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See what was going n The story was interesting a typical vampire story and some romance in it This was kay but with the black and white graphics the story gets lost Everything seemed blurred and you had to visualize what was really happening with the characters in my pinion Look at the title Look at the cover You know what this is Cheesy B movie vampire romance that doesn t take itself too seriously And you know what Girlfiend is entertaining Don t get me wrong the writing s not great the art is difficult to make Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings out sometimes and there are plot holes But for the goofiness and fact that it doesn t try to be anythingther than what it is I have to give this book credit It s just as much a crime story as a romance and the Pander Brothers balance everything pretty wel. Hat they do best Taking comics to the edge Known for their groundbreaking art in Grendel Devil's Legacy their terrifying Exuisite Corpse series and their revolutionary epic Triple X the Pander Broth.

Solid story about a goth guy who falls in love with a vampire I like the Pander Brothers art normally but this thing really suffers from being ver inked It made it really hard to tell the male characters apart since about half f them had the same hair cut They also tried this reverse negative thing and they might as well have just painted those panels black I couldn t distinguish what was going n when they used this effect The story does take some strange leaps At the end f the first issue Karina has run ff into an alleyway At the beginning f the next issue she s climbing into bed with Nick I had to go back and make sure I didn t skip any pages via NYPL some decent shlock but trite n too many levels I liked the art work although sometimes it was hard to really. The Pander Brothers are back and bloodthirsty with Girlfiend their new vampire crime thriller The brothers' first major work in comics in a decade this meaty graphic novel finds them going back to

L I also like how the vampires get a life flash f their victims when they bite them that was a neat touch So Girlfiend is far from amazing but if you can embrace the camp you might have some fun Didn t really like the art Too nineties superhero influenced And the A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) over inking made it hard to distinguish characters and eventsn the page especially when the inker did the alternating reverse inking don t know what the fficial term would be I liked the idea but there was too much going n in the panels in which the techniue was executed There was an interesting utline f a story but my issues with the art made it difficult to follow An underwhelming story with paper thin characters particularly the female characters confusing art and a shlocky gore horror aesthetic Pass. Ers now sink their teeth into this pulp infused thriller in which a human and his vampire girlfriend hunt the criminal underworld to keep their love alive Nothing could go wrong with that plan right.

PDF FREE Girlfiend author Arnold Pander

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