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G brother Ryder I enjoyed the changing points of view and then a couple full pages detailing Ryder and Londons perspective Zoey and London are wonderfully written I can actually picture them as people which rarely happens with PNR stories Both these women represented their age brackets well London personified the tougher type of gal while Zoey was softer and needed of a helping hand Ryder both intrigued and annoyed me The supporting characters were all well fleshed out I could easily see how this group works Now for the bad guys they were just totally hate able When I read about them I honestly thought it was a mash up of Cruella de Vil married the Governor from the walking dead because it s a hubby and wife combo They were so two faced and evil ugh Perfect bad guys for this storyI d definitely recommend this book to shifter and paranormal lovers The story was well written it had an easy flow about it Nothing was really rushed relationship wise it slowly developed and then exploded I d definitely read from this authorI received this book in exchange for an honest review via LoP on goodreadscom First thing that caught my eye was the smexy cover I am all about eye candy Then I noticed the bear I can never resist a yummy bear shifter The main character is a wolf but I hold out hope the delicious bear will get a HEA tooGreat story with solid world building There is plenty of back story delivered and developed over the whole book I loved the mixed narrative and the way we really had time to get to now London and Ryder over time It does take a good chunk of the book before any interaction between them occurs There are holes in the plot but not so much that it turned me off the bookThe smexy stuff is plenty hot even though it is closer to mainstream than erotic I always adore the instant attraction of true mates It makes the shifter romances some of my favorites Emotions come uickly but I am fine with thatLoads of great supporting characters who I can only hope to see in upcoming books Plenty of intrigue in the town and supernatural events I can definitely see this becoming a series I crave Something wicked comes this wayThe picture of London drove Ryder mad but meeting her in person was a whole different ballgame It was a day from hell he could not do or say anything right London was driving him crazy Everyone in the place wanted her and he needed to get control of his wolf before he jump across the table in front of all these people and take her on the tableBut as life goes London will leave for her new life in New York and he will go back to his pack only to be throw together again by his sister Little do someone The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, knows that there are some real evil in Alpha Town and the uestion becomes can they get pass the small stuff in time to save the pack Or can the love save them from this evil This was a great story one you will not put down once you start reading it Loved itI was given this book in exchange for my honest review LOP Goodreadscom Obsessions is Bryce Evans new book in her Alpha City series Bryce has created a whole new book world where alphas of different shifter groups have formed a city where shifters can feel safe in The general public isn t aware of shifters in this universe London Grey meets Zoey Malone in college and they become fast friends Zoey eventually tells London she is a werewolf shifter and of course London has a few secrets of her own Ryder Malone is Zoey s older brother and the head Alpha werewolf shifter of Alpha City He becomes obsessed with London as soon as he sees her picture but heeeps his distance cause she is human so he thinks she is too weak to be an alpha shifter mate Sigh men are so silly sometimes Of course London isn t weak and actually icks butt a few times I really enjoyed Obsessions The plot line has a lot going onlike lots and lots of detailsI actually had the urge to take notes at one point Bryce does a great job of building up her new world and I definitely look forward to the next book in the serie. Eate a new business But someone in Alpha City doesn’t want them to succeed Like a bad itch mysterious happenings haunt the newcomers and the town’s Alpha Can they figure out the mystery before tragedy happens Or will Ryder and London’s own chemistry cause them to miss the obvious.

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Pdf Kindle (Obsessions) Author Bryce Evans

I received this book for an honest review It was difficult getting into the book for a couple reasons The first was the dialog between characters and the internal monologue that took place The author did a lot of telling or stating facts instead of showing the reader threw actions so they could come to there ownthe authors conclusion There were a lot of grammatical errors misplaced wordscommasetc that took away from the story The plot encompasses love destiny friendship and an upcoming war The chapters switched between character perspective and sometimes this happened within the chapters When that happened it wasn t always clear on who was describing what was happening The plot had some unrealistic elements especially when it came to military grade spy euipment and the love between Ryder and London Overall I think the author had a good idea when creating the plot but wasn t able to execute it 100% This was a truly wonderful book Alpha City is a city for many paranormal life Away from humans a place to be safe The city is made up of a group of council members each a different shifter This is the story of Ryder He is the Alpha wolf He is strong smart and courageous Zoey is Ryder s sister she is smart fun and highly intelligent Wanting her education she goes off to college to get her degree and to get away from her very protective brother and the other alphas She meets London her first day there and they immediately hit it off and become best friends right away London is one tough cookie She will not back down from a fight especially when her friends and family are in trouble She is a truly good person inside and out All she wants to do is go to school and get her degree so she can finally work for her dream company But fate changes everything for both her and Ryder Ryder is fascinated with London and wants her so bad but she is human and he needs a strong alpha female to mate with Trying to stay away from her and their attraction doesn t work for him because all he seems to be doing is hurting and ticking London off Then evil is trying to get their hands on Alpha city Will Ryder be able to save Alpha City and will he finally let his guard down to his destiny and claim London for his mateThe story has many great characters all of which you will fall in love with and will have you wanting to read their stories as wellLooking forward to the next in this series Fantastic StoryFirst of all I have to say in all honesty that it has been a very long time since I have read a story that has captivated and literally transported me into the story I felt all that what was happening all the sadness joy the fighting and even felt the passion between Ryder and London their first time together and man was it passionateZoey London and Ryder have to work through a lot of intrigue hurt and revelations which lead to plenty of surprisesZoey finally comes out of her shell to prove her status as the sister of a very powerful Alpha Ryder a very powerful strong willed Alpha let s lose to live and love the way he wants and London realizes she is a witch and powerful then anyone thoughtThere is uite a battle of wills and power in this riveting story London and Ryder s pack must battle evil unknowing of how all will endI certainly can t wait for the next book in this wonderful series which promises to be a hit with Shifter Paranormal fansCongratulations Bryce Evans and thank you for the fun The writing style really didn t work for me far too much telling instead of showing This is especially evident in chapter 5 which is the epitome of an info dump view spoilerZoey began to speak Alpha City is a special city A long long time ago my great great grandfather Jack Malone was the Alpha of our pack and he wanted to move them away from the cities to protect them from humansBlah blah blah 3 paragraphs and 325 words laterMy brother Ryder Malone is the Alpha of my pack and a member of the Council The other Alpha s are his best friends Their fathers were once the Alpha s each step. Alpha City series Book 1 A city run by shiftersIn Alpha city wolves bears tigers panthers and jaguars live together in peace centred and led by the Council of Alpha’s Ryder Malone is the Alpha of his werewolf pack He carefully balances his responsibilities as the official head of the.

Ped down so their sons could rule the next hundred years These Alphas are special in many ways I have nown them forever and they treat me like their little sister too At the end of that massive data spill I felt like LondonIt was too much for her to grasp She needed beer hide spoiler I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of Paranormal35 StarsI so desperately wanted to love this book and rate it higher but unfortunately I couldn t I will start with the negatives and end with the positivesThe whole book felt like a first draft not a finished piece At times the use of grammar and tenses was simply awful which meant that the novel didn t flow as ea Bryce EvansI received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP How desperate can you get London it s just a smile yeah it s a panty dropping smile 4 stars Obsessions is the first book of the Alpha City series First thing I have to say about this book is Have you seen the cover Wow Moving on We are introduced to Alpha City A City where shape shifters of many The Thing About December kinds and supernatural beings co exist in peace Where it is safe and protected from the outside world From the first chapter we are introduced to London and Zoey and how their friendship began London Grey is a toughstrong willed woman who is shy andeeps to herself On her first day at Milton College she meets Zoey Malone Zoey is the complete opposite of London She is open and softbut also not so toughEven with their differences they instantly become friends Their bond grew strong secrets were told and a new world was unraveled for London Pack Alpha Ryder tries to resist the desire he has for his little sister s roommate and best friend London Nothing goes to plan as the girls decide to open a business together in Alpha City Ryder believes a relationship with a human to be impossiblewhat if London isn t a human after all With so many dangers lurking around every corner can London survive in Alpha City Today right now I m telling you London Grey that I love you and you are my mate I will do whatever I have to do to make you mineThis story is brilliant It took the right amount of time to develop I loved the fact that this was a city run by shifters Also that all different Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar kinds of shifters were able to co exist At first when I read the blurb I wasn t too sure how Bryce Evans could ve pulled that off But it did it actually worked The story itself came to life with all it s characters both good and evil I also loved how London and Ryder s relationship wasn t rushed The attraction was instantaneous but they had to work for their relationship It was a push pull situation filled with desire and jealousy It was such a pleasant ride Once London and Ryder finally got together I had the biggest smile on my face That s what this book does it pulls you in you feel what the characters are going through II thought I could live without you alone Immerse myself in my work but I can t London My life isn t complete if your not in it and I don t want to live any without youThe only reason I am not giving this book five stars is due to a lot of grammatical errors and misplaced misspelled words However I am most definitely looking forward to the next book in this seriesThe story line has me hooked I am also hoping to see of Zoey and Kayden and see how their relationship progresses And of course much of London and Ryder This is a must read to shape shifter paranormal romance fans It s is a captivatinguniue story which is worth the attention Obsessions was actually a really awesome and uniue story I had a lot of fun reading it It s like one of those rare gems that once you find it you go all my precious on it I was delighted by the idea of a shifter only city and said city being run by several different types of shifters I thought the mixture of different types of shifters all living together was a cool and cohesive idea normally there allept apart The story mainly revolves around best friends London and Zoey and of course Zoey s bi. Council and older brother to his sister Zoey but when she decides to leave for college he finds himself drawn to her roommate Like an obsession London Grey is under Ryder’s skin To his shock the young witch orphan and her best friend decide to move back to Alpha City with Zoey to cr.

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