(E–pub New) [Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction] AUTHOR Lynette Harborne

Ike her urgings that both psychotherapists and spiritual irectors should be informed about each others particular strengths gifts and talents 2012 p136 The way I see it eight years from the time Harborne wrote this book there has not been much progress to integrate these two isciplines I hope change will come. Ckground to spiritual irection is given and attention The Majors Daughter drawn to the links between this tradition and theevelopment of psychotherapy Spiritual issues that may arise in therapy together with psychological issues that occur Miss Shumway Waves a Wand during spiritualirection are The Touch discussed leading on to a comparison between 'dark night of the soul' experiences and clinicalepressi.

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(E–pub New) Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction AUTHOR Lynette Harborne

I had this book for some time now and only started to read it seriously and in earnest two On His Majestys Service days ago I am a trained spiritualirector and am currently Different Class doing a psychotherapy course I had long wanted to see the integration of these twoisciplines and I am glad Harborne The Essential Good Food Guide did a good job to show mostly the similari. This book explores the similarities andifferences between the practice of psychotherapy and spiritual Textbook of Wisdom direction and suggests that whilst there may beistinctions between the two activities the process is essentially the same The purpose of the book is to improve the understanding between therapists and spiritual In Defence of Dogs directors to encourageialogue and isc.

Ties Differences are iscussed in her book but she argues mostly that it would be great for the practitioners in these two The City in Mind disciplines to see how they could integrate what they know and to complement each other to help another After all bothisciplines are about helping another to live a better uality life I Ussion between them as well as to offer challenges and learning to both In the process of exploring the interface between the practice of therapy and the practice of spiritual irection uestions arise about how to address issues of spirituality in a psychological context and psychological issues in a spiritual context A brief overview of the historical ba.

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