[EBOOK / KINDLE] (The XXX Files Episode 1 A Paranormal Erotic Serial) AUTHOR Lexi Maxxwell

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EBOOK / KINDLE (The XXX Files Episode 1 A Paranormal Erotic Serial) AUTHOR Lexi Maxxwell

End wasn t too bad either I downloaded this Kindle file as Lexi Maxxwell was mentioned in the book I was reading Write Publish RepeatYes it s certainly smut but it was smut for the intelligent woman Usually any erotica I read is full to the stocking tops with poor grammar typos and the thinnest of plots Lexi s work is different There was a decent plot it seemed well planned and executed The writing was of a decent standard Nice little bits of humour in there too Tongue in cheekIf you like erotica then give this girl a goFull Blog Post 432 March 2014 Season One is a very erotic and sexy story Being a science fiction fan this combines that love with my interest in all types of erotica Ms Maxxwell has an incredible imagination and weaves that into a passionate tale of intrigue and sex The stories will add fuel to the fantasies that are in our minds providing a momentary escape from the crazy world where we liveLexi s characters are well thought out and described in such a way as to easily be imagined Agents Grayson and Hammer are like most everyone in the real world with flawed personalities however they offer the perfect balance between the two partnersThese stories have been my introduction to Lexi Maxxwell and will be the reason I read of her work I look forward to following Grayson and Hammer into Season Two and beyond if it goes ther. With hot sex thrills chills humor and cliffhanger endings that will have you hot and hooke.

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Anywhere as a stand alone I d love to see if Hammer solves the case and fixes his ahem big problemBook source Picked up for free on The X files meets bad porn Felt like I was reading the script for some horny teenager s fantasy It just wasn t for me this is explicit erotica if you don t like extremes then do not read ithowever if you doit had back story than most erotica at about 131 pages you get to now a little about the characters It was good but a very uick read for me Blown away this is the most apt description I can give for this book When I first came across 42 Filthy Fcking stories by Lexi Maxxwell I was just looking for a uickie between reads Well her stories grabbed me by the mind heart and libido Not only did I not stop reading until I finished the book in one sitting I immediately went in search for In the short stories every character found a way into my heart I laughed sometimes felt like crying and on than one occasion had to set my Kindle down from getting too worked up What can I say I was a fan from the first sentence Ten stars all the way around But I feel I must warn you the title says it all This is 5 star filthy but original erotica that can make even some of the most seasoned readers suirm and blush For the most part it was good Didn t suirm as much as I would have likedbut that is okay The bonus reading at the. E erotic paranormal thriller series Part homage to “The X Files” part smut and packed.

Joint review with Amanda at Free Books Need Love Too wherein Brad Hammer s hammer is examined from all angles I really enjoyed this little tale and will probably be gobbling up the rest of the seriesRead it if you would like sex described in ordinary ie non erotica stories but dont if you are looking for sex scenes held together by fillers Courtney Grayson and Brad Hammer are partners work partners and FBI agents They work Division 13 paranormal sex crimes as opposed t Special Agents Brad Hammer and Courtney Grayson work for Division 13 the paranormal sex crimes unit When they are called to Atlanta to solve an unusual crime they find one male and six females in a room so splattered in cum that it is impossible to believe only one male is involved When they find out the male is a scientist working for a pharmaceutical company and start digging around they are suddenly called off the case by their boss Of course Hammer can t leave it alone so off he goes to follow a lead What will he find A dead end or a viable course of investigationThe X Files has always been a favorite show of mine so when I saw an erotic short based on the show I was hooked Sufficiently intriguing with decent writing good characters and lots of steamy scenes I enjoyed Episode 1 I am a bit peeved at the cliffhanger but what is worse is I can t seem to find Episode The paranormal erotic serial begins The XXX Files Episode 1 is the first installment of th.