EBOOK or EPUB (Secrets of a Great Resume) Ø Deborah A. Bailey

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EBOOK or EPUB (Secrets of a Great Resume) Ø Deborah A. Bailey

Gent manner the author gets right to the point and covers Unnoticed Your resume needs to stand out rom the stack of other job applications the hiring manager is looking atWhen you're not sure how to highlight your key strengths or how to You Are Not A Gadget format your jobs and education updating your resume can be a stressful process But it doesn't have to beThis easy toollow book coversHow to Sanctuary format and structure your resumeor the best resultsHow to craft a compelling summaryHow to use social media to get your re.

Covering the basics and explorationIn a simple yet intelli. Could your resume be holding you backYou have the skills and the experiencebut still no response Been out of the job market Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, for a while and not sure how to deal with gaps between jobs Concerned that your age will work against you in the job marketDay in and day out you send resumes to employersor jobs you know you are perfect Friendfluence for yet you're not receiving any callsor interviews In today's ultra competitive job market you can't afford to go.

Ll aspects of the thoughts behind what makes a good resume. Sume in One Part Woman front of the right peopleHow to uickly create a cover letter templateWhat keywords are and how to use themThis book is perfector Experienced professionals seeking corporate positions either as ull time employees contractors or consultants Professionals returning to the workforce who need to uickly update their resumes Anyone who wants uick tips on how to update an existing resume in order to showcase their skills and accomplishments.

Deborah A Bailey's Science Fiction & Paranormal Romances include suspense a bit of mystery and a lot of romantic heat She's the author of the Hathor Legacy Science Fiction Romance series and several Paranormal Romance novels Deborah's short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and have been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun They're included in her short story c