias para entender a Mxico / The Biographies to Understand Mexico (Coleccion Popular) guides tourists and dwellers to explore the vital uestions raised by this kind of tourism How and why do diverse social actors and institutions orchestrate perform and consume touristic poverty In the context oflobalization and neoliberalism what are the politics of selling and buying the social experience of cities cultures and peoplesWith a full and sensitive exploration of the ethical de.