[EBOOK/PDF] (Running Down Your Dreams) author Hank Smith

Ly had been listening to this but hadn t finished it and one night when we usually do our Come Follow Me lesson for the day I asked the kids if they wanted to listen to some of Hank Smith or do the Come Follow Me Of course they said Hank Smith So we listened to a small section He talked about the Brother of Jared and how the Lord has told him how to solve two of the three problems they had with the vessels that were oing to cross the ocean But the problem with the lightGod told the Brother of Jared to work something out We all know that his idea was rocks He wanted the Lord to touch the rocks to help them shin. Ir divine heritage “If you want something to happen in your life make it happen You are the children of a Creator He expects you to create” Using the analogy of a marathon Hank shares stories and examples of ways we can “finish the race” He points out that we can have a positive influence on others when we strive to achieve our oals

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Hank Smith always delivers We love listening to Hank Smith s audio books He is an entertaining inspirational youth speaker very similar to John Bytheway s self deprecating style I love that my kids come away saying his uotes and wanting to be better while laughing at the same time I love that Hank Smith speaks in a way that is entertaining informative and spiritual My kids were upset during a road trip that we were oing to make them listen to something churchy five minutes into the talk and they were laughing and listening They were sad when the talk was over I just love Hank Smith s talks So we as a fami. Hank Smith has been entertaining and inspiring his listeners for years with talks that teach important qasas-ul-quran gospel principles in uniue and memorable ways In Running Down Your Dreams Hank is back with a powerful message about settingoals overcoming obstacles achieving dreams and most important following the Savior He reminds listeners to remember the.

EBOOK/PDF (Running Down Your Dreams) author Hank Smith

E to ive light to the vessel There may have been a better solution but the Lord blesses his efforts and made the rocks work I then compared this experience to that of the Paralyzed man that the Lord healed This was one of the stories that we were studying in Come Follow Me I compared the four that helped et the paralyzed man to Jesus to bless with the Brother of Jared All had Faith and all thought hard and maybe started in on some solutions to their problems but in the end the Lord blesses their efforts and because of those efforts and their faith they were blessed with a miracleLoved this talk Funny and oo. ?If you want to inspire your family and your friends don’t just be their cheerleader” says Brother Smith “Show them how to break through limitations and they will follow you They will want to do it just like you have done” Running Down Your Dreams shares a life changing message of inspiration and motivation that the whole family will enjo.