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Apparently Lindsey Smith a sex therapist underestimates the small minds and power of gossip when she escapes a media frenzy poking fun at her work and threatening her career Enter Mike Santori the new police chief from Chicago Hot sexy and handsome Mike is on probation to see if he is a fit for Wild Boar Island Is it no wonder these two find a magical connection especially after Mike accidently discovers Lindsey s sex toy collection which she swears is only for research What red blooded American male could resist the fantasies they invoke especially if he adds the beautiful and intelligent Lindsey into the mix As these two grow closer and their banter bawdy their relationship becomes an explosively steamy romp that only the small town nasties could possibly threaten to cool Will Lindsey bow to the pressure and run Will Mike be able to convince her that nothing matters beyond the intimate and trusting world they have createdDouble Take by Leslie Kelly is a sexy erotic and emotional tale of love and learning to trust completely opening a door in the protective walls that can be built Fun teasing and filled with humorous moments of witty banter Leslie Kelly s style is fast paced and crisp From the stuffy residents to the creepy deputy not a character was wasted to help create this hot and romantic readI received an ARC edition from Harleuin Blaze in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date May 1 2014Publisher Harleuin Blaze ISBN 9780373797998Genre Adult Contemporary RomanceNumber of Pages 224Available from Barnes Noble My review cross posted from Wit and Sin Double Take is a fast paced sexy read with two protagonists who meet when their lives are at a crossroads Mike s a cop who tired of constantly putting his life on the line while working for the Chicago PD He s seeing if life in the slow lane as a small town chief of police is for him and his plans don t involve being fiercely attracted to Wild Boar Island s newest substitute teacher While Mike s a hot protective hero who s easy to like it s the subject of his desire who really makes Double Take memorable Lindsey Smith is a sex therapist who needs to lie low after the media turns her serious research into a meme worthy joke I not only adored Lindsey my heart broke for her She s a hardworking intelligent woman who doesn t deserve the ridicule heaped on herUnfortunately Wild Boar Island may not be the best place for Lindsey to get a fresh start Though I m sure there are plenty of lovely residents in the small town the ones highlighted in the story made me cringe and overall made the tale slightly less enjoyable But when the story isn t focused on Lindsey and Mike avoiding slimy men or self righteous harridans it sparkles with humor and steams with sexual tension Both in bed and out Mike and Lindsey make a great couple and it was a joy to watch them overcome their internal barriers most of them Lindsey s to get the happily ever after they deserve Double Take is erotic emotional and ultimately enjoyable Fans of author Leslie Kelly s Santori family will be delighted by the cameos some of her past heroes and heroines make As for me Double Take is my first Santori tale and I m intrigued enough by these sexy Italians to take a peek into Ms Kelly s Santori backlistNote I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review As any reader knows the hardest books to review or rate are the ones that are simply okay Nothing bad sticks out about the story but there s also nothing huge that stays with me after finishing it eitherAll I can say is Double Take was enjoyable while it lasted but it did not leave me jumping up and down with excitement It was simply another romance lovely at times witty at others but lacking some development The jump from sexy times to love was a bit rushed as with many category romancesI liked Double Take and it was a very easy and uick read but I can t see it making my list of favorites any time soonFor a fun sexy read Double Take may be just the sort of story that will appeal to many readers Even though it didn t wow me I am still glad I reuested it I m mildly curious about the rest of Mike s family so when I need another uick escape I may just pick up one of Leslie Kelly s previous books3 12 STARS For my full review including some of my favorite uotes from the book please visit my blogTB s Book PalaceTheBookueen. Lindsey is than she claims to be Mike decides to use every sexy trick in the book to strip Lindsey of her defenses and reveal all of her secrets It's a wickedly sensuous journey one that pushes both of them beyond their limitsto the heart of their desir.

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E door for both Lindsey and Mike to a beginning of a happy ending I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Harleuin in exchange for an honest reviewLindsey is a very independent woman She had a difficult childhood and learned the only one she could depend on was herself And she d done well with thatuntil she literally falls into Mike s arms Confused by her want to protect everyone s images mixed with her ability to hide behind the walls she s built and her growing desires to not only give Mike her body but her trust Lindsey must learn the true definition of intimacy or risk losing everythingAfter an on the job injury Mike loses not only his girlfriend but also his desire to be a cop in a place he wasn t able to make a difference in Moving out of Chicago and into the middle of nowhere was an opportunity he jumped at but even though the small town is wearing on him he wouldn t change it for anything because being there is what brought Lindsey into his life She sends his heart soaring from the moment they meet but before he can have her the way he truly wants he has to break down every last one of the barriers she s built around herselfI enjoyed the premise of this story but had difficulty following the timeline It would jump forward days at a time sometimes in the middle of a chapter and mostly without proper indication Just when ou start to wonder if La Chanson de Jerusalem you re still reading about the same or next day it ll mention exactly how many days had passed Because of time skipping the main focus is solely on the two main characters and any sub story that sneaks in disappears without further reference It may be just me but I wished it would ve been a little in depth into not only Lindsey and Mike but the characters around them as wellMy Favorite Laughable Moment A fallen box with scattered contents From the moment the box falls to the second Mike walks out of the door I found myself laughing hysterically Well there was one steamy moment in there that kept my tears of laughter at bay but it too only added to making it one of my favorite parts of the book Overall I give Double Take 35 Stars 5 StarsErotic RomanceRelease date May 1 2014ABOUT THE BOOK When her research about orgasms goes viral sex therapist Lindsey Smith needs a place to lay low Substitute teaching on Wild Boar Island promises not only privacy but an opportunity to not think about sex Which thanks to the town s too tasty police chief lasts exactly one secondGetting hot for the new teacher wasn t in the plan Especially when Mike Santori discovers that Lindsey is than she claims to be Mike decides to use every sexy trick in the book to strip Lindsey of her defensesMY REVIEW This book was a hoot I loved the whole set up with why Lindsey needed to escape the trenches of the big city and go to a small town where she d hope no one knew her name Seeing as she s all over the media she needs to keep a low profile and how else to do that but in a place where she practically had to drop off the face of the EarthAdd in a ferry trip sea sickness a hot man trying to help her on overcome the sickness and turn out to be the new police chief Oh boyou don t think it could get any better than that but it does What would Biomedical Informatics you do ifour box of sex toys for research falls out in the open HAHAHAHAHAThe characters were engaging funny and real Their chemistry was hot and the author wraps up the story very nice This book will have The Book of the Honda S2000 you laughing out loud and suirming with hotness all at once I fell in love with these characters and I have no doubt other readers will as well Great job Fantastic read Leslie Kelly puts the hot in small town romance and she doesn t let up untilou want to scream for mercy Leslie Kelly has always been on my list of favorite writers for the Blaze line Her stories have plot as well as hot steamy sexyThe best part is the sex doesn t take up the whole story In fact in Double Take Lindsey and Mike don t get it going on until halfway through the bookKeep the two of them out of bed gave The Story of Rose ONeill you time to get to know both characters and it really gaveou time to fall for Mike I mean why aren t there real guys out there like him And why can t I find one Oh Minibeasts Under a Stone yes this is romance novel and these kinds of guys don t existDratBecause Mike is one awesome guy He s kind smart sweet funny I mean the scene when he finds so Doou think it s possible to be a less than conspicuous newcomer on a small island with small town ways. The town's too tasty police chief lasts exactly one second After the dangerous streets of Chicago Mike Santori figured the island was a safe sane place to settle down Getting hot for the new teacher wasn't in the plan Especially when he discovers that.

Lindsey and Mike have instant chemistry when they meet Both are trying to have a fresh new start in their lives so at first they try to resist each other Newcomers to a new small island town called Wild Boar they do their best to stay off the town s Double Take is about Lindsay Smith and Mike Santori Lindsay a sex therapy researcher is being a top laughing stock when she theorized that orgasms could be thought up In order to save her job and career she has agreed to her friend on Wild Boar Island Michigan to substitute her class for her while her friend is on maternity leave Mike Santori has taken the job as Chief of Police at Wild Boar Island After several close calls as a policeman Mike needed to assess his life If he passed probation as the new Police Chief would he still be part of his family s life in Chicago Being a cop is all he knows and he doesn t want to be back on the Chicago Police DepartmentMeeting Lindsay on the ferry boat wasn t what he was expecting He knew that Lindsay was staying on the island short term and would leave when her friend return from maternity leave What Mike didn t expected from Lindsay was discovering that she has a box of sex toysLindsay was mortified She didn t plan to take box of sex toys to Wild Boar Island She misled Mike that she was a school teacher when she is far from it Another thing is that Lindsay believed that she was incapable of having an intimate relationship with a manMike was just the man to show Lindsay how to have an intimate relationshipThere are some scenes in this book that I cracked up laughing Lindsay and Mike make a very good couple on a island where the head town council person is self righteous and prudish to a Wild Boar Island cop who believed he is entitled and the next in line to be Police Chief after his uncle retired and who loved to sexual harass attractive women The only thing that made sense was Lindsay and Mike s relationship on the small island townThis book is sexy erotic and humorous What it is about Lindsay learning to trust to gain a intimate relationship I also have to say that I just love the way the book end when Mike confronted Lindsay for leaving the islandI was given this book by the publisher through Net Gallery for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review I really found Lindsey s career choice sex therapist a great one which of course brought to mind the awesome Meet the Fockers movie I also loved her Thinkgasm and sorta wish I could figure out how that whole thing works Lindsey gets a raw deal from her current employer because they don t want to deal with the notoriety of her Thinkgasm popularity which is why she flees to Wild Boar Island when a position as a temporary teacher opens up her best friend held the position but had her baby early and so is on unexpected maternity leave it works in the storyMike s a rough and tough Chicago cop who moved to the island to get away from the rough streets wanting something a bit calmer and less dangerous for a while while he evaluates his life He and Lindsey cross paths as she travels to the island for the first time getting very sea sick along the wayThis was an easy read and I enjoyed my time on the island thoroughly I liked the gossipy community which rang true for how I imagine small towns are I ve never lived in a tiny town like the one in this book but having been in high school I know how the gossip thing works The secondary characters including the jerk deputy and witchy member of the town council were fun and added some real flavorSo overall this book IMO deserves a 4 star rating Check it out if ou canBook provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Lindsey is a psychologist escapes the media frenzy by becoming a temporary teacher in a small island where Mike the new police chief is The similarity that they have is they are a newcomer to Wild Boar Islands Lindsey obviously underestimate the people in the small island where the power of gossip and small minded people are Despite her being a psychologist Lindsey have issues of her own she believed that she was incapable of having an intimate relationship with a man Mike wanted to start afresh after his injury and wanted a fresh start And meeting Lindsey is not something he is expecting Overall it is a sexy and emotional read for me and I like the witty banter between Lindsey and Mike in the story I love seeing how learning to trust has open th. Getting under her skin When her research about orgasms goes viral sex therapist Lindsey Smith needs a place to lie low Substitute teaching on Wild Boar Island Michigan promises not only privacy but an opportunity to not think about sex Which thanks to.

(Double Take) PDF READ â Leslie Kelly

See this thread for information New York Times Bestselling author Leslie Kelly writes sexy romances and dark romantic thrillers A four time RWA RITA Award nominee eleven time Romantic Times Award nominee and 2006 RT Award winner Leslie has become known for her delightful characters sparkling dialogue and outrageous humor in her romances and for the dark grittiness of her thrillers Since the publication of her first book in 1999 Leslie has gone on to pen than forty sassy sexy romances for Harleuin Temptation Blaze and HNIn 2009 Leslie began tapping into her love for dark suspense by penning several books under the pseudonym Leslie Parrish The Black CATs and Extrasensory Agents series uickly put Leslie on the must read list of romantic suspense fans Tired of writing under various names Leslie decided to go into her next genre futuristic thrillers with a suspense element under her real name She released her dark gritty Veronica Sloan books and reissued the Black CATs series as Leslie A Kelly Leslie lives in New Mexico with her husband Bruce her real life romance hero and two spoiled rotten dogs Visit her online at lesliekellycom for her sexy romances or at leslieAkellycom for her romantic suspense