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Up to me I Cross My Heart is the tenth book in the Sons of Chance series by Vicki Lewis Thompson I confess I ve not read any other book in this series and it didn t hurt the story at all There were some references to characters that made me assume their story has been told but no inside jokes or message that I felt were missing I will definitely be reading of this seriesNash Bledsoe s divorce is final and he s ready to move forward and not look back It grates on him that he feels like a failure but you can only do so much with a wife that uses her wealth to make you feel inferior He definitely won t miss hearing her uote her favorite self help author If he never hears happiness is a choice again it will be too soon He has a great job working on his friend s ranch They make him feel like family and not just a hired hand now if he can just one day own a place of his own life will be perfect Until then he will just eep doing what he s doing Currently that is checking out the situation at the neighboring ranch The foreman saw smoke coming from the property and fire is never anything to play around with especially when the owner of that ranch just passed on and no one People of the Book known to be their What he finds when he gets there is nothing short of entertainment at it s best and he has no idea how much his life is about to change because of it You re beautiful but I admit I ve been with beautiful women before There s something about you the way you move the way you smell the sound of your voice the total package jacks me up something fierce Bethany Grace is home to clean up her childhood home Her father has finally drunk himself to death and Bethany has a heap of anger Taking it out on his old recliner seemed like such a good idea Dragging it out of the house and lighting fire to it was very cathartic but now she s left with a heavy disgusting mess in the front yard and a hot cowboy looking at her like she s lost her mind Could life get any better Oh yea it can Turns out that he not onlynows who she is but her books were used to make his life hell She uickly discovers that he s not the type to hold it against her and they begin talking about her plans for the property Hiring Nash to help fix the buildings is one of the smartest decisions she s ever made but falling in love with him isn t She has a life and career waiting for her She just has to tie up these ends and get back to it It s not going to be easy to leave their hot sexy nights but it will be impossible to leave without a broken heart His tongue did things to her mouth that if employed elsewhere on her body would be illegal in some states She hoped he was into breaking a law or two This was such a fun sweet story It really outlines the best of what a small community has to offer and how good humanity can be I loved the fun sexy hot adventures that Nash and Bethany share but I eually love the wonderful friends and family they have between them I would like to thank NetGalleycom for the loan of this book in exchange for my honest review You can find this review and others at and I Cross My Heart is the 10th book in the Sons of Chance series by Vicki Lewis Thompson and the book was awesome to read Nash Bledsoe is working at the Last Chance Ranch after his failed marriage He saving up all he can so he can buy his own ranch He meets Bethany Grace when he goes next door to investigate the smoke coming from over thereBethany Grace is back in Jackson Hole to clean up the decrepit family ranch after her father s death She burns the recliner in the front yard and that s when she meets Nash Bledsoe Nash and Bethany are instantly attr I Cross My Heart Sons Of Chance by Vicki Lewis ThompsonI have to admit I have not read the previous books in this series Sons of Chance but after reading this one and the next in the series Wild at Heart I would love to be able and go back later and start from the beginningNash Bledsoe has returned to Wyoming after his marriage ended He has come to work at Last Chance Ranch When he is sent to check on smoke in the distance the last thing he expected was to come face to face with s Tenth in the Sons of Chance western romance The couple focus is on Bethany Grace and Nash Bledsoe and set near Jackson Hole WyomingMy TakeIt s a sweet romance with little depth or tension making this an easy and cozy read a cute story with a nice twist on the self help book Well nice for the reader not so nice for Nash Although he did eventually got the best end of the deal I did enjoy this It s such a positive statement by both protagonists as they each heal and their lives evolve to encompass what each of them truly wants An excellent example of changing the life patterns one grows up with It certainly helped that they are surrounded by supportive and loving peopleYour books made my life a living hellIt s a perversion of what Bethany s books are about and I do like that Bethany recognized and explained how wrong Lindsay was It was sweet that Nash brought up the coercion aspects of sex and sale after Bethany brought up the same viewpoint although from a different angle It did however smack too much of too angelic a stance It does present both characters as very decent people The StoryIt s Bethany s need to purge her anger at her father that brings Nash running to the Triple G ranch where Nash discovers she s the author of so much of his unhappinessAll Bethany wants to do is get rid of the ranch but it s sorry state could have a negative impact on her own reputation But exposing that same sorry state. Ttle blaze outsideuntil things get out of handCowboy Nash Bledsoe is working at the Last Chance Ranch next door when he sees the smoke Bethany is the last person he expects or wants to see How can he explain that she's indirectly responsible for.

To a contractor who might talkwell that could be disastrous as wellLucky for her that Nash is so intent on building up his own nest eggThe CharactersBethany Grace is a self help guru forced to come home and deal with the family ranch when her chronically unhappy father Hank Grace drank himself to death Opal Knightly a thin disguise for Oprah is the host of a popular TV talk show and Bethany s friend with the opportunity of a lifetimeNash Bledsoe he appeared in the epilogue of Feels Like Home 9 has found refuge at Last Chance and much prefers shoveling manure to sitting on a therapist s couch shoveling it metaphysically Lindsay is his rich ex wife who never hesitated to shovel home that she s the one with the money I am so hoping that Thompson does another story with Lindsay getting her just desert What a cow His mom Lucy runs the Lickity Split an ice cream parlor and last fall she married Ronald Hutchinson owner of the Shoshone Feed Store Nash s sister Katrina is engaged to Langford Hutch Hutchinson Jack s and Nash s friend in high schoolJack Chance his wife Josie owns the Spirits and Spurs a bar in Shoshone his brothers Nicholas married to Dominiue and Gabe his wife Morgan is a realtor and their mother Sarah Chance she s engaged to Pete Beckett own the ranch Jonathan died a few years ago Jack runs the ranch while Nick is a vet with his own practice and Gabe competes in the arena riding Last Chance horses showcasing the ones that are for saleEmmett Sterling is the Last Chance foreman he s seeing Pam Mulholland who owns a BB Pam is Nicole O Leary s sister and moved to Jackson Hole to be near her nephew Emily is Emmett s daughter and training to take over from her dad when he retires she s married to Clay Luke Griffin is Nash s friend and used to work for Nash and Lindsey at their Sacramento riding stables Now he works as a ranch hand along with Jeb and Danny Mary Lou Sims is the Last Chance cook last summer she married Watkins one of the ranch hands The Last Chance Youth ProgramThe program is Pete s idea a second chance for ids from troubled situations Eddie and Ace are two of the eight boysThe runaway wife Diana married again and had two sons Wyatt and Rafe of whom Jack s recently learned And pulled into the family Wyatt owns an adventure trekking company and is married to Olivia Rafe is engaged to MegNaomi Perkins has applied for a grant to observe eagles and their chicks the set up for Wild at Heart 11 Real News 247 is a rumor mongering TV show intrigued by the rumors of the famous Bethany Grace s father dying alone and in povertyNicholas Jonathan O Leary is Jonathan Chance and Nicole O Leary s child deposited at five months old on the Last Chance Ranch doorstep Seems Jonathan senior wasn t himself after his wife Diana left him and their young son Jack and he forgot that essential condom Now Jonathan is married to Sarah and they re expecting baby Gabriel in a few months It s Archie s idea to call the three boys the Sons of ChanceThe CoverThe cover is generic with a shirtless cowboy in jeans and a hat gripping what looks like a brown jacket as individual stalks of grass wave in front of himI m thinking the title I Cross My Heart is Nash s desire for both the Triple G and Bethany I really enjoyed the love story and the main characters It did felt a little chessy in relation to Bethany s mentor and the way she helped with the book s ending My view This is not my first rodeo at the Last Chance Ranch and once again the author did not disappoint As is her style this book can be read as a stand alone with enough information to learn about other characters but without the need to read other books in the series to have a better understanding of the current book events The relationship between Nash and Bethany is steamy from the beginning no pun intended Both characters are loveable and worth the time Their relationship was initiated by Bethany but Nash takes control of the situation within the minute and leads them to the start of a simple but great relationship We have the opportunity to see a lot of the characters from other books take part of this installment My only complain is related to Bethany s mentor The character was not well develop and felt as taken directly from current social media Therefore making the book ending not as uniue as it could had been What I liked the most I love the interactions between Bethany and Nash They worked great together I wanted of I wanted a different ending for the book Maybe a little original Who should read it Anyone looking for a good cowboy story could read this book without the need to read any previous one in the series Rate 4 out of 5 Nash Bledsoe just got served his divorce papers from his ex wife Lindsay He s been working at The Last Chance Ranch just over a year now Emmett Sterling asks Nash to check out a fire at Triple G Ranch Nash gets the surprise of his lifethe woman his ex uote religiously Bethany Grace Bethany Grace a Self Help Guru comes face to face with cowboy perfection that hates everything about her writing career Nash discovers that Bethany isn t anything like he thought she was Bethany wants to sell Triple G Ranch to get back to her life in Atlanta Bethany discovers that Nash sparks her with lust filled fantasies that are completely mutual Nash would like to present the offer to buy Triple G Ranch from Bethany but it cuts short the bedroom games they can play with each other Can either Nash or Bethany that maybe something is what they both want Your answers await you in I Cross My Heart. Ruining his lifeStill there's an opportunity for Nash to buy the ranch if he can help restore it and the two strike a deal But there's a whole lot of chemistry in the fine print and Nash is about to discover that where there's smoke there's fir.

Occasionally I am up for reading a story about a cowboy and this one takes place in Jackson Hole Wyoming This story is one of the Sons of Chance series by Vicki Lewis Thompson Bethany Grace self help guru and author comes home to her father s run down ranch after his recent death to clear out the place and sell it Upon arrival Bethany angrily shoves her father s old Lazy Boy chair outside and sets it on fire Next door at the Last Chance Ranch cowboy Nash Bledsoe sees smoke and is sent to investigate When Nash discovers she is Bethany Grace the author he blames her for ruining his former marriage and his life However when Nash is given the opportunity to buy the Triple G Ranch from Bethany he offers to restore the ranch and live there reassuring her that the ranch will not be bulldozed and they become romantically involved in the process This is an adorable story and I rated it 4 stars Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review425 StarsI ve read many of Vicki Lewis Thompson s books but this is my first book in the Sons of Chance series What this book did was remind me how much I enjoy this author s work and made me wonder why I haven t read the other books in this series and there are a bunch of them It also proved you can read them as a standalone book and not be lost while I m sure some of the back story on the other people we meet would have been nice it wasn t necessary for the enjoyment of this book I Cross My Heart features a rough and tumble newly divorced cowboy and an author headed for a recurring guest stint on one of America s favorite talk showshe believes her self help books ruined his marriage and she s out to prove it was his faulty wife and not her wordsNash Bledsoe is recently divorced and somewhat bitter He nows the divorce was the right thing to do but it doesn t make it any easier especially when he was left with no money no property and feeling raw He thanks his lucky stars he was able to get a ranch hand job with an old friend back in his home state of Wyoming where he hopes to one day purchase a place of his ownBethany Grace would like to be anywhere but in the state of Wyoming and in the house she grew up in She can t believe the condition her father let it deteriorate to or the fact that he died in sualor She takes her anger out on his recliner by setting it on fireyes she lights it up in spectacular fashion but it also alerts the neighboring Chance ranch sending Nash right into her pathDespite the recent events in Nash s life he truly is a good ole country boy rancher It s in his blood to be nice to Bethany even though he feels she had a hand in breaking up his marriage I admire the fact that he listened to her when she defended her work and he came to realize that he couldn t hold it against her I love the Bethany was so concerned about her books and words being taken out of context and that they hurt him She realizes right away that he can be trusted and he sees an opportunity to help her and earn some extra money as well Their friendship turns into as they begin to restore the property and their soulsThis was an easy book to read and enjoy there was humor sexy fun lots of Wyoming hospitality and a little bit of drama to eep it interesting I Cross My Heart is another fine offering from Vicki Lewis Thompson and I m glad she s back on my radar again and I can guarantee it won t be long before I read another story by her this was to enjoyable not to What an amazing romance I will never look at a recliner without smiling again Ms Thompson has once again proven that she is an outsanding romance author Her world at the Last Chance ranch is always a joy to revisit She combines humor and passion better than anyone else I Cross My Heart is the story of Nash Bledsoe a ranch hand and family friend of The Last Chance ranch Bethany Grace who s inherited the ranch next door the Triple G comes home to put the place on the marketNash and Bethany meet over a burning recliner and immediately strike sparks off of each other Between fixing up the ranch and burning up t This book started off with Nash s divorce from his estranged wife was final and he finally gained back his freedom One thing that he could not forget was his wif s mantra Happiness is a choice and it was taken from Bethany s self help book Nash is particularly sensitive with it and he seems to develop hatred on the author of the book whom according to him have make his life difficult when he was married Unbeknown to him Bethany is his neighbour s daughter who is back to handle the estate that her late father have left behind Bethany although is a self help motivator and author have not been back to visit her late father as she refused to see for herself the way her father is destroying his life after her mother s death She wanted to sell the ranch and Nash is looking into buying it from her From the beginning of the book after the initial disagreement that they have they have been involved in an affair that they both new is a temporary arrangement Their passions for each other are strong and it was clearly seen that they are falling in love Yet they refuse to acknowledge their own feeling for each otherI like the story plot very much and the characters are likeable There are many scene in this book that have depicted the passion that they have for each other yet when they give in to their stubbornness to confess their true feeling I was rather annoyed But the scene in this book at the end of the book is truly make it. A deal with a devilishly sexy cowboySelf help guru Bethany Grace has returned home to clean up the now decrepit family ranch after her father's death Rather than just set the whole place ablaze her first choice she settles for a nice symbolic li.

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal

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