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Uality urban subcultures and urban poverty; but also by discussing in methodological terms how one might study the urban commons In these respects the rethinking of the city undertaken in this book has a critical dimension as the notion of the commons delivers new insights about how collective urban life is formed and governed.

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The city may well be conceived as a shared resource Urban Commons Rethinking the City offers an attempt to reconsider what a city might be by studying how the notion of the commons opens up new understandings of urban collectivities addressing a range of uestions about urban diversity urban governance urban belonging urban sex.

This book rethinks the city by examining its various forms of collectivity their atmospheres modes of exclusion and self organization as well as how they are governed on the basis of a critical discussion of the notion of urban commons The idea of the commons has received surprisingly little attention in urban theory although.

EBOOK READ Urban Commons