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375 Stars This was different In a good way but I didn t think it had much romance I ove the marriage in peril trope and the evil other woman so that was somewhat typical but the way they worked their problems out by 100% open communication and honesty with a good dose of couples therapy was uite atypical for a category romance I feel NINE - Curse of the Kalingan like it s a four star read except I wanted really really really bad things to happen to the OW Like I can t even think of something awful enough that doesn t make me soundike a psychopath Which obviously didn t happen because they are so well adjusted now with their therapy and all I thought this book was really good it was written really well i thought the story would go the usual way with this scenerio which was the hero would blackmail his soon to be exwife to stay in his Once Was Bombay life or some such thing which would create angst in theirives surprisingly it didnt go down that route it went a totally different route to everything ive ever read before the stort showed that both the hero and heroine had the same goal they both wanted to get back together this helped them to resolve the differences that had occurred in their ives it showed a very honest pespective in their ives i couldnt put this book down it made me want to read about their Scenes from a Writers Life lives i would highly recommend this book a total 5 star read It was interesting for half of it The idea of the marriage counseling was so good and the 1st two therapy sessions was so nice But after the half mark it started going down hill specially with the crazy obsessed ex sister inaw plot It s very hard to believe her parents didn t notice how disturbed she was For the hero I believe men can be oblivious and I believe he didn t notice how crazy she was After all he was Boy Swallows Universe looking after her in respect of the memory of theate wife who reuested that of him and he really didn t want to So he did what he had to do and never payed enough attention to her attitudes Imo the dead wife should have reuested that to their parents They have responsibilities with their kids And also because after the half mark the story changed voices It didn t feel as the same story any It just took away from the working on the marriage part I was interested in the couple trying to work things out between them This was an okay read for me Not good enough to re read but not bad enough for me to wish I had skipped itThis has a vast cast of characters You have our hero Greek billionaire Leandros and his soon to be ex wife Kellie who are still deeply in The Secret Of The Cemetery love but have had infertility issues and it has taken a toll on them both Then we have Petra Leandrosong time friend and eventually his wife who we hear about throughout the book who had been pregnant when she was killed in a plane crash killing both her and the unborn child a couple years ago Next there is the well hated sister of Leandros dead wife who We're going to have twinsKellie Petralia soon to be ex wife of Greek billionaire Leandros is miraculously pregnant with twinsBut the pain of being unable to conceive has take.

EBOOK FREE Along Came Twins Tiny Miracles #2 AUTHOR Rebecca Winters

Tead of sulky teenagersThe heroine was also willing to accept her share of failings even though a DK Life Stories Alexander Hamilton little reluctantly as she thought herself as the injured party and came across as aittle stubborn and bitchy to begin with but I soon started admiring her strengthIt was really satisfying to watch these two to work on their issues and come together Vocabulario Figurado 2 like they re related to meI also for once was happy that they decided to forgive the OW because clearly she was sick She had psychological issues that nobody picked up on Nobody paid enough attention to her to see how sick she was She needed help and forgiveness not punishmentAnother thing did bother me aittle bit Hero had a happy marriage with his first wife He Sex, Politics, and Religion in Star Wars loved her however this is where personal interpretations come in he wasn t IN LOVE with her They were best friends turning couple and had a good marriage So does this make heroine a second best Heroine thought so That was her insecurities Hero vehemently denied Heroine hated the fact she was a virgin and he had a full on marriedife before her and his wife had his Home Remedies love first Hero couldn t really do anything about theack of virginity but he was never hung up on his first wife and he fell in Defender for Hire (Heroes for Hire, love with heroine and asked her to marry him because ofoveI also got a feeling the ex wife was a very self centred shallow woman who never put the hero first Hero visited HER parents with her but visited his parents by himself because she didn t enjoy the place the stayed in She had a busy career meaning they were apart most of the time So hero was bound to get Spots Fun with Friends lonely in this relationship sooner rather thanater if she didn t die I really could see this one heading to divorce court so I didn t torture myself with what if heroine came to his A Kiss To Change Her Life life while he was married And I thought heroine was definitely not a second best and he was passionately inove with her which may not have been the case with his first wife Well that was different This story is of a couple who are on the verge of divorce and after a separation of a month decide to go to marriage counseling The whole book is the story of this counseling and their discoveries there and the discussions they have afterwards as they make their way back to each other So you get to see their marriage unfold as each of them admits what they were feeling and believing about the other s actions during their two years of marriage Plus the way they each opened up in the present to Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings let the other inI ve never read a romance set up uite this way and I really enjoyed it and believed in their happy ever after A simple uick readI know aot of people ike Mills Boon books whilst I might not be the target audience for them I still iked this book It was a short and easy read The prose was simple and clean and predictable I Neimhaim (Neimhaim, liked the happy ending but I don tike Miniseries Tiny MiraclesCategory Contemporary Romanc. Apart he knows they belong together and he is determined to do whatever it takes to repair their marriage Will he convince Kellie that miracles can happen than once in a fami.

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S off her rocker and is obsessed with having Leandros He is Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho like most typical men clueless and has no idea she is coming on to him When his new wife alerts him to the fact he doesn t pay attention When she has finally had enough she asks him to go to a marriage counselorhe refusedGreek men are always right don t you know Leandros is clueless and doesn t heed his wife s opinions and warnings about theying conniving ex sister in Carrying the Greeks Heir law and there you have the breakdown of their marriageI wanted to mention that this book really didn t contain any romance per se There was no intimacy maybe two kisses and that was the extent I do have to applaud the inclusion of a marriage counselor that helped them put their marriage back together I thought it said aot about the author The counselor was super and was indeed helpful in Amish Sweethearts letting them know where the breakdown of their relationshipmarriage began Review Posted on HarleuinJunkiecomWhen I reviewed Baby Out of the Blue I mentioned it had a seuel That seuel is Along Came Twinsby Rebecca Winters It wasovely to read both books as the second contained the intriguing characters of Kellie and Leandros Petralia who were introduced in the first bookTheir marriage was teetering on the edge of disaster because of many things the most heart wrenching of which is their inability to conceive Kellie was a virgin before marrying the intense and magnetic Leandros so she had no idea she had an allergy to him This ensured their constant use of protection and the need to turn to artificial insemination Every time their attempts ended in failure it put another wedge between them Read More Ok this book I Call Me Dan loved To be honest the 4 stars were because I don t understand how someone so compassionate as the heroet s the other woman make trouble and dismisses his wife s words so easily How did he Triple Dare (The Art of Seduction, let her walk all over his wife who was so dear to him and not notice How can a married man not realise that a third person is violating their personal space How did he not see thativing at his old flat might translate to his new wife that he s hanging onto the memories of his first wifeBut apart from that this was an amazing bookAnd whatever his failing was as a husband to begin with he had dedicated himself to make things right To begin with Marriage counselling not AFTER knowing about the pregnancy BEFORE He REALLY wanted to work on his marriage it was hard for him since he was such a proud man to accept that the breakdown of the marriage might be because of his shortcomings and he will have to eventually voice out some of his innermost thoughts which even though were true he wasn t proud of It is hard to admit your weaknesses and vulnerability to your Broken loved ones because you want to appear flawless to themBUT he acted on salvaging the marriage To me that shows character and Iove it when the characters act ike responsible adults ins. N its toll and even as Kellie surprises Leandros with the exciting news they're just days away from divorceOnly Leandros has other ideas Though they might have almost fallen.

Rebecca Winters an American writer and mother of four lives in Salt Lake City Utah When she was 17 she went to boarding school in Lausanne Switzerland where she learned to speak French and met girls from all over the world Upon returning to the US Rebecca developed her love of languages when she earned her BA in secondary education history French and Spanish from the University of