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Er to Temptation has everything a mild BDSM read needsRich CEO billionaire with damaged past CHECKNewbie submissive Heroine CHECK Steamy BDSM scenes CHECKDevon and Zach at first are attracted to each ther and to my surprise it wasn t insta lust There was nice tension and chasing n Zach s part Zach is very Dominate He knows what he wants and what he wants is sex with Devon but sex his way He doesn t do vanilla sex Devon is jilted by her ex and she isn t model thin so she doubts herself When sexy Zach shows her interests it s hard for Devon not to follow his lead even though she s a bit scaredSurrender to Temptation was an easy short read I really did enjoy it and the steamy factor. Park ignited a sensual connection that followed them wherever they went defying all sense and reason But Zach's inner turmoil and Devon's need to be than an bject f desire created complications that neither expected After their devastatingly explosive encounters Devon is ce.

I liked the book but I did get annoyed by the constant walking away the heroine did disappointing in terms f the ending 25 Stars rating for the whole series Full 6 Part Review Surrender to Temptation by Lauren JamesonMy rating 4 f 5 stars4 Tempting StarsSurrender to Temptation is a mild BDSM read with a hint f dominance steam and sexy billionaire Hero Devon walked in The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD on her boyfriend cheating She is devastated and decides to uit her job and move away She ends up in a little town and as she eats dinner she sees a handsome stranger who can t keep his eyesff f her Zach is handsome rich and is very dominate He ffers Devon a job at his company and Devon happily acceptsSurrend. Lies secrets and desires are laid bare as Devon and Zach realize what it will take to belong to each ther completely in the thrilling conclusion f Lauren Jameson's Surrender to TemptationSurrender to Temptation Part VITempted to Possess The night that Devon and Zach met a

Was nice The tension between Devon and Zach is up and down Zach is very hot and cold Many times Zach pushes Devon away and I got a bit frustrated at the end I wanted to tell Zach Okay enough I was happy that Devon wasn t too much like a puppy and pushed Zach back a bitI ve read a lot f BDSM reads so I tend to go towards the darker harsher reads but every nce in a while it s nice to read a short sweet Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse oneAn ARC was provided in exchange for an honest reviewNote Surrender to Temptation is also available in five parts Series Order Six Parts For reviews all my reviews Waskay I felt like the build up to the end was weak and it felt anticlimactic The ending sex scene was a let down. Rtain that Zach wants her despite himself Now she has to convince him that with her he should be able to let go But for a man like Zach who's so used to controlling everything giving in may be the ultimate test Includes a bonus excerpt f Lauren Jameson's upcoming novel Blush.

Free Surrender to Temptation Part VI ´ Lauren Jameson

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