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All the characters involved than 50 Shades This book has hit home than any other book I ve read it a ong time How Ms Dalton could get into my head and heart so deeply I don t know For me this book was very emontional The relationship between Gabe and Bill is definitely hot and sweaty For sure will read again Don t hesitate to get this one and read it Now today Grab the box of tissues your e reader get to it Ms Dalton s seventh book is somehow different from her previous It seems to be of a Bandbox love story and romance than BDSM story A dominant widower Bill in a uniform and a female officer Gabe with some personal demons from the past It is coincidence they met but it isove and understanding that made them Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, last The main plot is developing around her healing process and dealing with her personal issues She concurs them with aot of help from Bill The criminal plot about the case is pushed into background It seems Kicking It (Alex Craft, like it plays its role as an anchor and helps with building their relationship There is some mystery evolving the case but it doesn t play the main part Further BDSM also wasn t in firstine of the story It is there but I wish there were detailed scenes and not so repetitive regarding the orgasms Daddy girl relationship jumps in all of the sudden and I think it suits Gabe perfectly regarding her childhood issues and abuse Even though they don t go into details they just jump in Those are cathartic moments for her and we can see her healing and embracing her future with Bill Bill seems perfect mature and understanding Through the story we get to see and of his Dominant side even though he is always referring to himself as a newbie He and his Homeport late wife did have Ds dynamic but he is going uite slowly with Gabe Iiked how he is always persuading her that she is good but in the end there was just a pinch too much of you are my good girl my very good girl sentences The story overall was interesting and sweet with some drama moments but I found myself not completely drawn into it There were some parts where it drug on too Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose long Sadly this one was a bit slow for me hence the three star rating I really enjoyed the story between Gabe and Bill it was very well written and showed the caring asove between the two charactersMy only fault with this book along with the other Suncoast Society books is when Tilly and Landry are mentioned after reading Cardinal s Rule any mention of these two characters kills my joy of the storyline I truly despise these two characters and wish they wouldn t be mentioned in the story The Donovan Legacy (Donovans lines even in passin. A joint task force together forces Gabe and Bill admit their true identities to each other and confront their feelings Gabe has spent her entireife proving herself through her work but Bill wants to show her what Breaking Down (The Garage, love and happiness feelsike and convince her that she’s anything but a broken

EBOOK FREE Broken Toy Suncoast Society #7

I really iked this one until daddy was used and good girl was used too much Tymber won me over with the Reluctant Dom but Broken Toy is definitely not her best book The Daddy just creeped me out especially knowing what the heroine doe Broken Toy The Suncoast Society by Tymber Dalton was written as a warm compassionate story with a dominant male ead who had unlimited patience and was there to help Gabriella tackle her demons The chemistry between Bill and Gabe Gabriella was strong and believable This was a ove story of two people who had given up on relationships meeting by chance and finding through the ifestyle what they needed to bring meaning back into their Passionate Kisses Boxed Set lives trustove emotional support and each otherAs with many of Tymber s stories I was moved by the weddingcommitment ceremony it seems she has a way of writing beautiful moving heart tugging collaring commitment or wedding scenes that just engage the reader as if they were actually a part of the celebration A dominant man in a uniform is something to behold When the submissive female is also an officer of the Destiny and Power law what will happenGabriella Villalobos aka Gabe is a workaholic single woman without friends Her entireife is to put away criminals Her job in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE shows her only the worst in humanity Her mission to rescue kids from bad situation stems from her own personal experience It s not something she thinks about but those who get to know her easily make the connection Burned out her concerned boss forces her to take a ittle vacation to decompressGabe doesn t know what hits her when she decides to slip into a Munch She meets Bill a newbie to BDSM The two of them hit it off and take a rope class together With Gabe s personal baggage she runs scared She thinks it is over only to find him assigned to a case she s been tasked to eadThis story could be all about the mystery and the nasty case Gabe is working on Instead it s about a woman s journey to healing and The Café Book learning about herself It s also aovely story about Bill a widower who finally decides to join Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, life again The characters in this book are so realistic it s easy to want them to become your friends In fact the camaraderie in this group of BDSMifestylers is what is so appealing about this series These are your average people with every day jobs getting their kink on They have the same worries of being found out They are so realistic it makes one yearn to be in a group so closely knit and non judgmentalMs Dalton excels in her BDSM contemporary stories because she writ. Gabriella Villalobos survived a onely abusive childhood to become a dedicated cop who rescues children Work is Gabe’s ife Which is why when she slugs a suspect her boss orders her to eave town for three weeks of vacation she doesn’t want When she stumbles into the Suncoast Society munch she.

Es what she knows For all we know she s journaling the ife and times of each of her friends Do they smile when they read a new book and see themselves showcased as characters The BDSM practiced in this book are ightly touched upon Yet one can tell Ms Dalton is experienced based on how easily she presents the scenes of munches and classes Even the play party is described in a way that could easily take place in my hometown It s reassuring to read this kind of realistic BDSM story when there are so many billionaire dom books floating aroundI do wish there were detailed descriptions of the rope sessions Then again this isn t a bondage 101 course The BDSM scenes and sexual interludes are all delightfully erotic Gabe and Bill s chemistry is hot Their playfulness and growth together is beautiful and all one can hope for as a beginner in BDSM Their journey together isn t without bumps yet Ms Dalton does provide a happily ever after For those who want to see how it can be when belonging to a BDSM group this book is an excellent example This book is definitely recommended as a Gateway to BDSM I had high expectations for this book I LOVED The Reluctant Dom and iked The Denim Dom uite a bit as well This book started off great Gabriella Gabe Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, lost her parents when she was young and was raised by her abusive grandmother Sheeft home as soon as she turned 18 joined the army and then became police investigator She s a Scruples Two loner who is obsessed with work Bill is a police detective whoost his wife the What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, love of hisife nine years ago He hasn t found anyone since but his friends keep trying to set him up When Gabe s boss sends her to Saratoga on a forced vacation she ventures out to a Carl Hiaasen Collection local restaurant the same night they are hosting a munch for a BDSM group and Gabe ends up in their meeting She and Bill are immediately attracted to each other but both are unsure about starting anything especially Gabe One of the things Iike about Tymber Dalton s books are that the characters are closer to real people with their flaws and faults and every day challenges It s a nice change from the billionaireyoung girl books although I do Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command like those as well isn t escapism one of the reasons we read I reallyiked how Bill was so patient with Gabe And I was very much enjoying the story until view spoiler Gabe started calling Bill Daddy This soured me on the rest of the book and I struggled to finish it I m glad they found their HEA but the Daddy thing just sounds too incestuous and yucky hide spoiler This BDSM series is so much realistic and so much healthier for. Certainly doesn’t expect to meet a guy who makes her want Det William Thomas is a widower who’s decided to fish in the BDSM dating pond after years of failed attempts When he meets “Ella” at his first munch he suspects she’s hiding a secret but doesn’t know exactly whatBeing assigned to.

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