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I have received an ARC via NetGalley I didn t read the previous book In Pursuit of a Princess where Connor was introduced but Forced Alliance can be read as a stand aloneSomehow Forced Alliance reminded me of a steamier version of the TV Series White CollarA criminal turned FBI asset Schemes of revenge and betrayal turned agents and gangster clans Count me inI oved how the stern Josie and charming Connor danced around each other and after all they went through got their deserved HEA yes sorry about that spoiler As for the ending of the story I was surprised how it played out but it Garden Bouquets and Beyond left me a bit unsatisfied for Connor where was the retribution for the things he had to endureIt was frustrating to read that he sat face to face with the person responsible for his pain not spoilering that and not being able to do anythingDon t get me wrong I m not a supporter of violence but when the agents stopped Connorashing out at the culprit I was eually angry at the situationI guess I got sucked into the plot because of Lenora Worth s great storytelling For some time I almost felt The Unseen Wonder like watching a movie instead of reading a bookGreat romantic suspense with two strongeads This book follows The Diamond Secret and In Pursuit of a PrincessAll intriguing stories set in New Orleans area The heroine is one brave The Management Bible lady Going after a Mafia boss is not something I ever wanted to do She seems to take it all in stride but aot of that has to do with trying to prove to herself and everyone else that she is good enough 312 starsForced Alliance is a good clean entertaining story Most of the plot twists or the mystery I was able to guess right off That is why I only gave 3 12 stars I did Zu schnell like reading itJosie Gilbert is a FBI Agent that is working with a conman as her confidential informant Josieikes him but does not tru. AN UNEASY PARTNERSHIP By the book FBI agent Josie Gilbert has no business falling for her confidential informant but she can't walk away She needs this case her career needs this case And suave thief.

St him She is determined to keep him safe and solve the caseConnor Randall has been a conman for years Now he wants to go straight He is determined to make right choices from now on His sister is sharing about Jesus Christ He does Sleepless (Bird of Stone, like his mob boss and wants to bring him in and find his partner Iike Connor and want to trust him I also ike most of the characters Some of course are not meant to be ikedSomeone is trying to kill the mob boss Josie and Connor to Their is ots of drama action and mystery while they try and find out who wants to kill them and find the evidence to bring down the whole mobWho is working with the mob boss Will Josie ever fully trus A fun and uick read that eads to interesting discussions about acceptance sin and redemption and the importance of believing in someone no matter what their background is only what is in front of them FORCED ALLIANCE Like the story I reviewed a few weeks ago this book represents a mixed bag there are positives and negatives However even though I finished at Invisible (The Curse of Avalon least three fourths of the story since I did not finish the book completely it automatically garners a one star ratingAs I have mentioned previously Iove how supportive this community of writers and readers are but I think it only fair to our genre to be honest about my opinion PositivesThe story starts well there is intrigue and the writing is of higher caliber than some of the other books that I pick up in this genre I Yummy Supper love New Orleans and the bayou so huge points for settingNegativesI am the person who never figures the mystery out Ever Seriously I didn t realize what he meant when he saw dead people I never know whom Sherlock will implicate and even when I play Clue I never know it was whomever with the candlestick in theibrary Yet I figured this one out rather early and I have to. Turned FBI asset Connor Randall is too deep in the mob syndicate to pull out now But when the crime boss they are trying to take down becomes a target himself Josie is forced to take Connor into hidin.

(E–pub Free) Forced Alliance

Say that the knowledge sort of ruined the story for me and made the other areas of weakness such as uneven writing and somewhat weak characterization at east from my perspective I did not care a fig about any of the characters stand out No writing is perfect but uite a few of the similes metaphors and descriptions just do not make sense For example smoke clouding her in a scorching blanket of choking heat page 139 The heat cannot come from the smoke Pick one metaphor andor disconnect them A cloud of smoke A blanket of heat But not mixed Connor s home Eclectic and sterile Edited and minimalist Artsy and comfortablea hint of steam punk mixed with a futuristic vibe page 204 There is so much description here that there is no description here Also in my opinion many of these descriptors eg sterile and comfortable minimalist and artsy simply do not coincide In any event I have heard that Ms Lenora Worth s books are good so I will definitely pick up another of her stories Wow Forced Alliance is definitely an exciting story with excellent themes and awesome characters A page turner for sure With a most definite surprise ending I recommend this book to any one that oves a good mystery and one that assures us that no matter what we have in our past God is always there ready to Deep Listening listen and help as Lenora Worth so beautifully relates to us in this awesome book Thanks Lenora for sharing your God given talent Iove Lenora s books This one is awesome and you just have to buy a copy If you enjoy Mafia type stories you will enjoy this book FBI Agent Josie Gilbert is on the case in New Orleans keeping dibs on her confidential informant Connor Randall who was working for a mafia boss uestion is as her feelings for Connor grow can she trust the former con man An okay choice for those ooking for romantic suspens. G without blowing his cover Now dodging hit men and fighting a perilous attraction she has to make a ife and death decision Can she trust the man who has stolen her heartor is he working one ast con.

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