EBOOK / PDF (Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space (The Henry Gallant Saga, #1))

EBOOK / PDF (Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space (The Henry Gallant Saga, #1))

Assigned to a fighter suadron in space fleet Gallant must use his innate tactical abilities to revent an enemy from overrunning United Planets territory He s an interesting character but the writing needs maturing There s too much detail of military vessels and weaponry Kirkland Revels planetary science and other aspects of world building These lengthy expositoryassages kill the To Him Who Sits on the Throne pacing I had to skim over them to the scenes witheople interacting since the characters are what hold my interest I d hoped for another exciti A fun space opera read in which Henry saves the day with humility and good humor I could have lived with less technical detail but it didn t impede the story and for the detail oriented I m sure it added a realistic feel to the book I look forward to future installments of Henry Gallant and his companions wherever their space adventures take them Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space was an interesting read but it feels like an indie ublished story It had all the marks of a good sci fi but it seemed to lack class and could have been written better I ve read a few mary sue type characters in space before but this one didn t really set the scene or set up the main character Henry very well It was ok No matter how many buzzwords an author uses or how much math if they do it incorrectly they are still wrong There are so many scientific technical and sociological errors in this novel that it would take a small book to explain what is wrong and whyThat said the book is still an interesting and fun read Pretend that it s Star Wars esue science fantasy and just roll with it There is one actual thing with genetic engineering where the author has an interesting oint That and the main character make the book worth reading if you can turn off your inner Youth, Beautiful Youth pedant About The Book As the last star fighter in suadron 111 Midshipman Henry Gallant is on his way from Jupiter to Mars With the United Planets fleet on the verge of annihilation he can expect no help as heasses through the asteroid belt and threa Despite some faults aliens a little too redictable a sloppy end many blunders it is good entertainmentClassic in its construction well aced apart from a drop in rhythm at two thirds of As the last star fighter in Suadron 111 Midshipman Henry Gallant is on his way from Jupiter to the nearest space base in orbit around Mars With the United Earth fleet on the verge of annihilation from alien ships he can expect no help In order to reach Mars Gallant must make his way through the asteroid belt and threatening aliens With so much

He book it is the classic learning novel of the young ensign which receives his first assignment after officer training Of course as often the young officer in uestion is a very gifted element whose destiny will be singular Any resemblance to another saga at random Honor Harrington is allowedThe only real originality of the story is to locate the action in the solar system Which is not so common and it s Fault Lines pretty well doneThe characters are not extraordinary but have nothing infamous about themThelot and the background are a little light on some Hunt for 901 points but they remain in the realm of the acceptable if you re in a good mood The many suites will likely be disappointing but I ll still try themHopefully the author will not increase the number ofages of the next books exponentially at random I m disappointed others may not beMidshipman Henry Gallant in Space is a rather entertaining Young Adult read I am not a young adult and the real issue I have with this book is not its readability or entertainment value it s a distressing lack of originality Author H Peter Alesso is obviously sufficiently well versed in both modern naval command structure and operational Chasing After Infinity protocols to make that aspect of the novel work He also clearly has the scienceengineering chops to make some of the science sound credible Therein lies trouble Mr Alesso is not a writer he is an engineer Granted his novel is engineered from the finest sources andieces still it is less than the sum of its Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China parts Mr Gallant the 17 year old hero is an amalgamation of a character oneart young Horatio Hornblower socially awkward loner and newbie in his first berth in the space navy one Captain China Volume 1 part Ender Wiggin object of contempt for being a genetic sport with untoldotential ability to master battle strategy and tactics and one art Luke Skywalker with his Force amplified bad ass flighter ilot skills The book begins as Forrester s Hornblower saga does morphs into Ender s Game somewhere during the training and initial battle seuence and ends up with the LucasSpeilberg epic battle fantasy because all science has now deserted this science fiction story and its aftermath The Cast On, Bets Off parallels are too obvious and familiarity with his sources of inp. Ncertainty about the alien capabilities and intentions analyzing the captured computer euipment in Gallant’sossession could rove crucialThe fate of Earth could rest on the abilities of Midshipman Henry Gallant Unfortunately it is his abilities that have been much in doubt during his tour of dutyIn an era of genetic engineering he is the onl.

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Ut make it impossible for me to avoid unfavorable comparisons Young readers who have no knowledge of CS Forrester Orson Scott Card or the stunningly unreal special effects of the LucasSpielberg first Star Wars film will love this book recisely because they lack that frame of reference Those of us who know and love the works of the aforementioned writers and film makers will find it a let down at best I ll split the difference and rate it 3 stars but the reader must decide which camp they belong to and judge accordingly uite a short book it describes the Past Lives, Future Lives path of the hero of the different guy At it s core it follows the way of the space opera with different actors being given weight andersonality only as they appear to the Love with Every Beat protagonist Being a short book to get from doubted to hero doesn t take much There s a lot of oversimplified tech in the book only described as it becomes important but never in depth and lacking a little consistency Inarticular relativistic speeds are reached without much acceleration CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation problems and no tech that explains how s thatossible The engines are rated by top speed instead of by acceleration which doesn t make sense in space Still all that makes it fall deeply into some definitions of space opera But if you can get over all that it s an enjoyable read What a naval jokeI got as far as age135 before I uit I wanted to see how cheesy the book gets but it s so bad that I couldn t make it to the end It was OK If you are looking for a hard milsci fi series keep looking Everything about this book is strictly lightweight I would classify this as a young adult story based on it s lack of any kind of real seriousness of thought in the writing of the book The characters are all stamped out of a flat sheet of cookie dough And they make WAG s about the mysterious aliens which all miraculously turn out to be correct Despite being based on next to no evidence to back them up I guess that is the simplest way to advance your story if you are a inexperienced writer I hope it is inexperience instead of just lain laziness All that aside it isn t a bad story it just needed a lot olish to be the book the author thinks it is I will not be reading the rest of the series. Y Natural non genetically enhanced officer left in the fleet His classmates and superior officers have all expressed their concern that he will not be up to the demands of the space service Only bright and attractive junior officer Kelsey Mitchel has shown any sympathy for Gallant Now her life as well as a good many others depends of Henry Galla.

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