Resilience Suffering and Creativity (PDF)

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Hrough the vignettes The book itself does a containing job on this most disorientating of all fates It is a job to help those with less resilience and it is a job to help those who have to listen therapeutically to the refugee experience Bob Hinshelwood Psychoanalyst Professor in the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies University of Esse.

Resilience Suffering and Creativity offers a particularly thoughtful overview of what is needed by those who have come finally to rest in some refuge The specific issues in this ind of work are raised here the role of words in treating trauma that comes from physical and bodily privation; the indicators by which we can pick those whos.

E resilience can carry them through; the place of social network support and its loss; the role of the therapeutic institution for people who have been institutionally persecuted; and so on It is a far reaching contribution to addressing these various issues and is by necessity a vehicle that gives us a feel of the refugee experience

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Resilience Suffering and Creativity (PDF)