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O her story I just felt she got too involved in her theme building and attempt to tackle incredibly difficult hardships for characters She seems to lose her way towards the end and finishes with the ever tidy hasty ending I can t get ver how easily the mother seems to handle her demons and begin return to normalcy after the events the hurricane brought It just didn t jive with the severity f the trauma and Sylvie s aftermath that Greenwood had elouently told throughout most Civil rights, tool of communist deception of the book I did like the deeper themef bridges and their meanings for each f the characters Nessa s character sigh I personally thought she wasn t needed Her tie in at the end heralded something ut Cutthroat of a soappera Too melodramatic for my taste The real story for me lay with Sylvie and Ruby Ruby s character is a complex An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims one that is simply told about I loved that dichotomy I thought Greenwood did anutstanding job at crafting such a complex character yet kept with some The Claiming of the Shrew of the simple nuances that childhood is and should be Alas thenly reason for 3 stars was how the story went It just didn t carry much weight for me I will though be reading some Summoned other Greenwood books Her writing is excellent and I m curious how I will enjoy herthers Premise One rainy night a family has been changed forever The loss f a son the loss f movement the loss f peace f mind the loss Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of an active parent and the loss what their normal is strikes Sylvie shuts herself away from the world and her family She can t bear it though she has made efforts to rejoin those she loves the demons in her mind won t allow her Circumstances allow for her daughter to stay with her and this is another chance Ruby dreamerf bridges and swim practice avoider tries to cope with understanding her mother and also the theft Dead Inside of her best friend It has been a difficult time for her thus far and then she stumblesn Nessa A child f abuse and neglect Nessa is pregnant and mute Her understanding f the world darkened and altered because The Taste of Spruce Gum of her tragic past Homeless and pregnant she hides in an abandoned sugar shack waiting for the inevitable because her strength has runut An imminent hurricane threatens them all and during the storm each woman finds what it is she needs So lucky to get an early copy f this T Greenwood writes with such humanity the depth f her characters is almost palpable Set against the violent backdrop She Stoops to Conquer of Hurricane Irene this is a storyf three incredibly damaged women all fighting to find a road home Of course as with anything Greenwood writes it s about so much Brilliant from its heart wrenching start to its emotional redemptive end Or in her words That something stolen has been returned to her That something lost has been found There s an accident Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile on a bridge and a family is traumatized and broken and it feels irreparably so The sadness seems is so pervasive right from the start and I couldn t help but be broken hearted for this family who has sustained a tragedy especially for eleven yearld RubyThe novel starts Orb out with two pointsf view Ruby precocious and at times wise for her years she s a child who is trying to make sense The Dandy and Lady Penelope of things that the adults are unable to comprehend and cope with Ruby s mother Sylvie panic stricken heartbroken and most likely stricken with agoraphobia even before the accident is now a recluse From these two narratives we learn what this accident has done to this family emotionally as well as the physical disability that Ruby s father Robert enduresAnother pointf view is introduced when we meet the young runaway Nessa who has had a childhood filled with unhappiness an addicted mother and constant moving around She has been n the run for two years and is pregnant and is now finding her way back home to find her to look for her mother and grandfather That place happens to be the small Vermont town where Ruby s family lives Their paths will cross Ruby is fascinated by bridges by their beauty by their usefulness and most f all by their potential to be everlasting The bridge serves as an Multi-Family Therapy obvious metaphor for getting people fromne place to another to places National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of safety Bridges are not just structures but the people who helpne another get to places f safetyIn spite f the somewhat predictable ending I loved that it ffered the possibilities f hope and healing and I m glad to have found an author although new to me has written a number f ther books that I will look intoThanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley T Greenwood at the Top Think good thoughts about a pussycat of Her Game Top 50 Booksf 2015 2015 Best Literary Suspense FictionA long time fan One, Two, Three Me of talented T Greenwood master storyteller deftly combines lyrical prose beautiful metaphors and heartrending human emotionsf the heart with precision insight and depth nce again delivers an extraordinary story THE FOREVER BRIDGE a complex wrenching yet uplifting novel f loss forgiveness and healing Two broken and imperfect families three broken women torn apart by tragedy desperately struggle to bridge the gap between past and present evil and kindness grief and survival loss and love Set in uaint fictional town Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos of New England s uimby Vermont two years after the implodingf a family left dealing with the aftermath The night when certainties were shattered a ne way bridge rain snow water another car forcing them ff the road Tea for Ruby one winter night a familyf four The night the world changed when all those safe soft places became terrifying and dangerous In an instant a tragedy an accident taking the life The Life of Saint Philip Neri of Jess a beloved son a brother Robert a former EMT father and husband left in a wheelchair with no legs Sylvie the mother now a recluse suffering from agoraphobia living alone a broken marriage Ruby a daughter a sister a gifted eleven yearld living with her dad and uncle with nly ne friend Izzy and a town feeling sorry for this sad and weird family leaving her embarrassed to go to school Sylvie a former midwife wife and mother f ne instead I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 of two She is panic stricken a recluse PTSD she barely can getut The Whistle Pig of bed has no phoner tv and has allowed her yard to grow up with raccoons living n her porch She does not have the strength to be a mother to her wn daughter OCD when it comes to cleaning the interior f the house scrubbing to perfection Insomnia living ff pills to get her through the day Her Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things only pastime is taxidermy specifically birds another strong metaphor One waypens to the. Iver With horrible swiftness Sylvie’s young son was gone her husband was permanently paralyzed and she was left with shattering blame and griefEleven year A Stepdaughter In Heat old Ruby misses her little brother too But she also misses the mother who has become a recluse in theirld home while Ruby and her dad try to piece themselves back together Amid all the uncertainty in her li.

World and the ther shuts it away she chooses shut Ruby misses her little brother she misses the way her mom was before the bridge the night she feels sorry for her dad in a wheel chair She is alone scared and just wants normal She wants to go home Her mom is sick and will not leave the house her dad wants them to move away and her best friend is now mean However she is going to build a bridge sketching researching planning As the book pens her father has to go Rufus on a trip with her uncle Bunk to the NC coast for a family emergency and she is left with her momut in the rural country and the nly way to town is her bike Ruby has nly You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series one friend Izzy and now she is about to lose her to another girl from school Marcy and she is the third wheel A gifted student Ruby isbsessed with bridges drawing inspiration from the strength and purpose and working n a special bridge state championship sketching and creating She longs to build a bridge which will last ne which will not crumble like the people in her life Presently she has a secret Nessa She has to help She has a purpose Nessa A poor mute lonely pregnant teen Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of seventeen has none living ff the streets and decides to return home She has been n the run for two years She leaves Oregon The Cowboys on a bus to return to Vermont However when she arrives her family is no longer here Her mother and grandfather were gone Alone she has spent years with the wrong man abused drugs regrets withnly a backpack no money she has a piece Sins of Treachery of paper with a man s name and phone number A baby will be coming Silence She has a past she is not proudf and has to make things right She finds a cabin near the river and hides ut Someone at the diner told her about a midwife Then she meets Ruby As impending Hurricane Irene approaches the east coast the tension and suspense builds as we see the powerful strength and determination f three damaged and flawed women caught up in their My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City own emotional stormsf life for a shocking and powerful conclusion as the three lives intersect Finding their wn road home Powerfully written an emotional account f the inner strength Whos Next? Guess Who! of women friendships and motherdaughter dynamics and intimate relationships Leaving the past behind burning bridges something lost has been found Something stolen has been returned T GREENWOOD BOOKS If you have read anyf T Greenwood books you know she is uniue no author can write like her the ueen f elouent prose and lush imagery tackling complex stories f humanity breathing hope joy and life into the pages Papi's Gift offering extraordinary insights and depth This is my seventh book by Greenwood and find manyf her books are centered around water and elements f the earth and sky set in Vermont each with profound meanings and metaphors In this mesmerizing novel the theme f bridges and the building Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories of bridges is apparent throughout THE FOREVER BRIDGE as well as fate loss silence and home how the storm threatens all the characters and force them into action in their search for healing I loved all the passages and metaphorsf surrounding bridges A bridge can be mysterious intriguing yet beautiful People fear bridges They are meant to connect people Bridges fail Something supposed to create a safe passage becomes a death trap Sometimes people fail No matter how safe you are there is always always the possibility グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] of someone else s carelessness There is so much beauty in this novel a book to treasureRuby my favorite character a courageous and tenacious young girl facingne bstacle after another however she never gives up fearless sometimes acting as the parent in a time when they could not be what she needed Loved her dreams inspirations and creativity and her strength caring for Nessa and her mom Even when it seemed Izzy turned her back n her for a short time she did not give up n her bridge project her friend and perseveredHooked from page ne to the end bookmarking countless pages with stunning poetic prose a complex tapestry The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of strong women and lives entwined for a compassionate explorationf the power The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry of loveFansf Catherine Ryan Hyde Charles Martin Wiley Cash Amy Hatvany Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain are assured to fall hard for this File Under: Arson one If you readnly Wicked Sense one book in 2015 THE FOREVER BRIDGEne you will not want to miss A special thank you to Kensington and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Stunning front cover JDCMustReadBooks SUCH a good book OH my I stayed up waaay too late last night to finish itWe learn f this family s tragedy pretty early n and Powerless Against You oh it s a biggieRuby what a tough little cookie I just wanted to hug that kid and give her a you go girl all at the same timeRobert dealing with all he did and still being strong for RubySylvie no mother should have to endure what she did She struggles to deal with it and in many ways I can understand how she just shuts down and doesn t deal Except for Ruby Ruby needs herNessa at first I couldn t figureut what the heck her roleplace was but she was also strong and endured so muchI did love the use f bridge literally and figuratively in this story The way this author writes is beautiful and just keeps you hanging nSo glad book club decided to read this author Beautifully written The Forever Bridge tells the story f a family whose very foundation has been nearly destroyed by loss It tells f the rebuilding Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training of that foundation that family Sylvie mother and wife is paralyzed by fear and grief after an accident that claims the lifef her young son For two years she has locked herself away from the world and it s danger Away from living Ruby daughter The Texan Meets His Match of Sylvie is eleven yearsld She is struggling to understand all the loss in her life Her brother her father s legs her parent s marriage but mostly the mother that Sylvie used to be She is struggling to find a way to bring them all together again To finally start healing Nessa alone mute and pregnant At seventeen she has been used abused and discarded by everyone in her life By her mother by men With nly a backpack and a scrap f paper with a name and number written n it Nessa rolls into uimby Vermont n the edge The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) of a hurricane Right into the livesf Ruby and Sylvie The Forever Bridge is full Blue Guide New York of depth and emotion With characters the are flawed and broken and so very real It is a wonderful book that pulls you in and won t let you go I received a copyf this book through Goodreads Firstread. Fe Ruby becomes bsessed with bridges drawing inspiration from the strength and purpose that underlies their grace During ne momentous week as Hurricane Irene bears down n their small Vermont town and a pregnant teenager with a devastating secret gradually draws Sylvie back into the world Ruby and her mother will have a chance to span the gap between them again.

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest reviewT Greenwood An author completely new to me An author whose ability to explain emotion using the most vivid poetic and at times gritty and raw metaphors and analogies literally made me yell ut YES Yes that is EXACTLY how that feels I highlighted and noted Garden of The Gods on my kindle like nobody s businessI am not a reviewer who likes to explain the whole book away so I will leave that to thethers and to the jacket covers I will tell you that The Forever Bridge is a story told from the perspective f 11 year Ruby and her mother Sylvia The beginning f the story shows us the terrible tragedy this family has to endure then jumps to two years later I loved how the author gave us a little insight into the aftermath The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now of the accident a little at a time I absolutely adored Ruby and my heart ached for Sylvia as they tried to understand eachther Then we meet Nessa and she brings a whole new set f complications that are both harrowing and healing The ending Perfection T Greenword is a master f words I am in awe Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments of her ability to make me see and feel everything she wanted me to see and feel I cannot wait to read If you like Joyce Carol Oates I believe you will really like T Greenwood They are very different authors but both are genius and painting emotion both beautiful and dark Well played T Greenwood She wasnly a marionette she realized and Fear her puppeteerI was totally completely utterly and absolutely captivated with this book The power Goig of words is beautifully displayed in the descriptive portrayalf each Where Alligators Sleep of the protagonist In a poetic prosef grief fear and a family struggling to come back together I felt like I became Saraswati Park one with the story and charactersHave you ever had your life take a complete turn that anything and everything changes On the way to a school function Sylvie and her husband along with their two children lives are drastically changedn a bridge Their youngest son dead and her husband paralyzed Leaving her family totally broken in fear mistrust and each alone in their struggleIt has been several years since that fateful night and Syvlie has been isolated from her family unable to care for anyone much less herself Sylvie s daughter Ruby must stay with her while her estranged husband attends to a family emergency The relationship between mother and daughter is strained Neither know how relate to each Ten Weeks with Chinese Bandits other in all the while needing eachther tremendously Ruby is going thru her wn struggles with her best friend that has completely changed vernight However Ruby has an Young And Naive, Wasted Years obsession and it is bridges Her and her best friend Izzy were to enter a contest in building a bridge for school but with the change in Izzy Ruby is contemplates doing the contestn her Ebekulak own Izzy s abandonmentf Ruby and with much time Israeli Soldier Girl on her hands she comes across a pregnant runaway that is staying in abandoned shack near her mother s property She cannot speak Who is she What has brought this stranger to RubyAll things seem isolated from eachther but all very connected in this engaging lovely story Understories of fighting the battles that reign in the mind and heartsf Ruby Sylvie and the runaway that was lost but found A special thank you Kensington Booksand NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Well after reading and really enjoying The Truth According to Us I thought I would have Commissar onef those let down moments finding another book NOT SOThis book came across the circulation desk at the library a week Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook or so ago the cover intrigued me so I checked itut Not being familiar with T Greenwood I had no idea f what I was in for story r writing wise Her writing blew me awayIf you are not familiar with her she has uite a few The Firebrand Legacy others which I plann reading since I read this Making Instruments Count one I urge you to consider thisne The story is HARD the writing is incredible her writing reminds me The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Gestational Surrogacy For Young Children of Marilynne Robinson sSet in fictional uimby Vermont with a major storm approachingThree main characters 11 yearld Ruth her mom Sylvie and 17 going n 18 and VERY pregnant Nessa common thread unbeknownst to them is bridges Ruth and her friend Izzy are supposed to be working n a bridge building project for a science project Sylvie has lost her son Jess when the family car is driven ff the ld covered Treat one lane bridge and Nessa who is voiceless is returning home from a couple years wandering the country to discover her mother is no longer in town her grandfather is deceased carrying a dreadful secretRuth has stumbled upon Nessa in the sugar shack and attempts to bring her food with the promisef bringing her mother midwife to help when it is time for the baby to arrive Sylvie has become reclusive since the death Ramayana Vol 1 of Jess she and her husband are separated due to her inability to cope with the loss Nessa is trying to find her voice and a namen a piece f paper with a phone numberWhen the storm hits uimby all hell breaks loose for the threeAlthough this is a tragic story I just couldn t put this down in my wn life I suffered the loss f my very best friend s 8 year ld son in a traffic accident so this was doubly hard to read As I stated at the beginning T Greenwood s writing is incredible and I am really grateful that this book came across the counter when it did This is a book I picked up after a number Desire Lines of people heren Goodreads have been talking about this author Grief affects people in different ways as this novel shows For ne family an accident and subseuent death f a young child brings catastrophic changes Sylvie the mother becomes a recluse afraid to go ut f the house and no help to anyone not even her wheelchair bound husband Robert r her young daughter Ruby Ruby has a fascination for bridges I liked the way the image f bridges both real and metaphorical are used in this novel The ther character the reader meets is Nessa a pregnant teenager who has been trying to run from her guilt and the life f homelessness and hopelessness she has been living The writing echoes the feelings Six-Fingered Stud of despair and loss The reader is put right inside the situation and can feel the loneliness that surrounds eachf these characters I particular felt for Ruby when her ducks I know I m in the minority f reviewers I can t give it 5 stars My Reactions The writing is GORGEOUS I do absolutely love how Greenwood crafts sentences and tries to incorporate deeper themes int. With elouent prose and lush imagery T Greenwood creates a heartfelt story f reconciliation and forgiveness and Colomba of the deepften unexpected connections that can bring you homeSylvie can hardly bear to remember how normal her family was two years ago All f that changed n the night an Lizzie! oncoming vehicle forced their carver the edge f a covered bridge into the

The Forever Bridge Free  T. Greenwood