[Shipwreck in Art and Literature] Read ¹ Carl Thompson

Shipwreck in Art and Literature Read ¹ Carl Thompson

characters Shipwreck in Art and Literature

Tales of shipwreck have always fascinated audiences and as a result there is a rich literature of suffering at sea and an eually rich tradition of visual art depicting this theme Exploring the shifting semiotics and symbolism of shipwreck the interdisciplinary essays in this volume provide a history of a major literary and artistic motif as they consider how dep.

Ictions have varied over time and across genres and cultures Simultaneously they explore the imaginative potential of shipwreck as they consider the many meanings that have historically attached to maritime disaster and suffering at sea Spanning both popular and high culture and addressing a range of political spiritual aesthetic and environmental concerns this.

Cross cultural comparative study sheds new light on changing attitudes to the sea especially in the West In particular it foregrounds the role played by the maritime in the emergence of Western modernity and so will appeal not only to those interested in literature and art but also to scholars in history geography international relations and postcolonial studies.

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