No Safe Place (EPUB)

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N trust the lead detective on the caseThere is immediate attraction between the two although they both hide it to some extent As they go about their business the ire intensifies and one thing leads to another blah blah blah Much of the book is taken up by these urges and conversations about how much they want each other although typically Kate is the strong silent type who has to be convinced I was able to skip past many pages that were devoted to the details It is all the usual stuff nothing new here two pretty people lusting after each otherI am not a A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family fan of romantic suspense obviously Clearly there are many who are so I hope one of those gets this book next I read No Safe Place when it was released on paperback in 07 and I don t remember it being this bad There were parts that somewhat captured my attention then there were parts that were really corny And there was too much useless dialogue I just did not enjoy this book. Aorestiera dalla lingua lunga pronta a tutto pur di scoprire una antomatica verità rende tutto molto più complicato L’affannosa ricerca di Nick e Kate li porterà ad affondare nel cuore della malavita di New Orleans e solo superando una densa cortina di inganni si troveranno davanti a un terribile segreto che nessuno desidera vedere svelato.

Erworld of the sultry southern city And as they peel away layers of deadly deception they discover a dark secret too many are willing to kill to keep The thriller part of the book was OK but the author needs to learn when to inject sexual content into the plot In my opinion the act that the heroine is thinking about the hero s erection while they are lying on the ground because someone is trying to shoot them isn t too credible All too often the sex seemed to get in the way of the plot This is some sort of romance novel I think it comes under the heading romantic suspense having read some of thoseThe story Kate Delaney detective Computers from Chicago heads to New Orleans to learn about the death of her twin sister Tara The two had not seen each other in ten years or because of the differences in the ways they lived To help her track down Tara s movements Kate hires aormer policeman Nick Broussard Neither Kate nor Nick eel they ca. Per uesto decide di contattare comunue l’ex agente Nick Broussard espulso dalla polizia con l’accusa di corruzione ma in realtà anche lui impegnato nel tentativo di smascherare gli agenti che sono i veri colpevoli di uesto reato Nick sa che i poliziotti vivono seguendo un preciso codice nessuno deve indagare su un collega e la presenza di un.

Although it is uite cheesy I enjoyed it way too ar into book to get interesting to much sex Chicago homicide detective Kate Delaney A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 fiercely defends victims Which is why despite death threats she s testifying to aederal grand jury about local police corruption It s also why she s infuriated by the New Orleans police department s blas attitude toward her estranged sister s death But pursuing an investigation in a strange city means allying with someone who knows the territory And the players Someone with a total disregard Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, for the rulesAs an ex coprom a police Stupid men jokes family New Orleans PI Nick Broussard knows that cops live by their own code You don t rat out aellow officer The last thing he needs is some smart mouthed by the book outsider unknowingly injecting herself into his undercover search Workbook for Emergency Care for the truth Even worse is the way she conjures up visions of tangled sheetsNick and Kate s chase pits them against the criminal und. La detective Kate Delaney è stata allontanata dalla polizia per aver denunciato casi di corruzione dei suoi colleghi Nelrattempo si reca a New Orleans per indagare sulla morte della sorella che gli investigatori hanno rettolosamente archiviato come suicidio Ma è difficile muoversi in una città che non si conosce e dove nessun luogo è sicuro.

No Safe Place (EPUB)

New York Times bestselling author JoAnn Ross has written over a hundred novels for a bunch of publishers Two of her titles have been excerpted in Cosmo and her books have also been published by the Doubleday Rhapsody Literary Guild and Mystery Guild book clubs A member of the Romance Writers of America's Honor Roll of best selling authors she's won several awards including Romantic Times's

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