PDF/EPUB [Devotions to Make You Stronger 252]

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For any challenge Plus every devotion shows exactly how the Bible applies to you so you can confidently go out and do powerful things no matter what you faceDevotions to Make Your Strongerhas devotions that can be ead in under five minutes making time with God and exploring the Bible easy to docontains age appropriate biblically sound information in words meant to appeal to boys 8 to 12 and their interestscontains large text and an open page design making it perfect for eluctant eadersis part of a series of 90 day devotionals for boys that includes Devotions to Make You Smarter and Devotions to Make You Deepe.

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Attles against the giants and warriors of Canaan and won But those impressive feats aren’t what actually made them “strong” In fact those things aren’t even what made them heroes What Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family really made them strong and able to take on anything was the stuff happening inside their hearts The good news You can be just as strong and amazing by following their good habits and avoiding their mistakes Each of the ninety devotions in this book take a few minutes toead some are even funny and explore the entire Bible to show you the secrets to building your brain muscles and making your body healthier so you are eady.

PDF/EPUB Devotions to Make You Stronger 252

“Strong” often means physical strength and a powerful presence but according to the Bible being a mighty man means learning to listen speak up and do the ight thing even when it’s hard In Devotions to Make You Stronger ninety days of uick short easy to ead and boy friendly devotions help young guys 8 and up discover the strong person God made them to be inside and out and how they can grow up to be powerful in the ways that count no matter their physical appearance David was part of a group of mighty men Samson could lift heavy doors and defeat entire armies with a jawbone Joshua led an entire nation in

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