EBOOK NEW Bloody Murder The Homicide Tradition in Children's Literature

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This is probably one of the most intriguing books I ve read in my field no not the library field the other one in a long time Some of y all may know that I m just a real big fan of anything bloody and murderous and taboo So it s really no surprise that I enjoyed this Writing about books such as The Gashlycrumb Tinies Alice in Wonderland George of the Jungle and Monster Abate takes a critical lens to murder and why it s being shown in the realm of children s literature After all isn t children s literature supposed to be on the purer side of things Ha HaAs children s literature has developed so has what s been regarded as taboo and why Take for instance George of the Jungle and Alice in Wonderland Both take place in settings unlike our own There the taboo is perhaps normal Or is it With a monarchy and set social statuses in place is murder really the way to o And how is that received Is it for a Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss good cause And slowly but surely we move to The Gashlycrumb Tinies with a lot ofruesome deaths that are illustrated Edward Gorey has a penchant for drawing Weird things but heck this is an alphabet book But perhaps it s funny and entertaining because it plays on taboo not in spite of it And then we move to contemporary works such as Walter Dean Myers Monster where the main character stands accused as an accomplice to a murder Did he do it Why How do we feel about him with all the complicated layers of race and class and urban life added on Do we feel empathy Is that up to us Overall it s just a hugely interesting read that takes care to o through a syllabus of classic books in order to tr. “Off with her head” decreed the ueen of Hearts one of a multitude of murderous villains.

S a protection for church officials but eventually stretched to anyone who could read or even those who could pretend to read because they had memorized the correct passage from the Bible So then the uestion is why were so many church officials committing murder or being accused of it that they needed a special protection for itSince there are no other reviews for this book here on Goodreads I m oing to include a list of the chapter titles I don t think I would have found this book uite as interesting if I hadn t already read most of the titles discussed before reading this bookIntro Once upon a crime homicide in American culture and popular children s literature from Bluebeard to Harry Potter1 You must kill her and bring me her lungs and liver as proof Snow White and the fact as well as fantasy of filicide2 The ueen had only one way of settling all difficulties off with his head Alice s adventures in Wonderland and the anti allows movement3 Swarthy sun tanned villainous looking fellows Tarzan of the apes and criminal anthropology4 A sixth sense seemed to tell her that she had encountered something unusual psychic sleuthing in the Nancy Drew mystery series5 How d you like that haircut to begin just below the chin juvenile delinuency teenager killers and a pulp aesthetic in the Outsiders6 My job is to make you a human being in the eyes of the jury confronting the dramatization and demonization of murder in Walter Dean Myers MonsterEpilogue Just because you don t have a pulse doesn t mean you can t be perky my so called death young adult zombie fiction and murder in the posthuman age. First full length critical study of the pervasive theme of murder in children’s literatur.

EBOOK NEW Bloody Murder The Homicide Tradition in Children's Literature

Ack trends throughout the homicide tradition Definitely worth a readReview cross listed here This is an absorbing book The literary analysis is embedded in an historical and social context Therefore when Abate talks about Snow White and the murderous feelings her step mother has for her she makes the point that many parents want to murder their children In the period when the story originated many women died in childbirth and their husbands remarried Step mothers did not care for the children born of first wives in the same way that they did their own She also provides the data about the number of children abused and murdered by their parents Where filicide is concerned women are likely to be the murderers The number of different ways in which the step mother attempts to murder Snow White show how deeply her urges went and how much her power rested on her being the fairest o I occasionally like to read mysteries and even murder mysteries but I had no idea I had read so many children s books that contained murder My favorite part was the second half of the introductory chapter because that contained the type of content I expected to find in the book The other chapters were interesting but often veered off into subjects I wasn t uite as interested in reading about Then again I learned some interesting yet unexpected facts Did you know that during the Middle Ages in England and even later in some of the American colonies you could save yourself from hanging for a murder conviction just by proving you know how to read I had never heard of that It s called benefit of clergy It started Populating the pages of children’s literature explored in this volume Bloody Murder is the.

Michelle Ann Abate is associate professor of literature for children and young adults at The Ohio State University She earned her PhD in English from the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York in 2004 Before joining the faculty at OSU Michelle was an associate professor of English at Hollins University where she served as editor of the journal Children's Lit