PDF or EBOOK Southwest Cowboys Volume 1

PDF or EBOOK Southwest Cowboys Volume 1

White WolfRuthless corporate cowboy Dain Phillips had kicked off the traces of his impoverished past burying his scars under wealth and power But money couldn't help him buck the illness now fatally riding him only a mysterious Cherokee medicine woman deep in the Arizona desert couldEarthy radiant Erin Wolf bred in Dain

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Ams The kind of man Kate Donovan had loved but could never haveNow after many long years Kate was back and had no choice but to lean on Sam's strong shoulders Her mission was to save her family ranch Yet being back with Sam meant risking the ultimate heartbreak Still it was a risk this wild mustang woman was willing to ta.

Rage to live A hunger to mate A thirst for the wonders of love But surrender the reins of his steely control Trust his heart to another Never That would take a miracleWild Mustang Woman Sam McGuire had always admired Kate's free spirit though it was what ultimately took her away He was the strong silent cowboy of her dre.

I've lived six lives in one and it all shows up in the books I write one way or anotherI was always a risk taker and broke mustangs at thirteen years old in Oregon I learn to break them with love not threat or pain At 17 years old I picked night crawlers worms out in our Oregon orchards from 9pm to midnight every night I earned enough money to buy my school clothes and book I also plunk

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