PDF A Valentine for Daisy Mills Boon Romance BY Betty Neels

PDF A Valentine for Daisy Mills Boon Romance BY Betty Neels

A Valentine for the ReaderLovely story in the best of Neels style Would like to meet most of the characters in this story so real are they drawn Sweet as always Classic Betty Neels On my recent reread I was delighted that Daisy is the heroine who a la Scarlett O Hara transformed a curtain into a dressy skirt And over the RBD recognized it as such and STILL fell in love with her It is also the one where the H strokes the back of the h s neck with his thumb Hot Well for TGB anywayDaisy Pelham is a daycare assistant but she soon loses this job after a bout of food oisoning the owner is a The Tokyo Zodiac Murders pinchpenny who hires a dodgy cook and all the children become very ill Daisy s mother is loving but apparently a ball of fluff who cannot manage after Daisy s father dies unexpectedly Younger sister Pamela is helpful and apparently brilliant as she wants to become a scientist Hence Daisy toiling away in a dead end job and getting sacked by the nasty Mrs Gower Jones who ineptly runs the daycareThe RBD Valentine Seymour whom Daisy has seen twice gets her a job as his sister s mother s help who has two adorably naughty twins This means she sees uite a bit of Uncle Val both in Steeple Langford where Lady Thorley lives and in den Haag where Sir Hugh isosted temporarily Daisy meets an embassy clerk who lives downstairs Phillip Keynes who is the kind of man she would like to marry Yeah not buying that Daisy you really want to marry Valentine Later Daisy thinks of Phillip as a brother which is a good thing since he and the Children s Ward Sister fall hopelessly in love at first sight But I m getting ahead of myselfWhen he tells Daisy she is a splendid nanny but too kind and forgiving she responds sharply even saying nothing will give me greater Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances pleasure than the thought that I need never see you again I do hope Mevrouw van Taal manages to catch you you deserve her Valentine is first outraged then grins with delightIn den Haag the Thorleys hear about a real governess looking for a job so Daisy gets sacked before she expects it Valentineicks her up at the airport and drives her home He secretly arranges for her to be hired at the hospital in Salisbury as an orderly when she is Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten placed with an old batttleaxe he gets her moved to Children s where the staff is kind and friendlyThe twins were genuinely fond of Daisy no doubt she will be their favourite aunt and once back in Steeple Langford Lady Thorley invites Daisy to come for tea with them She is modeling figures from clay for the twins when Valentine comes up behind her anduts his hands over her eyes in a guess who game Once she guesses his hands rest on her shoulders and then he begins to stroke the back of her neck with a thumb which although wholly delightful she soon Boneshaker (BA 43-500, put a stop to by getting up uickly We see some of Valentine s inner monologue and realize that he is in love with her long before he admits it evento himself What had started as a kindly act towards a girl who had intrigued him had become an overwhelming desire to make life as easy asossible for her He went up to bed resolved to ut her out of his mind There. Surely Her Heart Realized He Was Totally Unsuitable Arrogant overbearing and dictatorial What was there to like about

Was than enough to occupy it he would find himself a wife and settle down The doctor had no idea how foolish that resolve wasValentine has the idea that Daisy and Phillip are a couple and it makes him uite unhappy Then when Daisy tells him rather absently about Phillip and Sister Carter meeting we see him smiling a slow tender smile which made him look years younger He drove to his sister s house whistling softly under his breath and Belle his dog sat on the back seat and thumped her tail happily Daisy spends a weekend with the Thorleys and Valentine sees her in a nightgown which he says made getting up early very worthwhile Soon after this Daisy has her DR While she is contemplating whether to leave the hospital and never see Valentine again her coworker Maisie fails to show up for work Daisy finds her ill and her animals uncared for Valentine takes the animals and arranges for Maisie to be hospitalized and finds her a new lace to live Valentine takes Daisy to his home in Salisbury near the Cathedral in The Close and gives her dinner she falls asleep A mob of hooligans invades the hospital and catches Daisy off guard Valentine comes to the rescue she calls him Valentine and he calls her my darling He takes her home and explains what happened when Pamela asks if she was scared Daisy bursts into tears and runs from the room Pamela asks Valentine if he is in love with her and he says Oh yes A few days later Valentine is back from Holland and sends for Daisy to come to Sister s office Lovely Declaration and ProposalDaisy and Valentine are an interesting couple He s one of the extroverted RBDsRDDs and he rather CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition pokes androds Daisy into showing emotion even to the The Ornament (Ornament, point of losing her temper You get the feeling they will have a fun marriagerobably some disagreements and making up No Dutch doctor this timeA great story although I was hesitant when I started reading After the first chapter I loved every bit of the story Solidly in the Classic Betty Neels categoryReliably romantic in a gentle way comparatively speaking 38 1993This stands out for the following1 That infamous skirt made out of brocadeCURTAIN A la Scarlett O Hara Awesome resourceful heroine and sister hehe2 Our hero Valentine rubbed Daisy s neck with his thumb This before any love declaration And he got an eyeful of her legs in the emergency room early on then later another encounter of her in her nightie NOT winceyette ones The Great Betty is heating things up for her couple3 I cannot think of another BN hero who thought so much about our heroine angsty fighting his feelings resolving to forget her failing terribly and even getting into a jealous rage that only his nearest and dearest could see in spite of his formidable control Never before had we been given so much insight into our hero s feelings I love itNo idea when our RBD Valentine gave in and decided to love our Daisy and stop fighting his thoughts and feelings but it s lovely to see him display his layful side to Daisy even if he was genuinely a great and fun uncle to the twin terrors Why are RBDDs cursed with useless sisters The Rilliant ediatrician Dr Valentine Seymour Not much Daisy Pelham had to admit Yet his small atients seemed to adore hi.

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Ay they had let Daisy go in Holland was not well done Honestly they could afford it couldn t they have just given Daisy at least a week s notice They already overworked her by giving her only one day off a week no off during the long daysTo me the story dragged on too long in the second half maybe it was to give Daisy time to get over her antipathy towards Valentine which was in reaction to her belief that he disliked her based on their first couple of meetings Val called her igheaded and indeed she was while in Holland and back in WiltonIt was so sweet of Val to arrange things for Daisy behind her back to improve her life situationPoor Daisy so self sacrificing deserved a rich man like Val to cherish her and whisk her away from her hard life This one got a little long in the tooth and there were times the heroine s denseness got tiring but this was uintessential Betty so I had to give it 4 stars After all how many heroines would make a skirt out of old curtains consider working at a Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM pig farm take on louts and hooligans instead of calling 999 ride a bicycle to and from work watch somebody else s children 24 X 7 and not get mad when they let you go without even 24 hour notice even when they thought you were the best thing since sliced bead I mean really they never heard of severanceayIt took me a few extra days to finish this one but it was well worth the Challenged to Win perseverance It s so OTT I found myself laughing out loud and something I really needed to cheer me upI would only recommend this one to true Betty die hard fans If you re out there and missed this one you should give it a try Dr Valentine an excellentediatrician but not so mannered with adult Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons patients Or is Daisy misjudging him Not one of Betty s best but certainly not her worstI really don t remember having read this before though I suppose I did as I read almost all Betty Neels books I could get my hands onOur Daisy is young untrained andlain Our RBDRich British Doctor is Dr Valentine Seymour The kids in uestion are the 4 year old twin terrors who call Dr Seymour Uncle Val Plot doesn t really matter because hey it s Betty Neels You know there will be a happy ending We get our happy ending but the journey there was not rettyOnly for die hard Neels fans I had been on a Betty Neel book marathon and read several of her books back to back This is one of themThis again is a hospital romance Doesn t start as one but ends up with Daisy eventually working in the hospital where Valentine is a ediatricianDaisy is the definition is a simple mousy girl who doesn t think very highly of herself and makes do with whatever is in hand literally one of the memorable scenes is where she makes a skirt out of curtainsValentine meets Daisy and there is an instant liking for Daisy from his side This liking eventually turns into love Now here I found Betty Neels diverting a bit from her general story line because I can recall 2 clear instances where Valentine actually openly flirts with Daisy uiet unheard of in Betty s romancesThis is a decent read Not her best and not my favorite but still good enough to make me MDaisy was mystified She could only think that erhaps there was another side to him one that he didn't want her to see.

Betty Neels was born on September 15 1910 in Devon to a family with firm roots in the civil service She said she had a blissfully happy childhood and teenage yearsThis stood her in good stead later for the tribulations to come with the Second World War She was sent away to boarding school and then went on to train as a nurse gaining her SRN and SCM that is State Registered Nurse and Stat

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