[Flint Hills Bride] Kindle ¾ Cassandra Austin

Safety Hero Virgin Fisrt last and only with heroineHeroine Experienced Didn t enjoy it until the hero Pregnant by first loverCheating Depends on your definition of cheating She was in love with Ansen not the hero So she does iss Ansen after she Command Performance knows that Jakehero loves her But she didn t love Jake yet I don t consider this cheating but others may not like this in their romancesViolence MildRapetortureAbuse NoCursing NoSex One time detailed mildInsta lovelust NoMarriage YesBaby Yesbut not the hero Mily until now And if the man they were trying toeep her away from was the man she really wanted to marry how come Jake was looking better all the time.

Enjoyed the book written in my home state of Kansas A SPOILERS25 starsThe heroine ruined the bookHeroine TSTL Spoiled Selfish immatureself centered ignorant mean She was a liar slut thief and a criminal She didn t deserve such a perfect heroI ept reading to see if the author could turn her around she couldn t I was hoping to see if she would be made to grovel She didn t No redemption in my eyes Hero Perfect Only ever loved the heroine Saved himself for her even when she loved another Never strayed. SHE'D BEEN THE TOMBOY HEIRESS AND HE THE HIRED HAND Now things were a little different He was Jake Rawlins dedicated lawman and she was Emily Prescott wo.

Flint Hills Bride Kindle ¾ Cassandra Austin

And even accepted the slut heroine after he found out she was pregnant with another man s child Too good for the heroineThe one sex scene was terrible It was pages of undressing and talking and I m not talking about sensuallyjust talking about stupid things that breaks the mood The undressing was eually bad The actual sex was tepid at bestThe story started out pretty good but fell flat at about 35% and I skimmed most of the rest The writing was ok but the heroine made me lose interestPass on this one. Man on the run But all Jake wanted was to get her to trust him enough to run straight into his waiting armsEmily had never been denied anything by her fa.


Sandra August

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