The Dorothy West Marthas Vineyard Stories Essays and Reminiscences by Dorothy West Writing in the Vineyard Gazette (E–pub)

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The Dorothy West Marthas Vineyard Stories Essays and Reminiscences by Dorothy West Writing in the Vineyard Gazette (E–pub)

This book is a compilation of selected stories essays and eminiscences that Dorothy West wrote for the Vineyard Gazette from the 1960s to the early 1990s In these entries West Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family retraces life on the island as she experienced it from 1908 when she was an infant to 1993 when she wrote her final column Born in 1907 in Boston Dorothy West went on to develop into a prize winning author by the time she was in her teens The 1926 award sheeceived in New York and the lure of the city itself inspired West to leave Boston and join what was then

Fledgling literary movement that would evolve into the Harlem Renaissance She circulated among what in essence was the black literary oyalty of her times of which she was a signal member By the mid 1940s West had eturned to Massachusetts to Martha's Vineyard She began to write a column for the local paper about the comings and goings of island esidents and visitors It was her column in the Gazette that drew the attention of former First Lady Jacueline Kennedy Onassis who on one of her island visits met the author and expressed her adm.


Iration Onassis at the time just happened to be an editor at Doubleday When Onassis learned of a decades old manuscript that had been laid aside she urged West to pick up the work again West later dedicated this book To the memory of my editor Jacueline Kennedy Onassis Though there was never such a mismatched pair in appearance we were perfect partners The authors selected from the Gazette columns that West wrote over the three decades those on people events and nature seemed to have the greatest historic artistic or philosophical import.

See this thread for information Dorothy West was a novelist and short story writer who was part of the Harlem Renaissance She is best known for her novel The Living Is Easy about the life of an upper class black familyWest's principal contribution to the Harlem Renaissance was to publish the magazine Challenge which she founded in 1934 with 40 She also published the magazines successor New Challenge These magazines were among the first to publish literature featuring realistic portrayals of African Americans Among the works published were Richard Wright's groundbreaking essay Blueprint for Negro Writing together with writings by Margaret Walker and Ralph EllisonAfter both magazines folded because of insufficient financing West worked for the Works Progress Administration's Federal Writers' Project until the mid 1940s During this time she wrote a number of short stories for the New York Daily News She then moved to Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard where she wrote her first novel The Living Is Easy Published in 1948 her novel was well received critically but did not sell many copiesIn the four decades after West worked as a journalist primarily writing for a small newspaper on Martha's Vineyard In 1982 a feminist press brought The Living Is Easy back into print giving new attention to West and her role in the Harlem Renaissance As a result of this attention at age 85 West finally finished a second novel titled The Wedding Published in 1995 the novel was a best seller and resulted in the publication of a collection of West's short stories and reminiscences called The Richer the Poorer Oprah Winfrey turned the novel into a two part television miniseries The Wedding TV miniseries