[How to Get Over Your Ex] EBOOK / PDF

How to Get Over Your Ex EBOOK / PDF

It dawned on her in realisation as blazing as Cappadocia s sunrise that her way just wouldn t include Zander Rush He d come into her life bearing the gifts she needed to find herself again Perhaps his cosmic role was now complete and the last twenty four hours were just the most amazing swansong Lessons on love and living are lentiful in a romance novel that teaches female readers the importance of self loveTrue this book rojects the image of romantic love from its cutesy book cover to its chick flick movie worthy title But looks can be deceiving How To Get Over Your Ex should be re named How To Stop Letting Men Rule Your Life or How To Start Living Your Life Anew Either of those would better express the uniue angle on romance this book has to offerBecause as this book oints out how can we begin to love others and establish lasting relationships without first knowing and loving who we are Our female The Healthiest Diet on the Planet protagonist starts off on rocky ground unsure loveless saddened And I ll admit I thought the general storyline to be a little cheesy at first But it gradually built up to become something much rawer than I expected The femalerotagonist Georgia ends up realising who she is and importantly what she wants And in that typical NAYA scene where the guy begs for her to give him a chance Georgia shines She stands up and refuses to back down She had standards dreams desires And she isn t letting him steamroller over her George I m not negotiating Zander I m explaining I m telling you why I m choosing nothing because everything is not on the cards with you The ending was slightly Predator 2 predictable But hey I can appreciate a happy ending just as much as the next female I m just glad that Georgia got her happy ending on her own terms She didn t cave She didn t change herself to win the guy She didn t wallow She thrived and won what she wanted how she wanted it So if you ve got an ex book boyfriend or you know a real ex boyfriendor you just want to experience a great book I recommend taking a look at How To Get Over Your Ex Hopefully you ll find it just as refreshing as I did Georgia accepts a contract toropose to her boyfriend over the radio and they will cover the lead up and wedding for the next year Her boyfriend refuses and as Georgia is running out of the station in embarrassment the manager of the station hides her and helps her out Since there will be no wedding the contract is changed to follow Georgia for the next year as she reinvents herself and overcomes her failed relationship Zander follows her for a year while she travels takes belly dancing lessons amongst other things The writing is cute It was a very easy and uick read I just found it a bit lacking in depth Georgia does grow a bit as a character as does Zander but there was just something missing It was still a good fluffy early summer read Review and author interview Hook posted on Kindles WineI like Georgia so much Her boyfriend turns down her on air marriageroposal and instead of being able to crawl into a dark cave for a few months she has to get back on her feet in full view of the radio audience It would be so easy for her to have a Zero Hour (Expeditionary Force Book, pityarty but she doesn t do that The activities she chooses for her re invention are things that she s actually interested in and thinks she ll have a good time doing The only catch Zander Rush He s the distractingly handsome radio station manager that set this whole thing up He s also the one who documents Georgia s adventures by recording and interviewing her throughout it all But Zander just might be biting off than he can chew with our girl GeorgiaYummy Zander Right from the start Zander feels a kinship with Georgia It s not Magi (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Official Guidebook) pity but Zander doesn t uite know what to do about what he feels when he s around her Of course it s just easier to ignore the things he doesn t understand but aren t all of our men like that ladies LOL just kidding Zander is a career oriented guy and that isn t always such a great thing He s essentially cut everything else out of his life so that he can focus on his career That makes him difficult to like at the start of the book You don t really get to know him as aerson but as an executive and who likes executives right Although he comes off as this high Forever powered executive who has it all together nothing could be further from the truthother than the highowered executive artGeorgia and Zander kind of fit together in a weird way that somehow works They see something in each other that they want to have in their own lives Georgia sees someone who goes for what he wants and doesn t apologize for wanting it Zander sees someone that is honest and fresh and free I guess like in any great romance these two eople are not uite whole Illuminatis people and once they come together they become wholeI only had a couple of concerns about the book First you don t love Zander right off But don t give up he ll get there Then in the middle of the book the does she doesn t she got a little stale for me You could see that they were crazy for each other and I wished they would have realized it a little sooner Bottom Line I really liked How To Get Over Your Ex I think anyone who likes to travel and wants to be transported to England would like this book I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a romance that is a nice slow simmer that ends in a great big boilingot of love Rating B Review copy courtesy of the People Will Talk publisher via NetGalley How to Get over Your Ex was a super sweet book that I found great to unwind to after a long day at work It s one of those books where you can kind ofredict what s going to happen but you don t really care In How to Get over Your Ex we find ourselves in the typical situation where two characters are forced to work together Georgia just made a fool of herself on the radio by Demon Divine (Demon Accords proposing to her boyfriend in front of millions of listeners and he rejected her live on air Georgia just wants to go home and hide away forever But on the day she finds sympathy from the radioroducer Zander he helps her sneak out of the building and then offers her a The Pearl Thief proposition she can t reject He will offer her 50000 to spend how she wants if she allows them to film a follow up show with her the life of Georgia All about how she s getting on afterwardsGeorgia initially starts finding things to do that willlease the listeners salsa classes cooking classes But as the months Healthier Together progress and she starts spending time with Zander who of course volunteered to be theerson to attend and record everything Georgia does Georgia realises she s not being true to herself and decides to make a spur of the moment decision to do what she wants to do It was a lot of fun watching the attraction grow between Zander and Georgia No matter how many excuses Zander tried to come up with it was obvious that they were just The Haunting of Sunshine Girl perfect for each other Zander at times could be hugely infuriating alwaysushing Georgia away but I supposed being burned badly once before did result in him holding back a lot The way Georgia s character grew in this book was hugely admirable she was able to show the listeners of Eros station that she could develop a happy fulfilling life without her ex Dan about How to Get over your Ex was a super uick read you can t bear to Routledge Library Editions part with Zander or Georgia until they both get what they truly deserve I recommendicking up this book if you re looking for something light and fun to sueeze in between some heavy going reads 4 Stars Fighting back her tears of humiliation Georgia s only goal is to sneak out of the radio station unseen She d just been utterly rejected on air in the ears of millions of listeners She s ever so grateful for the kindness of the man who joins her in the elevator and shields her from curious eyes and then helps her escape the building through the employee garage Zander s on air Valentine s Promotion took a turn no one had ever dreamed The Crisis in Bethlehem poor woman s marriageroposal had been rejected a The Return of the Twelves possibility no one had even considered There went his ratings boostingroject and as Station Manager he had to think uick on how to use this PR surprise to their advantage But while shielding her in the elevator Zander. Being rejected is one thing Being rejected live on radio takes it to a whole new levelAfter her on air Dizzy Jimmy proposal is turned down by her commitmenthobe boyfriend Georgia Stone must learn to survive singled.

Couldn t help empathizing he knew what Locuras lejos de casa! (Serie Lady Pecas 1) public humiliation was all about Somehow he d have to make this a win win for both the station and for Georgia As she d signed a contract for a year sromotion of her engagement in exchange for an all expenses aid wedding Georgia knows she ll have to work with the radio station in some way Zander s idea of using the year as some sort of make over roject intrigues her Obviously something must be lacking in her for Dan to not accept her Grammar by Diagram proposal and then gently let her down afterwards He d been crystal clear on air that their relationship was only just fun Agreeing to spend her free time for the next year with self improvement courses she knows is the only solution for a win for the radio station but she had only two stipulations the station is to leave Dan out of everything and the onlyerson she d allow to tale along with her would be Zander Bravo to Ms Logan The opening elevator scene just grabs the heart I was immediately drawn to Georgia s bravery While her hopes and dreams were dying inside of her she held herself together I wanted to hug Zander when he suggested she stand behind him so that she d be blocked from view of the Murder Maker people outside the elevator doors This year of self improvementroves to be a year of learning for both Georgia and Zander And as each event brings something new into Georgia s life she comes to realize that she d never really needing fixing She s already a نشانی‌ها person she d love to have as a friend Zander sees in Georgia a love for life and he envies her Suddenly he can t avoid the emptiness of his life that he s always been able to ignore The get away in Turkey is incredibly vivid not only for the chemistry between Zander and Georgia but for descriptives of the landscape and atmosphere This is alace I d love to travel to Ms Logan wraps up this lovestory as riveting as she opened it This HEA is definitely sigh worthy This is one for the keeper shelfUp next is Dan s story The Guy to Be Seen With by Fiona Harper Georgia Stone faces the ultimate humiliation when her live on air radio Ask Yourself This proposal to her boyfriend is awkwardly turned down After she flees the radio station building station manager Zander Rush whoseromotion this was feels the need to both salvage something Good Witch, Bad Witch publicity wise and also give something to Georgia So heroposes that she take the 50000 that would ve gone towards her dream wedding and honeymoon and use it for the Year of Georgia a year spent getting to know what she really wants out of life and doing things that she really wants to doGeorgia is contracted to return to the radio station in one year and update listeners on her The Tokyo Zodiac Murders progress and she knows that they rerobably going to want than just hearing how she moped around for the last year and didn t leave her flat other than to work Heck she wants to hear than that Although Georgia has always layed things safe has always been the uiet boring one she slowly begins to warm to the idea of the Year of Georgia Although she s well aware that a year spent doing the things she wants to do followed by a crew filming is not going to result in a lot of things that are going to interest a lot of eople so she and Zander compromise working out things that she wants to do that will also make good copy getting listener interest Georgia already has Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten plenty ofeople out there cheering her on after her humiliation and there are many who genuinely care about what she s doing with herself after being rejectedWith Zander by her side Georgia undertakes gourmet cooking classes salsa dancing spy school belly dancing and a dream trip to Turkey But what could be her biggest thrill so far is discovering the attraction simmering between her and Zander that just begs to be fulfilled But Zander isn t the type who wants something something deep he s lived a life of distance ever since being hurt himself many years ago And Georgia wants to be loved deeply not just desired And even though she knows Zander desires her just as much as she does him it seems like once again she s going to miss out on her happy endingI loved this book From the opening scene which is Georgia fleeing the radio station after her Boneshaker (BA 43-500, proposal was rejected I was totally invested in her I cannot even imagine how humiliating it must ve been for her to do something that she wouldn t normally do step right out of her comfort zone andublicly A Star Is Born propose to her boyfriend of over a year only to have him refuse The scene in the lift where she is trying so desperately not to cry until she s at least out of the building is heartbreaking It s made all the uncomfortable by the fact that she s not alone in the lift and theerson with her gently assists her out of the carpark so she can leave without being seenThat CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition person is Zander Rush who is sort of responsible for the mess that is now Georgia s life He also knows he has to answer to theeople that fund the station who are less than impressed that their big The Ornament (Ornament, promotion fizzled The Year of Georgia is a great way to rescue thatlus get a woman back her shattered confidence and Zander gets to go along for the ride Together they try a variety of different things and get to know each other and the chemistry between them is so good The belly dancing scene is incredible definite roof that a moment can be extremely sexy even when the two characters aren t even touching or kissing This book definitely had a slow burn but it was done amazingly wellI really liked Georgia and I found it easy to relate to her even though we have nothing in common Zander is extremely interesting as well he s a man who has worked very hard unishing hours really and has material things but his life is not Rant populated byeople He was humiliated in the Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM past and now seeks a solitary uite empty life His time with Georgia spent doing the Year of Georgia begins to show him exactly what he s missing out on even though he s very stubborn about wanting it I think that the two of them worked so well together their interactions were so amusing and enjoyable to read almost as good as the chemistry they had and the sexual tensionHow To Get Over Your Ex is a little bit like a mixed bag of lollies where you keepulling out a lolly that s even better than the one you just had it s than just a contemporary romance with a few laughs it s also a journey of self discovery both for Georgia and Zander They both have lessons to learn from spending time with each other and being along for the ride was such a fun read This is the third Harleuin KISS title I ve read now and it s uite easily the one I ve enjoyed the most It was very different to what I expected going in and that turned out to be a good thing it had depth and reflection and a greater character development And I loved t How To Get Over Your Ex by Nikki Logan is a cute contemporary romance that actually took a bit of time building up the relationship within Georgia Stone had thought for sure that her long time boyfriend would be ready for marriage so she signed up for a radio Challenged to Win promotion toropose to him over the airNeedless to say that Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons proposal did not go well for Georgia and all she wanted to do was curl up and cry Unfortunately for Georgia though she had signed a contract with the station and even with theroposal being a flop the roducer Zander Rush was uick to remind Georgia of her contractAfter a bit of thinking on how to salvage the special that obviously wasn t going to end in a wedding Zander roposed that Georgia share her life with the followers and her recovery from the break up This began the Year of Georgia The Color of a Leader promo with Zander and Georgia reluctantlyushed together for the sake of ratingsHow To Get Over Your Ex was a nice little read with likable characters and a fun situation The story actually unfolds of a self discovery with Georgia spending time doing all sorts of fun events as Into the Planet part of the radioromo but with Zander always in tow representing the station Lots of time to develop an attraction between the two instead of rushing them together like so many stories doFor reviews Dusk (Rosales Saga, please visit How does one get over an ex By crying themselves to sleep By stuffing their faces with chocolate HOW TO. Om Unfortunately thanks to a clause in her contract she has to do it under the watchful gaze of brooding radioroducer Zander RushAnd so begins the Year of Georgia Lurching from salsa classes to spy scho.

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GET OVER YOUR EX is one of the first titles from Harleuin s new KISS line of cute contemporary romances Think Sophie Kinsella Marian Keyes Jane Green except shorter and uicker but maybe not uite as swoony The moment I heard about this new line I knew that I was going to have to bite the bullet and try one I am always hesitant to admit it but contemporary cutesy romance remains one of my favorite genres HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX reminds me so fondly of some of my favoritesAfter a Londoner finds herself scorned on radio after her George Washingtons Secret Six proposal to her boyfriend ends in a big fat no she settles for anotherlan a year of reinvention expenses aid for by the radio station Dancing lessons cooking classes an adventure abroad considering your ast choices and beliefs Yeah one of those kind of years But of course this being a romantic comedy she finds herself falling hard for the The Caretaker producer of the radio show where she ruined her life despite her belief that a man aserfect as him would never fall for a girl like her or that their relationship would be anything besides a big fat mistakeNow I have Clara After Dark - 01 personally neverroposed to a man on live radio only to be rejected and find myself the source for many a joke in London But I think that I would react in much the same way as our heroine Georgia Even if she was a bitweird I guess is the word when it came to deciding to spring the uestion on her boyfriend who had made it clear that he wasn t interested in that kind of thing with her Even after she was supposed to have moved on what does she do She goes right back to see him one last time and this was the Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens, point where I was like Girl are you serious She was supposed to be getting over her ex but she walked back I think that this is a downside of what I ve seen with the Harleuin KISS line the titles and covers are all generic Neither the title nor cover fit this book THE YEAR OF GEORGIA would have been much apt in my opinion But that was one of the few negatives I had with this one also theredictability but this is contemporary romance I loved Zander our love interest and his struggle to come to terms with how he feels about this awkward girl who has fallen into his life And the Over the River Through the Wood progression of their friendship and eventual romance was heartwarming and cute if a bit formulaic This story was charming uick and adorable giving me about an hour and a half of delicious reading before I swooned and turned off my Kindle With this being my first sample into the KISS line I must say I wasleasantly surprised But this story did need a few tweaks It was short but for a story taking lace over the course of a year I didn t see much in the way of depth or development Likewise I wish this had had a less generic title and cover something that meant to the story instead of having continuity with the line I almost overlooked this one with its rather bland titleIf you are in the market for a cute romance set in London or if you re looking for a follow up to a Sophie Kinsella book then give Nikki Logan a try I can t wait to try from her and from the KISS lineVERDICT Although it suffers from the roblem of being formulaic and short HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX is cute charming and deliciously romantic Good book When Georgia s on air Kenyattas Jiggers proposal is rejected by her boyfriend she flees the studio in humiliation Then she finds out that she still needs to honor her contract with the radio station even though there is no wedding and honeymoon to cover So the station manager Zander comes up with the idea of the Year of Georgia where she takes that time to do the things she has always wanted to do and reinvent herself I liked both Georgia and Zander Georgia started out wondering what was so wrong with her that her boyfriend didn t want to take the next step with her But when Zander came up with the idea of reinventing herself she didn t much care for that not feeling that there was that much wrong with her I liked the way that she started out by trying things that they thought she ought to try but gained enough confidence in herself to start going after things she wanted to do I liked the way that each adventure showed Georgia something else about herself that added to her emerging confidence I also enjoyed the developing relationship with Zander They started out veryrofessional but the things they did together the the lines blurred Georgia also started to see Coupage (Blood Nation past the walls that Zander kept up to keepeople at a distance and to fall for the man behind those walls I liked the way she started trying to get to him Her belly dancing lesson was fantastic and I loved the description of what she did Zander was an interesting guy I loved the empathy he showed Georgia immediately after the radio fiasco when he helped her get out of the building Besides needing to save his job by rescuing the radio In Search of Julien Hudson promotion he also wanted to help Georgia get through this experience Having suffered a similar humiliation he had a great deal of sympathy for her He coped by shutting down emotionally and not allowing anyone to get close to him He works longs hours and spends his free time doing long distance running He doesn t expect to find his time with Georgia starting to chip away at those walls When Georgia shows up at one of his races he is stunned and doesn t know uite what to do He also finds that his attraction to her gets a little out of hand which scares him into withdrawing again He also finds that he can t forget the feelings she has stirred up but is still afraid to risk himself againI loved seeing how over the course of the year both Georgia and Zander learned about each other and themselves I liked the fact that it was Georgia who had the courage to be the first to go after what she wanted and risk it all I really loved Zander s big moment at the end and how he finally had the courage to go after what he really wanted How To Get Over Your Ex by Nikki Logan is my first experience with Harleuin s new Kiss series and so far so good This one reads like a romantic comedy movie and I m hoping this will be a common theme for the Kiss books because it makes it fun Nice balance of boy meets girl romance with theerfect about of tension and relationship issuesThe following may or may not contain spoilersGeorgia is a normal London gal who is uirky and organized and somewhat Raintree (Raintree, private Her family and sick friendersuade her to The Bachelor Takes A Bride / Coming Home To A Cowboy propose to her boyfriend Daniel on an on air radioromotion and wellDENIED Humiliated she flees but is rescued by the man behind the وردة من دمي (روايات أحلام، promotion the dashing Zander who of course has had similar heartbreak in hisast as well Zander and Georgia come up with a new radio Leading Innovation plan to cover the Year of Georgia where Georgia tries new experiences solo ahemwith Zander to discover and be happy with herself and share her fun with the radio listeners There begins Georgia s adventures with belly dancing lessons spy school a dream vacation and much But will her relationship with Zander beure business or is love in the air hmmm I wonderder dee derrrFun zippy uick and adorable read Predictable of course but what are you to expect with a book The Wild Wellingham Brothers packaged like this in the Harleuin set under a series titled Kiss Just fun My only negative which made me knock off the 5th star to make it 4 is some of the arguments between Georgia and Zander are somewhat repetitive just in a different setting I felt like each new argument brought nothing new to the table just recapped everything in therevious arguments But that is just a minor blunderThe characters are relatable and cute and I found myself rooting for them The ending it super romantic and those of you who like sudsy frothy goobery love stories will fall hook line and sinker You will The Aquarian Teacher Kri International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level I Yoga Manual Part Nine, Sets And Meditations probably read this in 2 3 days so give it a whirl Aerfect bathtime read alongside a glass of wine and some candles MMMMBut thenI saw who is writing the seuel Daniel s story The Guy To Be Seen WithFiona Harper And I cringed My first go at a Fiona Harper book Snowbound in the Earl s Castle was an ABSOLUTE TRAINWRECK It was nearly impossible to get through it I hope she was just in a writer s slump because I am eager to read Daniel s story PLEASSEEEEEEE Fiona don t let me down agai. Ol Georgia discovers a taste for adventure Her biggest thrill so far Flirting with danger aka the enigmatic Zander But admitting she's ready for than just a fling Definitely Georgia's scariest challenge

Australian Nikki Logan lives on the edge of a string of wetlands south of Perth Western Australia with her partner and a menagerie of animals She writes captivating nature based stories full of romance in descriptive natural environments for Harleuin Enterprises and Entangled Publishing She believes the danger and richness of wild places perfectly mirror the passion and risk of falling in l

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