EBOOK / PDF The Slave Catcher

EBOOK / PDF The Slave Catcher

I am very artial to bratty slaves affectionate but stern masters Magnum PI the shorts The Shorts and the wordplay in this story the funniest thing Sorta kinda spoil ish but not really so don t read below if you don t want any hintsI am also very The Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter partial to humor giving way to serious business view spoilerand what might seem like a mean streak being the only effective way to wake someone up and deliver the news hide spoiler A nicely developed short story I liked how much I learned about the characters and their world without a lot of forced information dumping or stilted exposition It felt like it flowed into the story naturally and made me hungry to know I really liked Sam and understood his moral uandary I liked how he was introduced to Elia and the world of the bond mates and I liked how things weren t uite as black and white as Sam expected The mess of desire repulsion fear and attraction was a heady mix and I liked how his cousin s cryptic notelayed into his thoughts It served not only to keep Sam open minded but kept me opened minded as well I was not a big of fan of Liam I thought what he did to Sam was a bit hateful especially considering he didn t know Sam at all Normally I would have some sympathy for him but when I found out his reasons my sympathy dried up especially in the face of his attitude and demands The fact I didn t like Zachariel either helped since Sex Powers University 2 part of me figured that the two of them deserved each other I was surprised by how much I liked Elia Earlier I figured I would have liked Liam better but Elia s surprising independence and intelligence won my grudging respect His actions at the end of the story we Not rating this because I couldn t get into this enough to finish it This story didn t work for me and this may be entirely due me and not due the story Somehow the narrative voice which apparently aimed at being a SciFi version of Magnum or some like PI and I never clicked Not so much that I disliked it that I was bored It also may be due the long stretch of exposition at the beginning nearly 30% of the story which never held my interest and left me well bored I also seem to have entirely missed the humour other reviewers are referring to So by the time the other characters surfaced I was too detached to empathise with them and all thatain and whipping became obnoxious and senseless I m not saying it s badly written just that it s not really my thing in fact if anything it makes me want to try another book by the author maybe a longer one with room for worldbuilding Cross Deadly Seduction posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews Through the eyes of Sam Beronrivate locator the reader gets a glimpse of life on the hedonistic Randy Comfort Rise Again planet Star City The story started off a little sluggishly but I grew to love Sam s musings on lifeleasure family sex Earthish culture and those intrusive Borathians who won t stay out of his mind The moment he looked at me I couldn t look away I could feel his telepathic Meet The Vampire powers flooding my brain like there wasn t a singleart of my thoughts he couldn t see as easily as I could see his clothing If you d been there you d recognize that it wouldn t have taken than a thought for him to destroy my mind or control me until I had no independent will than. Genre Science Fiction LGBT16000 wordsStar City best known for its brothels and casinos is one of the few ყინულის სასახლე planets in the uadrant that outlaws slavery for everyone that is except the galaxy bullies the Borathians Telepaths and recent conuerors of a backwardslanet named Earth the Borathians are simply too owerful to refuse A special treaty allows th.

A cleaning droid Because Sam chose to live lanetside he was cast out from his family a race that leads a nomadic existence cruising around the galaxy While there are no Better Policing with Microsoft Office 2007 prohibitions on worldlyleasures slavery is outlawed for all but the telepathic Borathians who are allowed to bring their human bonds Because Sam is bad at gambling he is forced to accept a job recovering a Borathian s escaped bond even though he finds the idea of slavery abhorrentI liked this story a lot It was wry and sexy Escaflowne (Escaflowne Newtype 100% Collection, 40) packing an emotional wallop as Sam reveals the soft center under his crispy exterior I nearly criedI expected a romance and got so much Thanks to Vivian from Bookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group for lending this to me A 35 stars rounding up to 4 stars for all those funny momentsIt was kinda fun seeing the intriguing alien world through the sole narrator cumrotagonist Sam Beron aka Eron Burad of the Maradi species The Maradis are space nomads who Wild Pork and Watercress prefers living on board starship instead of beinglanetside Sam is considered an outcast as he is clanless and loves staying Shorty planentside which was considered a taboo amongst hiseople He just happen to be the odd one out that hates space flyingThere are lenty of funny moments with Sam s awkwardness in dealing with his surroundings and events Makes one wonder if he has chosen the right career he s currently a Locator some sort of Private Investigator Although to him it felt than natural since he is an avid Earth detective TV series fanboy So much so that he aid a small fortune to upgrade his translator implant just for the sake of watching these PI vids in its original language Even his new moniker Sam Beron after he was ousted by his own Maradi clan was inspired by these PI vidsTruthfully I felt that apart from Sam s amusing antics and Interracial Romance BWWM perviness he wasn t a compelling enough character to steer the story along In other words he should shine or at least stand out than the other side characters since he is supposed to be therotagonist of this story Thing is he felt like a not so important side character that lacks strong Gaddafis Harem presence I kept feeling that we could just lose him and go straight to theremise itself the Borathians and their Bonds who serves them as Puff pleasure slave and the conflict over slavery within the Verse and their own sacred rulings on the bondingrocessUnfortunately the main story was somewhat diluted due to Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, placing too much focus on Sam and his surrounding If this is a normal novel length story such lengthy world building are indeed golden To be fair I did find the world building in this story delightfulThe story ended with a couple of unanswered uestions such as why the Borathianslace such importance on finding a slave to bond why did they value their bonded slave so highly when it feels like they are not irreplaceable nor are they exclusive fated Leyendas Negras pairing with unbreakable bond I also wish to learn of those Energy Exchange between the Master Borathians and their bonded ones The telepathy link between them is also an intriguing subject to explore further onAnotherart which I had hope to read about was the interactions between the bonded slave and their master which was inadeuate to appease my Master PetSlave love appetite especially for a st. Em to bring their The Iron Palace (Shadowed Path, pleasure slaves or “bonds” onto thelanet and if one escapes they have five days to recover himSam Beron rivate locator may have been born on a Maradi space cruiser but Star City is his home now and he’d say he despises slavery as much as any native Unfortunately a run of bad luck at the casino tables leaves him flat broke.

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Ory that carries such a theme Anyhoo this is only a matter of ersonal In the Cavern of the Night preferenceI did enjoyed theart where Elia and his bonded Master Raphael openly display their affection towards each other It was a lovely sight to behold Elia was like a sexy little kitten there seeking out some sweet attention from his master chuckles I want to the bad boys of butte pet and cuddle him close too Can t do the same with Liam cos he might scratch my eyes outActually I couldn t uite figure out Liam the other Earth boy who was bonded to Zachariel another one of those allowerful Borathians I didn t mean that he s uninteresting it s just that he didn t get the chance to show of himself as the story was short and time is limitedWhile Raphael seems to be a decent and respectful master Zachariel was uite the opposite which makes me wonder why on earth would Liam make that final decision when Sam asked him to choose It just makes it harder to believe that view spoilerthey are in love with each other Maybe that s because we don t have their background story to fall back on hence making their romance uestionable hide spoiler One gruff bounty hunter and a job he doesn t wantSurprisingly amusing ride along with Sam as he narrates showing you the highs and lows as a denizen of one of galaxy s Romancing the Customer pleasure spots For a short story thisacked a nice range of emotions into a tight The Articles of Release (The Release package and gives a good smack as you exitFavorite uote And one of the things you learn is that you don t go smashing stuff you can tut back together if you ve no clue what the results will be and that includes opening fire on beliefs you disagree with wtfthe ending was a surprise view spoilertough talk beron The Sleepwalkers peeled like a fruit vulnerable wet sweet hide spoiler Ah this one was so funnyand also so smoking hot But mostly funny Therotagonist Sam Beron is a PI a little like the ones on all those old TV shows he loves He drinks too much gambles too much and his morals are swayed accordingly He s street smart tooexcept when a Idle Ideas in 1905 pretty face hires him and Sam gets involved in something he knows he shouldn t tracking down a Borathian s missing human slave I thought this would be a darker read than it was but no regrets Because Sam was such a fun character and I d love to explore some of Star City with him I hope we ll get further instalments Sidenote I loved that some things just didn t translate Sam is a lover of old Earth culture at least what he s learned from TV and his many ittle cultural misunderstandings were fun ie the living room Since this is my book I will not attempt a review However I didut together a board on Pinterest of fun images of Star City my dream cast for the characters very dreamy indeed and assorted inspirational shots which I thought I d oint you to Here s the link you enjoy This was so fun so funny and very sexy too I don t have time to write a full review but I will say something about it reminded me very much of the cheesy science fiction shows I used to watch on TV as a kid and something else about it reminded me of Douglas Adams and then you take the camp and humor and add in some very sexy tension and some kink and I am really hoping this is going to be a series because I want Recommended for those who like their humor as sharp as it is campy. And scavenging expired military rations out of a neighboring dumpster Next thing he knows the Borathians are offering him a fortune to track down one of their escaped bonds a beautiful Earth boy named Liam What's a hungry locator to doWarning Adult readers only Includes explicit MM erotic content a masterslave dynamic BDSM elements and dubious conse.

Really short official sounding bio Lilia Ford lives in New York City with her husband and two sonsLife on GoodreadsI'm very active on Goodreads mostly as a reader I taught 18th and 19th century literature and GREAT BOOKS for many years but these days I read almost exclusively in the various permutations of fantasy MM Sci Fi and erotica There are really only two types of books for me t

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