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At any age that seeks to be enlightened This book doesn t try to supply the answers it merely lays out a set of tools of thought one would se to seek their own solution To paraphrase if you give a person an answer they will survive for the moment Teach a person to think and they can conuer the world I won this book through Goodreads This is part of a fantastic series of books that simply explain difficult concepts Lots of excellent graphics and very appealing layouts Felt a little repetitive in places but I think that s just the philosophy subject This book and the others in the series are ones that I would love to have in the classroom Interesting enough to be picked p and well written and designed enough to hold the attention of a variety of readers An advanced readers copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review I received a free Advanced Readers Copy via the Goodreads First Reads program Review to follow soonRough Draft notes for ReviewThere is much to like in DK s Heads Up Philosophy For the most part it does a serviceable job in covering some of the accessible points of philosophy I also appreciated that it gave a place of prominence to moral philosophy my favorite though I am not sure that team did a fantastic job of making clear concise and accurate pointsEarly on p 6 7 the book sets p philosophy in opposition to the dogmatic belief systems of religion It is science not religion that tells s how things are whereas moral philosophy is concerned with how things ought to be This takes the two major pillars away from religi I have never seen a philosophy book for kids before so in that respect this book is very niue Even then it s meant for high school age students Although I am not sure a high school student would pick this Swept Away (Harlequin Blaze up on their own for pleasure reading the book does pose some greatestions for discussion that could be sed in a history classroom Teachers could se sections of this especially the entire section called Right and Wrong that features topics such as justice freedom and civilizations to bring a philosophical lens to historical events In that way this book would be great to se in the classroom for it s simplified texts and graphics 23. Major theories and debates including epistemology metaphysics and ideologies are also explained Heads Up Philosophy also includes case study panels diagrams and real world spreads to show how philosophical theories relate to everyday lifeMaking a difficult subject approachable Heads Up Philosophy is designed to provoke entertain and stimulate young mind.

Ormation was explained in simple terms which definitely made it suitable for an introductory piece I appreciated Received an ARC for this from Goodreads Classroom teacher lots of my students enjoy non fiction this is a great book for those students It isn t an easy or a fast book to read There are big ideas and ideas that challenge their way of teaching I ve had three students read this and all said it was very interesting and a little overwhelming This book is a great introduction to philosophy As a philosophy major I was taken back to my ndergrad years with most of the philosophical issues and arguments presented in this book While most of the concepts where focused on wester philosophy I believe that this book is a good source for a general survey to a philosophy course Yes the book lacks depth but it is clear and makes it an interesting read for most people including youth who are interested in learning philosophy Where was HEADS UP PHILOSOPHY when I was in school This book would have saved me valuable time and the expense of the money I laid down for the college credit hours not to mention the highly over priced book I had to buy Now for 1599 I can get everything I wanted to know about Philosophy but was afraid to ask mainly because I could barely wrap my mind around the The Man from Her Past (Welcome to Honesty, uestion let alone pull out the nugget of truth from what my professor a very tenured and opinionated person who prized the sound of his voice over the possibility of clarity decided was an appropriate answer Here you have all the big names in Philosophy from Bergson time as it is actually experienced to John Lockenderstanding the limits of human knowledge to Zeno the The Naturalists Daughter universe is made of a singlenchangeable substance and everyone in between What is truth What is identity What is right and wrong In fact just about any moral The Weather Girl uestion that faces a person in the course of their life is summarized here with an applicable answer You may not agree to the answer but isn t that the very nature of Philosophy The publisher DK has designed this book to beseful to teens as they grow into adulthood and seek to find answers to the many problems they are confronting But this book would be a A Husband in Time useful guide to anyone. Mply explained Written and designed specifically for the teen market Heads Up Philosophy combines challenging but clear text with cool graphic illustrations that clarify and explain theories and argumentsBiography spreads cover the famousotes of great philosophers including Socrates Aristotle Friedrich Nietzsche Epicurus Plato and Thomas Auinas while.

If this book had not been sent to me for a chance to review than I never would have purchased a copy myself I have not been that interested or given much thought on the topic of this book Philosophy However after reading this book I have a better After Hours understanding of just how important philosophy plays a role in our lives Having no knowledge of this topic I thought this book was very well written It was written with lots of great facts and information Yet at a level that someone like me cannderstand without feeling like this book was written over my head I found the information in this book to be very informative and interesting All of the references were good as well Check this book out if you are interested in philosophy I received this book from a first reads giveaway I absolutely loved it Really got me thinking deeper than I ever have before I would recommend this to everyone whether or not you think you like philosophy or not you will after this I won a first reads ARC copy of this book This review wasn t paid for and is my own views and opinions and nobody else ThanksI originally entered to win this book because I thought it looked really cool and interesting who doesn t want to learn about their mind and their actionsI was surprised and happy to have won and obtained a copy and I haven t looked through all of the book yet just browsed through it but I m rating it 5 stars for being both interesting and insightful I don t want to give too much away but I will tell a couple of my favorite sections that I have read so far 1 Do ends JUSTIFY the means2 Is the world we know an ILLUSIONIf you like Philosophy or even learning some new things pick The Innocents Dark Seduction up a copy of this book because it really is interesting and it s something different I ve been generally interested in philosophy for a while but it isn t something I have put much time into learning about so I figured starting with some introductory books would be my best option While this did have some of the information I was hoping to learn it was definitely a mixed bag overallThe chapters are brokenp by the school of philosophy they covered which I thought was From Father to Son (A Brothers Word uite sensible as it allowed for the grouping of similar ideas The inf. The second installment in DK's new Heads Up series Heads Up Philosophy addresses the issues and theories that are most intriguing and relevant to the curious minds of teens making a difficult topic easier to comprehendestions such as What is knowledge What is reality What is the mind and What's right and wrong are all addressed offering big ideas si.

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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Heads Up Philosophy)

Marcus Weeks é colaborador freuente de enciclopédias e livros de referência atuando também como consultor de vários títulos da editora britânica Dorling Kindersley É autor de diversos livros como Se liga na filosofia e O livro da psicologiaPossui uma vasta lista de talentos e interesses uando não está escrevendo é professor de música dá aulas de inglês para estrangeiros administra uma ga