(The Great Rift) PDF Û Edward W. Robertson

(The Great Rift) PDF Û Edward W. Robertson

This is a 20 hour long audiobook that could be about 10 hours shorter Maybe Little chunks of exciting things happen in between long stretches of not muchOn the other hand the banter between Dante and Blays is still uite enjoyable and made me laugh on a few occasionsAnd listening to Tim Gerard Reynolds tell a story where not much happens is still retty goddamn amazing So it wasn t too bad Weaker than book 1 Hoping book 3 is better than both Hmm well first off this book contains foul language I feel like I ve been kidnapped by a good writer with a toilet tongue and a dark sense of humor No I will not recommend this to anyone if you wish to subject yourself go ahead Suffers from typical middle book issues Very long not as much gets accomplished Still these are interesting characters with some nice worldbuilding so I will finish out the series The funny interaction between the Blays and Dante and their youthful arrogance are on Global Corporations in Global Governance par with the first book and while I like the writing style this was way too slowaced to a fault I considered Angels in Harmony putting it away for good but was rewarded towards the end where it accelerated to an incredibleace Given the amount of characters in than a few chapters there are uite some surprises here and there Much better than the 1st book I really struggled to finish listening to the first book but kept at it because I could see that there were good bones to the book And I m so glad I did The author seems to have honed his skills because book 2 was well worth the tim. An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereFive years ago young sorcerer Dante Galand and his friend Blays averted war against their new home the city of Narashtovik Ever since they've been repaying their debts arming and training the nomadic norren Sketchy Behavior people inreparation for rebellion against the empire that enslaves themWhen Dante.

E I imagine that book 3 is even better Awesome Book must read for Autumn Brides people who do not go for the typical fantasy books I couldn t finish this one It was a deluded mess of a book suffering from the sameroblems of the first book I am not continuing this seriesNot recommended Though the Norren are very interesting The Princess and the Three Knights people I find the sudden focus shift from learning about the ins and outs of the Magic system to Let s single handedly start and end a war a bit disappointing It s also getting tedious following so many characters who have an almost identical sense of humour as the base of their wholeersonality It is starting to feel like the main 4 are the same The Beauty of Believing people with slightly different twists to them Dark Guy Proud Guy Tough Girl and Old Guy aren t doing enough to define them when they all interact the same way Even though I wish the Norren weren t the main focus they ended up being the interestingart of the story seeing as they have diverse Sticky Church personalities than Sarcastic jerk with 1 other trait I really enjoy the writing style The sarcasm is great The combat is gritty and brutal The story is compelling The only issue I have is that sometimes it hard to tell the characters apart A lot of them are very similar I ve seen the criticism from other readers I don t think this one is as good as the first one but I want to argue about the reasons why this one is hurting First there s alot device related to trust that is continually focused on throughout the entire novel It could be something th. Hears a nearby norren clan is in Forbidden Love Unchained possession of the uivering Bow a legendary artifact that can strike down walls with a single arrow his course is clear With such a weapon he can secure independence for both the norren and Narashtovik But the bow has been taken by the enemy Following a trail ofirates and slavers Dante Blays and a clan

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At is overdone a bit One less chapter just to replace the chapter that felt like it was just missing about 23 in The battle on the river and then the battle in the village follows so fast with no transition that it jolts a reader a bit to catch on The break between Blays and Dante at the end is Witches of the Deep South predictable but so happy that the victory is made hollow the way the second book in a trilogy should Perhaps the fact that I m reading this now right after Doctor Strange and I feel that the break with a trusted ally is overused Finally there s the mysterylot about halfway in The rush back to Narashtovik might as well be the Tortuga battlecry of the PotC fame Let s go back to N Let s rush to N Dude s dead what are you going to do The betrayal of the Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) priest was randomly chosen and his own involvement in the fight in the village makes me cringe a lot So many other better options All of this and i still love the conversations Still love the idioms andhrases of modern day civilization anachronistically applied in a fantasy world Still love the fights for the modern day belief that slavery is a bad thing There are so many other things that we could target but we continue to hit slavery I just remember the eighties and this being the fantasy mainstream So a century and a score after the US finally abolished slavery we finally moved it into the realm of fantasy But we do not get into the after effects of slavery Seems like we have an abundance of that to inform our writing today I wish we could get there. F norren warriors strike deep into enemy landsUntil now their rebellion's been kept secret But their uest for the bow leads Dante and Blays to an all out assault on the Christianity personal manor ofowerful lord Cassinder Enraged Cassinder will have his revenge on norren and Narashtovik alike and this time there will be no stopping the engines of wa.

Ed is the author of the post apocalyptic Breakers series and the epic fantasy series The Cycle of Arawn A former New Yorker and Idaho guy he currently lives in the LA area His short fiction has appeared in a whole bunch of magazines and anthologies

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