(The Murder Game Griffin Powell #8) [PDF READ] Ý Beverly Barton

That had me at the edge of my seat The romance is not sacrificed for the suspense rather the suspense and romance are intertwined revealing an intriguing fast paced surprising suspenseful and es romantic book Funny how FRIENDLY ENEMIES you can think of a two star book as being an improvement but after Barton s last Griffin Powell book was so awful this one was surprisingly human Now don t get me wrong I d in no way recommend it but it was an improvement Ironically it s of a human interest story than a thriller the main characters do an unfathomably poor job of any actual crime solving but what gave this one an extra star is the vulnerability and humanity in watching Nic and Griff in a smaller sense overcome their PTSD from traumatic events Ifou re dead set on picking up a Beverly Barton novel this is the only one of the series thus far that isn t reprehensible but honestly there s much better books out there to waste Amok your time on this one ifou can help it This was a great read a book I had a hard time putting down it was that riveting for me It had loads of suspense a really creepy deranged villain a brave kick a heroine and a smart loving swoon worthy heroAlthough this book could be read as a stand alone it is the follow up to a previous book titled The Dying Game in which the hero and heroine of this book had significant rolesThe heroine FBI agent Nicole Baxter first meets the hero Private Investigator Griffin Powell in The Dying Game where they both had a hand in taking down a sadistic serial killer Nicole and Griff don t exactly get along neither one can stand the other one for various reasons they just rub each other the wrong way In this book there is a new s Loved the story There were a couple of things that bothered me though that were just never explained and I wondered why they were even in there I thought for sure the villain had injected a tracking device in her shoulder when it kept itching and bleeding but then it was dropped There was a romance in it but it was meh He had another bed buddy in the first part of the book but it didn t even need to be in there He took her to a party with his good friends They had been dating two months and he spent a random night with her around 33% into the book and the next week he s in love with the h She is never mentioned againThe villain was pretty evil and ou really hate him and his cruelty The h was amazing Loved her kicka attitude I will read from this author and in this series for sure My first Beverly Barton novel but definally not my last A real page turner from the get go I really enjoyed this story Yes I know the plot has been used by other writers but it was still a good read A serial killer is kidnapping women forcing them to play a game of cat mouse before he kills them The 2 main characters were awesome They had a previous relationship from another book that this one built on There was a sappy ending but I believe these 2 characters eArned it with what they have gone through My only complaint was that one sex scene was a little too graphic for me I hate reading certain words This book referred to a woman s mound the worst part was reading about his cum of course they also misspelled that word as well. Hey're really ready to play But Winner Still Kills All There's a new game now and it's much deadly than the first A brutal psychopath needs a worthy adversary He won't stop until he can hunt the most precious prey of all Nicole And with his partner in a killer's sights Griff is playing for the biggest stakes of his li.

review The Murder Game Griffin Powell #8

About 150 200 pages into the book that I really started to feel the GriffinNicole relationship and connect with the main characters For a little while in the beginning Nic annoyed me uite a bit with her attitude but once I got into the book I liked her And once the romantic angle picked up I enjoyed it Griff and Nic make an interesting couple Plot wiseno complaints I don t think the plot is uite as intense as the previous book but it was still good And creepy The chase scenes were well done really engaging One thing I didn t uite like though was how much Barton personalized the soon to be victims There was one woman who Barton played up as a loving wife and mother made us like herthen snuffed her out And it was rather depressing I just didn t think it was necessary to personalize them as much as Barton did But that s a personal preferenceThe most disappointing aspect of the book for me was how Barton dealt with Griffin s mysterious past and his missing ten ears I wanted She gives the basic details of where he was and what happened and then a deeper detail here and there in short flashbacks but it wasn t enough for me I finished the book and was like that s all I get His missing past has been this big thing and I just expected a deeper explanation details They didn t come So I was disappointed in that aspectOverall though a good read I wasn t bored at any point and I wanted to keep reading even when I was tired If a couple of things had been done differently it would have been a great book for me I am not going to die I refuse to give up to let him win this evil competition The hunter is looking for prey and when he finds it all bets are off From the very first page ou ll be pulled into a deadly game of hunter and hunted Miss Barton cleverly brings back the character Pudge one of the serial murderers from The Dying Game He has unfinished business and he s looking for a new game to play The game research and find women who will challenge him as a hunter and then begin the hunt However he wants the game to be even challenging and so to really test his skills he involves FBI agent Nicole Baxter and private investigator Griff Powell to be an intimate part of the game Both Nicole and Griff worked on a previous serial murder case and there is no love lost between them In fact they disagree on just about everything But in order to catch this sadistic maniac they re forced to collaborate and the clock is running out Nicole a by the book agent can not believe that the lives of innocent women depend on her working with Griff a man who doesn t believe in playing by the rules Yet there it is work with him or let a mad man continue to kill innocent womenBarton s characters have motives and secrets that propel them to act that shape their lives and dictate how they relate to one another Miss Barton is very good at slowly revealing and integrating those motives into the story Each character is unveiled with purpose as both the suspense and romance heat up The tight plot and pacing had me turning the pages to find out what the next twist and turn would bring She does an excellent job of weaving the suspense and romance together giving eual weight to both creating a story. K one down together But this new killer is as sadistic as they've ever seen He likes his little games and he especially likes forcing Nic and Griff to play along Every unsolvable clue every posed victim every taunting phone call it's all part of his twisted elaborate plan And then the Hunter calls wanting to know if

After reading about the character Griffin Powell in several of Barton s books I was intrigued and ready to read his story I wasn t disappointed and found this book to be at least as good as the others I thought that Well I was very excited to try this book I LOVE reading about very smart psychopathic serial killers who play games and give clues and the even smarter law enforcementdetective types who stop them I was after all weaned on Sherlock Holmes But although the characters were interesting and the killer was smart and intriguing this book really missed the mark with those tasked to stop him I kept wanting to scream Call Lincoln Rhyme for heaven s sake he ll take soil samples he ll find this guy Or call Eve Dallas and get some sheer grit from her and some savvy computer help from her husband But no the killer goes on a 9 month aduction torture and killing spree and no one does much to stop him except wring their hands I dont know if it was some sort of statement about the inadeuacy of law enforcement which might be true but in my fiction I want smart cops or just laziness because the author didn t want to do the research but this book was very frustrating a great premise a smart killer and nothing on the other side If ou like Jeffery Deaver or JD Robb Playhouse you will find this very disappointing I wasoung when I read this but I remember it captivating me from cover to cover I suspect it was due to the fact the plot was about a serial killer who had no real motive other than sport and in my oung ears I hadn t heard of anything uite like it It was always out of passion financial gain or anger So this novel gripped me maybe shouldn t have read it at such a Desire and Deceive young age but it influenced my love of true crime and killers to this day I still sing the praises of this book I remember it being written for easy reading the plot flowed smoothly and each chapter ended with a vice like grip urgingou to continue reading Just what Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, you need I found this book in a second hand store some of the best are on a shelf for 50p Another good book from Barton Not utterly fantastic five star worthy but a solid 4 star Which is typical of her books for me I usually enjoy them uite a bit but they tend to be lackingsomethingto give them that extra kick to make them really greatTo read this bookou really have to have read Barton s previous book The Dying Game You ll end up a bit lost if Household Gods you don t The plots are fairly heavily intertwined Which relates to one of the minor problems I had with the book Despite the fact that timeline wise there is aear s space between the two books plots the beginning of The Murder Game has this feel as if I d just turned the page from one book to the next Barton jumps right into the new book full force I ended up feeling a little disconnected from the storyline but so the characters I read The Dying Game months and months ago so the details had faded uite a bit Then this book throws ou right into the plot and characters and I found myself stopping and trying to refresh my memory on the last book A slower start to the book would have been better in my opinion with introduction to the charactersI think because of what I mentioned above it wasn t until. New Game The game is simple he is the Hunter They are the Prey He gives them a chance to escape To run To hide To outsmart him But eventually he catches them And that's when the game gets really terrifying New RulesPrivate investigator Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter know a lot about serial killers they too.

(The Murder Game Griffin Powell #8) PDF READ Ý Beverly Barton

Beverly Marie Inman was born on 23 December 1946 in Tuscumbia Alabama USA Daughter of Doris Marie and Walter D Inman Jr A born romantic she fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast epic at an early age when her grandfather bought her an illustrated copy of the famous fairy tale Even before she learned to read and write her vivid imagination created magical words and fabulous characters

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